How I Met Jesus

I can’t remember when I found Jesus.

There wasn’t a great clap of thunder.  Or a Heavenly choir. Or even a memory.
I have known of Him since childhood. 
Because I grew up with Him.  He was like the unseen guest in our home.
Before I knew my own address, I could tell you all about Heaven. Before I was old enough to feed my pet, I could tell others about Him feeding 5,000. 
I can’t tell you the day or the time, what I was wearing or how I felt about our meeting. 
I do remember falling in love with Him as a child. And questioning Him as an adolescence and needing Him as a teen.  I remember following Him as a young adult.
But remembering a time without Him?  
I can’t.
And for years, that bothered me.
I remember thinking, I need a story.  What’s my story? A testimony.  

As I sat in a church service as a college-aged girl, I heard a young woman my age share her testimony.  She shared in detail the abuse she’d endured, her promiscuity, the pain of her life. 
It was then that it dawned on me that I had a great testimony. One that I pray my own children will share.  
My parents were first generation Christians and they changed their family tree the day they met Jesus.  They provided a place and an atmosphere where I avoided experiencing so many of life’s sorrows. 
I wasn’t perfect (just ask my parents), but I never rebelled outwardly.  I had a bad attitude and sulky personality.  I went thru a boy crazy period and tested some rules.  But I also grew strong in my faith as a young girl and walked with Jesus.  It was His Saving Grace that allowed me to enter my marriage, as a pure, albeit, naive lady.   
And I’ve faced tough times as an adult and mom. We struggled in the ministry the first 10 years of our marriage, I went thru infertility, a miscarriage and nearly lost my third child. We endured a painful year-long ordeal that nearly destroyed our marriage, a career change and several very bad decisions. 
But thru it all, there has been One who has held my hand, walked and even carried me thru the hard times.  
He remembers how He found me.
Food for the Soul:
Matthew 1:21
“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”


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    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony! I have a similar one, in that He has always been there for me too, as long as I can remember. There wasn’t any one specific event for me, just, again that He has always been there. I have my wonderful Christian parents to thank for that, and I’m raising my children in the same way, praying that they too will always know and love Him. Great story and fantastic post! It’s nice to know there’s someone else out there that has known him for as long as they can remember too. God Bless You!

  2. 5


    My testimony is similar to yours and just like you, I used to think that I needed some special “moment” when I met Jesus. But in watching how my daughter’s awareness of God has developed, I’ve realized that it really is a blessing to have always known Jesus. Growing up in a Christian home, my kids won’t have to deal with the issue of faith the same way as someone who wasn’t raised knowing God. It will just be “normal” to believe.

  3. 6


    Like you, I grew up in a home where Jesus just always “was.” But, I do remember a time when realized what He meant in my life, and that my relationship was with Him and not through my parents.

    It’s a good “normal” isn’t it?!

    Thanks for sharing your testimony… it IS a good one!!!


  4. 8


    My story is similar to yours. I’ve often worried that I had no “Damascus” story. Then I was reminded of David – who also has no great conversion experience that we know of. But he did mess up, significantly. Just like I do. And he was still a man after God’s own heart.

    We all have stories.

  5. 9


    Thank you so much for sharing. My testimony is a whole lot like yours. Mine was reinforced this week at my 20 year HS reunion when a classmate called me afterwards telling me how “lucky I am to know Christ”. Let’s just say I’ve been thinking lots this week about being saved.

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    That’s a great testimony! I like you have been with Jesus from a very young age. Jesus has been with me for a while. I did stray away, not leading a Christian life for a while when I was a teenager and much of my 1st daughters baby/toddler hood. I have since come back to Jesus, because I want my kids to share the love for him that I had, I couldn’t imagine them growing up without him! Thank you for that reminder. We haven’t been to church in about 2 months now. You have given me the reason to return! : )

    Btw…I started a new blog, I am still “JoJos Place”, but I have one that is personal now, just me, myself and I, no reviews!

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    What a great way to be a witness and to share the gospel. I think people should open up and bear their testimonies more often. It helps me to strengthen mine when I others proclaim their love for Jesus.

  8. 17


    I did not grow up in a Christian home. I went to church, but I always went by myself with a friend whose parents didn’t go either. I strayed away from Christ as a teenager/young parent, but I always felt His prescense. When I rededicated my life to Him, I vowed that I would bring my kids up in church and in a Godly home. Having support from Christian parents as a teenager is vital (in my opinion).
    I love your statement, “He remembers how He found me.” So true.

  9. 18


    I am so glad you found Jesus, and I’m glad that I did, too. I can’t possibly imagine having to go through this life without Him. He is faithful!

  10. 21


    Thank you for taking the time to post that. I, too, cannot remember the exact moment that I accepted Christ into my heart. My mom was the church secretary and I literally grew up in the church. I, too, do not remember a time in my life when I didn’t know about Him.

    And for the last few years it has really bothered me that when someone asks me to share that “moment” I have to tell them that I don’t really have a clue!!

    Your phrase “He remembers how He found me” really resonated with me. I’m glad to know that there is someone else who doesn’t have a dramatic story of salvation! LOL

    Have a good day :)

  11. 22


    You never fail to amaze me, brought tears again! I too have always known Him, being from a family of generations of Faith and Believers, thank you Jesus! I too hope and pray my child will have a “normal” and maybe boring testimony as we do, as Mom’s all we can do is show them the way! THanks for the inspiration again today!

  12. 23


    I have the same simple testimony but am so grateful that my parents allowed me to have such a “simple” testimony because of their love and examples.

    Thanks for sharing.


  13. 24


    Sometimes I think that testimonies like yours get overlooked because they don’t have a “sensational” quality, but I think they are the greatest because they show God’s amazing grace in sparing you from all the ugly stuff that define a lot of people’s testimonies. What a great legacy to pass on.
    Take care,

  14. 25


    What a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness and grace in your life Kristen. I too don’t remember a day in my life when I didn’t know Jesus and it has been my prayer since I saw those two blessed lines on the pregnancy stick, that each of my children would also not know a day in their life when they didn’t know that Jesus was their Savior. I pray that as young children they would have their hearts on fire for Him and seek him whole heartedly.

    (also I too remember thinking my testimony wasn’t all that exciting… till I realized how VERY exciting it was indeed)

  15. 26


    The ‘moment’ that is important is when you realized you are a sinner. You can do nothing to earn salvation it is a gift from God. You must accept that gift. Then have a personal relationship with the friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

    Prov 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

    Sounds to me like that is exactly what you have done.

  16. 27


    I think it is nice that you don’t have any “grand” moment of finding Jesus. You are very blessed to have had Him all along with you. I was not raised in the church. I can remember my parents taking me and dropping me off, and some memories of them going with us too. But we were not raised in a Godly home. But I do know Jesus has been with me all my life, I was a young believer. But I do like how you share that even a strong Christian has times of difficulty, that is real life. I am waiting to hear more about your new friends and their struggles, how did her birthday go and did you find her some curtains for the house? I hope I did not miss you writing about that.

  17. 28


    I grew up in a home with parents who claimed to be Christians but rarely behaved like they were. We try very hard not to raise out children in that kind of confusion. We want them to know our beliefs because we live them as well as proclaim them. This was a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing.

  18. 29


    Your testimony is beautiful! I am glad I can call you my sister in Christ. (Even though we have never met ….)

    It has certainly been a pleasure finding your blog and I have been blessed many times when I stopped by because of what you share here.

    Blessings to you …

  19. 33 says

    You manage to touch my heart every day. Today you touched it with a 2×4. I cried. This is what I have been dealing with lately.

    Thank you again.

  20. 35


    When I worked for Luasanne II in Manila, my boss shared how he also has “no testimony” like others who “were once lost now found” kind of experience. But the Lord showed him that his whole life is indeed a testimony of how God can bless the life of the one who trust in Him at an early age and never totally parted away from Him.

    Thank you for sharing this story, your great testimony of God’s love and guidance.

  21. 36


    Even though I went through alot growing up, parents divorcing, Dad almost marrying my 6th grade teacher while I was in the 6th grade, getting pregnant at 16, I did not know what my testimony was. I know that sounds silly, but I did not know. Even though I got pregnant at 16, I did not have it as bad as other teenage mothers. I had support, I had the babies father, I had a church family who did not turn their back on me. What was I supposed to tell other teenage mothers? That everthing would be wonderful? Then about a couple of years ago I realized that my testimony would be to who God needed it to be to when He wanted me to give it. Whether it was to a teenage mother, or the parents of a teenage mother.

    Ok I will stop rambling now :)

  22. 37


    Your begining paragraph of Never remembering a moment without Jesus..Is a BEAUTIFUL testimony!
    My dh and I are first generation Christians, and we are hoping to chage the generations to come!

  23. 41


    My own testimony very similar, and I too felt for a long time I needed a more dramatic/exciting story.

    I now appreciate the blessings I was given by my christian upbringing, and knowing Jesus as my saviour from an early age.

    Both my daughters have come to know Him too from about the afe of 7 too, and it has been wonderful to see how God can work through a child too.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  24. 42


    Beautiful. What a lovely testimony. I do remember the moment I prayed to “ask Jesus into my heart”, but as I was four years old, I certainly don’t have an exciting pre-Jesus testimony! And that’s ok. :)

  25. 45


    We all have a story, whether it’s sensational or boring. Thank you for reminding me of that. I too have always known him thanks to my grandparents. He has been with me every step of the way. I love your last line. While I may not remember how I found Him, He remembers how He found me. That’s powerful.

  26. 50


    I had those same feelings when I was a teen, that I didn’t have a “good” testimony because I had never used drugs or slept around or anything “big” that I need to turn from. I guess it is b/c those testimonies are kind of glorified in the youth group.

    I’m over it now! I’m totally glad I didn’t have to make a scary mistake before I saw the light!

  27. 51


    I have been through the exact same thing! I grew up in a very healthy pastor’s home, and Jesus had always just been there. For awhile I literally thought I was “uncool” because I didn’t have a “rock-bottom” moment to share…it sounds weird now, but it’s encouraging knowing that you once felt the same way.

    I was just like you….I had just a few moments where I rocked the boat, but now I’m really realizing what it means to make Jesus who I am (as in, He’s in every aspect of my life, and I’m constantly getting to know Him) and not just an observer in my life.

    All that to say….thanks! :o)

  28. 53


    AMEN! I have to tell you that sounds very similar to me. I don’t really have one specific memory of falling before the feet of Jesus in awe and wonder with the clap of Heaven all around me…

    And that’s okay! Thanks for sharing your testimony!!! I think it’s far more important that He found us… then how we found Him.

  29. 59


    Oh, we could be twin sisters, girl. That is basically MY story too. There was mom, dad and Jesus…all my life. And it bothered me too that I couldn’t put a date and time and place for my “conversion”. But a very wise Christian college professor once told me when I shared with him my struggle with not having a dramatic story, to thank God for his mercy in sparing me the heartache of serious rebellion. It can never be a self-righteous response…only a humble thankfulness. So right he was! Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

  30. 60

    Anonymous says

    Like many others have said, this is so similar to my testimony! I used to wish I had some profound message to share. But I do know what it feels like to hurt and I know how I got through those times. I love, love, love how you said “He remembers how He found me.”! Something I need to think more about! Thank you! Caryn

  31. 61


    So, I realize this post is over a year old…but I've only just stumbled across your blog…and I'm bigtime OCD when it comes to blogs! I HAVE to start from the beginning!
    By the way, I'm LOVING reading it so far! But I had to stop and comment on this…
    You have NO idea how much it meant to read these words. I've been really struggling lately with almost this exact same thing…feeling like I wish I had some kind of "A Ha!" moment! Thanks for opening my eyes to the fact that I'm lucky to have always known my Lord…and for helping me realize that I DO have a testimony…just by living through Him every day!
    Now…off to read more! :)

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