It’s Almost Fall, Y’all!

*UPDATE* Well.  You guys offered some great guesses as to the great pumpkin mystery number…as last count, I had 87 pumpkin-y type things.  The closest person was Erica (no link, no email, nada) No one else was really close.  So, Miss Erica please email me or I’ll have to make my official number 88 ;D

Welcome to my Fall Tour 
and my favorite time of the year…..

I’ve taken pictures of some of my favorite things (I make myself wait until Labor Day to break out my orange friends!): 

My entryway antique-dresser-turned-table.  I love stacking artificial and real pumpkins on candlesticks!

One of my favorite pumpkins is actually a toddler loves digging her nails into the wax.  It just adds character!

This is my dining room.  I love to keep it ready for unexpected guests.

I finally found something to stick into my $4 urn! That pumpkin is so happy.

Fun block letters spell out my favorite season in an art niche above the stairwell.

Even my laundry room is in the mood for fall.  
I love filling jars with seasonal items.
It’s this tiny pumpkin’s special day to be on display.  
I adore these impractical, fussy leaf plates. (I got them half off last year).
Can you find the white pumpkin?
Leave a comment and guess how many pumpkins or pumpkin-shaped items I have in my house.  If someone guesses the exact number, I’ll send them something divinely pumpkin and fabulous! I’ll announce the number at the end of the week…
To see more fall tours, visit The Inspired Room because it’s Fall Nesting Week!


  1. 1


    Very, very nice! I should decorate my home for Fall. Maybe then it'd feel more like fall & make me happy. 😉

    Let's see…I guess…55 pumpkin things.

  2. 2


    Wow, I counted about 15 in the pictures, and I’m guessing you have about twice as many total so I’m guessing 30.

    I really like the entry way.

  3. 6


    Wow! I never knew anyone who decorated as early as my mom. She makes herself wait until her birthday, September 9th, then she breaks out all the Fall and Halloween stuff. Plus she likes getting new stuff for her birthday and Christmas.
    I’ll play along and guess 46

  4. 7


    Okay I am so wanting you to come on over and do my place. Never mind that I an here in Canada crossing the border from the USA to Canada is faster then the other way round :o)
    I am going to say 21 for the pumpkin stuff
    btw ~ I love the white stuff

  5. 8


    Wow, you are seriously ready for fall! Everything looks terrific! That is the thing about fall, if you don’t get going early, it slips away so fast and you miss out on the fun! Great work, thanks for linking and joining in the fun!


  6. 9


    Oh man, you’ve inspired me!! Fall is my FAVORITE season – but I don’t even have much to decorate with! Better change that, huh? 😉 You have a beautiful house!

  7. 10


    So are you for hire to make my house look so fall fab? I too love the season and can’t wait to wear boots and sweaters (all about the fashion)!

    I’m guessing you have 62 pumpkins in your house? BTW, I love the white display in the last photo.

  8. 11


    So are you for hire to make my house look so fall fab? I too love the season and can’t wait to wear boots and sweaters (all about the fashion)!

    I’m guessing you have 62 pumpkins in your house? BTW, I love the white display in the last photo.

  9. 13

    Pixie says

    Awwww, I love all your fall decorations! Waiting eagerly for the fall weather here. Enough mosquitoes and humidity already…

    Hmmm, my guess is 23 pumpkin displays around your house 😉

  10. 15


    I’m guessing 32! And will you come decorate my house?? I’ve always wanted to do cool things like that and think I have style, but I can’t seem to bring it together. Your house is so festive!! Happy Fall!

  11. 16

    Nancy says

    I’m still trying to stretch out the summer. Fall means winter and winter lasts waaaay too long around here. Love your decorations! I’ll guess 34 pumpkins.

  12. 17



    Fall is my favorite season for decorations. I always laugh when people say, “How do you decorate for fall?” The possibilities are endless (and cheap!).

  13. 20


    Wow! Your fall decorations are beautiful! Fall is my favorite season, but I typically don’t decorate. You have inspired me for this year.

    I am guessing – 60 pumpkin things in your home.

    Happy Fall!!

  14. 25


    Wow! Your home is beautiful! I live in Texas, and it’s still 95 degrees outside, so thinking about fall is hard…I’m guessing you have 47 orange friends!

  15. 30


    Autumn is my favorite season with October being my favorite month. Being born and raised in MI i came to associate the smell of burning leaves and campfires with the fall. Now I live in southern FL and it is always 90 degrees. No autumn for me :( Thanks for sharing the pics. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking of the autumn up north.

    By the way: I guess 63 pumpkin things.

  16. 36


    I’m guessing………….. 32! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall! How can anyone not love fall? The crisp air, the changing leaves, the excitement of season change… *SIGH* Reminds me of growing up!

    I, on the other hand, have not accumulated much decor for fall yet (I always wait until the end of the season). I don’t know when I’ll break out the festive stuff either! I have an itching to go upstairs and dig it all out now! LOL!

  17. 37


    I am going to guess 72 pumpkins all over and hidden too.

    In 90 degree SC, the pumpkin thing just doesn’t seem right yet!! However, it looks gorgeous and makes me long for the beautiful 70 degree weather that will be here eventually.

    This is exactly the way my mom decorated for every holiday, historic event, season, etc. We loved it. I do decorate, but not to that extent! No room for all the storage.

  18. 38


    What great plates! When I had my house I had different sets of dishes for different times of the year. Now, just one set of corell and one set of plastic for eating outside. It’s enough, though. Love your decorations!

  19. 40


    I :heart: fall!! And I finally live in part of the country that I can look out my windows and see God’s decorations for the season!
    Im gonna have to copy the pumpkin in the urn idea….cute.
    I am gonna guess 59 pumpkins!

  20. 42


    So fun…if only it were cooler! I love the seasons and believe me…the preggo belly is growing and I am coveting the cold! I would guess…58 pumpkins.

  21. 46


    I love my fall decorations too! I use some fake stuff, and take my time picking out just the right gourds, pumpkins, and indian corns to decorate my table and house with.

    My guess is 86 pumpkins. My first guess was 127, but I decided that might be a bit too large. I still think it’s a lot, though. And I love it.

  22. 53


    I’m guessing 44 pumpkins.

    I love fall, too – but I didn’t know I liked it until we moved to Texas and found out that there is NO fall here. It’s just hot, hot, hot… and then the holidays are here.


  23. 54


    I counted 20 something, if you count the pumpkins in the jars.

    Very, very nice decorations. I put up my doorhanger last night around 11pm .. trying to wait until techinically AFTER labor day, but I couldn’t stand the wait.

  24. 57


    I love fall, too– the colors and the weather,both.

    I’m guessing 52.

    And now I want to go out and buy a lot of pumpkins myself. 😉

  25. 62


    I LOVE all of your Fall displays! Mine will be coming out in full force the next couple of weeks. I am going to guess 47 pumpkins around your home.

  26. 64


    I LOVE it all! Fall is my FAVORITE season. However, we live in the desert and if I even thought about putting orange up right now they would call the folks in the white jackets. You have inspired me, as this year I wanted to spice things up a little. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

  27. 78


    I am SO glad you’ve done this. Fall is my favorite time of year and although it doesn’t feel Fall-ish outside, I’m really, really in the mood. Besides, this is the first year in many years that I get to go a little crazy. You’ve given me a few ideas to boot. Thanks!

    It looks like you have quite a thing for pumpkins so I’m going to guess 48. I’d love to say 148, but that’s just crazy. Right? 148 is crazy, right? Hmmmmmm…. I’m sticking with 48.

  28. 81


    I love Autumn, too. It’s my favorite season, with the pumpkin candles, and the homemade soups, and the cozy evenings! And, the down comforter gets to come out!

    I’m guessing 56. And I love punkins, too!

  29. 82


    Everything looks so inviting and beautiful! I counted around 21 and know I must have missed some, so I am going to say 37 pumpkins and proabaly more to come as the season is just starting:) I liked that you even decoratee your laundry room.
    Your home is lovely
    Happy fall!

  30. 88


    It’s hard to decorate for fall here in north Texas when the days are still in the scorching 90s! I’m impressed with all you’ve done. The only time I get fired up to decorate my house is Christmas…then we have a huge letdown in January when everything is put away. I’m going to guess high (I think!) on the pumpkins and say 121 cause I’ll bet you’ve got TONS of little ones tucked in every spot imaginable. :)

  31. 89


    Hmm… I only counted 15 but I am notorious for overlooking things so I’m going to guess 32.

    I love fall, too, and I’ve got some great fall runner with leaves on them that I’m going to put on my tables this weekend.

  32. 91


    I LOVE decorating for Fall!! And I’m so jealous of your pumpkins! I still have a lot of room to add more to my collection. Each year I buy a little more during the sales.

    I’m itching to dig ’em out now…

    my guess is 28. =0)

  33. 92


    Beautiful colours. You have inspired me to add some orange treasures around my house to celebrate the fall. I love the pics. My guess is 106

  34. 98


    I love your entry way, and especially the pumpkins on candle pillars! What a “nest” you have!

    I’m guessing 43 pumpkin-y things at your house…..

  35. 103


    Your house is beautiful. I can’t wait to decorate for fall, which is also my favorite season. I’ll probably wait until next week when the weather gets a little cooler. It’s pretty muggy today and I just don’t feel fall in the air.

    I’d say you have 72 pumpkins.

  36. 104


    My first visit here and you made me feel guilty!! Okay, up to the attic on Sunday and out come the fall decorations. You are so right though, if you don’t do it early it slips away unnoticed. Thanks for the nudge,

    Pat M.

  37. 108

    freefun0616 says

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