It’s Nearly Time to Hunker-Down

We are in hunkering down mode. 

This is an official and technical Texas hurricane term for hiding your entire family in the laundry room with a mattress over your head.
Because we are prepared like that.
We are in the path of Hurricane Ike (although not in a mandatory evacuation area and were told to stay put, so Galveston residents could get out) and the weatherpeople are predicting some very fierce winds, tornadoes and all matters of scary weather.  They are also saying possible power outages for up to two weeks. 
And, sad to say, I thought of my blog. 
But only after I panicked and stood in line for an hour at the packed grocery store with my toddler. I got lots of chocolate, a new book to read and nail polish. I’m all about survival.  We made it through the long lines by eating halloween candy from an unpaid for bag.
Because we are prepared like that.

I spent yesterday making some homemade ice cubes because the store was out. 
And people think I can’t cook.  Ha!
My hubby worked on tying things down outside.
And my son? He helped.
Yes, that is a vine he is tying to our overturned patio table.
After I explained the reality of Hurricane Ike, this is where I found him:
Perhaps, I should have left out the google search.
So, I have a few posts on auto-schedule, but if you don’t hear from me after Monday, send your prayers and electrical currents this way.  We’re going to need them.
I’ll be twittering until we lose power.  
Be safe.


  1. 1


    Kristen – I’ll be saying a few prayers up here in the North that you are spared by this storm. Stay safe and enjoy the chocolate. I hope you have a flashlight so you can see your nails to paint them!
    Stay safe! and dry!

  2. 2


    Hi Kristen!

    We’ve battened down the hatches over here, too – but, I think your area in more in the line of it than anything we’ll receive. It’s not too late to head this way – we have a guest room if you need it! (Seriously!)

    We’re praying for everyone near the TX coast. Galveston is our second “home” and our heart is already aching for that community.


  3. 4


    I’ll be praying! I still have lots of family and friends living in harms way since I grew up in SE Texas. We’ll probably get lots of rain here, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Hang in there!!

  4. 5


    Good luck… sending prayers and energy your way!!! Some old friends of mine are staying in Houston… I wish you all the best and hope that you are back up blogging soon! Thank GOD we already had all of the energy trucks and stuff over here in Louisiana to send your way the second the storm clears! They got power back up quickly even to the hardest hit areas.. praying they can do the same for you!!!

  5. 6


    I’ll be praying y’all stay safe! I know I don’t know you, but I do love reading your blog every day! We are hoping we don’t get too much weather over here in Louisiana. I hope your power stays on! We had lots of flooding here from Gustav, but our power managed to stay on. Thank goodness! I am a wreck without it.

  6. 8


    We will absolutely pray for you that you are safe and the chocolate holds out. I have family in Texas City that decided to wait it out, so there will be lots of prayers coming down your way.

  7. 9


    Praying that you guys are safe and never loose power! Your pictures were hilarious. It’s good to have a sense of humor during these trying times!

  8. 11


    We are hunkering down too. My mom came over with my brother & their dog. At first, I was sort of put out that they came over so early. But, she's been cooking up a storm so food will go to waste cooked rather than unused. I like food that I don't have to prepare!

    Here in Houston, the winds have started but they aren't fierce yet.

    Be safe! May God have mercy on us. And if you get some electrical currents sent your way, be nice & share with us too, k? 😉 I don't do well without a/c.

  9. 17


    We’ll be praying for you guys. Hopefully Ike will be kind and just give you a chance to get cozy with your family and curl up with a book!

  10. 19


    I’ll be praying for you Kristen. Oh my, can you please explain to your power company that you MUST have power on by Thursday for ‘Fro me to you?! I’m sure they will understand and put you at the top of the list.

    Be safe.

  11. 22


    Two weeks!>!?@?>@ No way!

    I am praying for your safety! And that no harm comes to any through this storm. Be safe and of course paint those nails you never know when a news crew might show up!

  12. 23

    Judy says

    We’ve got my grandmother there (Memorial Drive and Chimney Rock) and my in-laws up in Conroe…will be thinking of all of you from over here – we’re going tubing tomorrow (not to rub it in or anything – hey! You guys might be able to do that, too!).

  13. 24

    laytonfamily says

    we live in FL – on the east coast for numerous years, so I’m right there with ya on being prepared!

    Best of luck and I’ll be praying for you!

    love that you got nailpolish – hilarious!

  14. 30


    If you want to track your Twitter entries related to Ike, start them with #ike That will allow all references to Ike to be combined.

    My prayers are with you, your family and the entire region. It looks very scary on the news.

  15. 32


    Every prayer I have is headed your way. Well-with God as the middle man of course. Seriously, I am going to be worried until I know you are safe. Twitter when/if you can okay?

  16. 35


    Been there. We live in Central Florida and Charley was scary, expensive and inconvenient. I put some photos of the aftermath on a Wordless Wednesday post a few weeks back.

    We’re praying for everyone in the path.

  17. 41

    Madeleine's Mommy says

    We live in Houston and are “hunkered down”, too. You’re entire story sounded so similar to ours the last couple of days. My 9 year old daughter is terrified, but cheered up when we told her we’d put mattresses down in the hallway and sleep there for the night – she thinks it’s a camp out now. Stay safe!

  18. 43


    You are so thoughtful to have posts to be published while you may be without power. Thank you! We’ll be praying for you and hoping you’re not even inconvenienced by the weather.

  19. 48


    HA! I just saw your back to school pic- cute! My Shaye has that same dress and she wears it with those knee socks! Between that and the chocolate stash some might think we were sisters seperated at birth. :) lol. Ok- stay safe!!

  20. 49


    Watching the the hurricane coverage on Fox News (courtesy of AFN Europe) and just heard a reporter in Galveston say that “the had crew hunkered down” in some resort on the island to “ride out the storm.”

    For some reason that made me think of THAT family. Checked your site and found y’all “hunkered down” in the laundry room. LOL!

    Seriously I Hope all is well there and not too much damage. Take care.

  21. 52


    HI! I pray you guys are safe. I wrote a post yesterday on the term “hunker down” so your use of the word made me LOL! Your son looks like he’s hunkered down well.

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