You know those little packets that come in your shoe boxes?

The ones that say “Silica. Throw Away. Do Not Eat.”
Well.  Not that I know from experience or anything, but if you find an empty, damp one in several pieces on your kitchen floor, you will feel the panic rising.
But according to Poison Control, the little hard pellets are more of a choking hazard than actual poison, per se.
Not that I know or anything.


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    They threw those packets into our boxes for shipment by the handful and still we had mildew!) Every time I think I have found them all I find a new packet ripped open someplace. Do you know that in addition to being a choke hazard those little beads hurt when you step on them?

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    Choking hazard? Well my son can swallow 2 quarters so I guess we are in the clear with the poison pellets…

    I am praying you all got out of there yesterday and got gas! Hopefully the power will come back on soon!

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    I don’t know, it seems that they would be toxic to me! Almost like the mold away you can get for your boat or even sick in your closets! I know I would be freking out if I found that. Better to be safe than sorry!

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    One of my twins ate a packet of silica out of a shoebox while we were still in the store. I hadn’t even paid for the shoes yet! I made them call poison control (It was a Toys ‘R Us and they didn’t have poison control on speed dial? Ridiculous.) and they said it was just salt and to give him lots of water. He was fine. I was a wreck.

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    Thanks for letting us know!

    So far my daughter has only drank things link rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and 409. each time it is the same: plenty of liquids and watch to see if she gets sick. I have poison control on my cell phone speed dial.

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    I had this exact same thing happen to me a few days ago! I found it in the baby’s room. I totally freaked, even though it wasn’t open. But it was damp and I freaked! Needless to say, I gave the baby a completely physical and dental check up and then threw that packet away!

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    Mrs. Querido says

    Glad everything is ok with your baby…why do they have to put EVERYTHING in their mouths? I caught a nickel in my one year-old’s mouth yesterday. And I’m pretty sure she’s swallowed a couple of ants along the way too…ick!
    Thanks for the FYI and the giggle (after I learned that no babies were harmed in the making of this post)!

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    Thanks for taking one for the team! 😉 We really appreciate you trying these parenting/health issues out for us. I’m sure I’ll be returning the favor soon. Safe travels!

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    When you call posion control in AZ they ask for your name and phone number. They call you back to check up on you.

    I had to call so many times with my first daughter I started giving them the wrong name because I was afraid they would call CPS!!

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    OH, I know about this all to well myself! When I called he said it is nothing but a gel and not harmful if swallowed. I said, “well, then why does it say DO NOT EAT?” He said, matter of factly, “Because it’s not food!” HAHA I felt so dumb!

    I like your blog! :)

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    OH MY STARS… Phew! Thank the Lord they aren't poisonous. I always thought they were – then again, I bet they sure do make the tongue & throat dry on the way down. UGH!

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    Anonymous says

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    Allissa says

    I am new to reading your blog and it's AMAZING!! I am a mother of a soon to be 18 month old boy and I am still trying to organize my schedule and my house:) I must say I had quite the scare when he was about 11 months old. I saw the same package in the living room ripped open. I called the poison control center too (in tears). Wow was I relieved as I finished scraping them out of his mouth. I love your blog and I actually had the same idea with the plates as picture frames. I made some for my mom and mother in law 2 years ago!:)
    God bless, Allissa

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