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    So, you had one of “those” days too…

    I am a slacker mom ’cause I forgot to attend a mandatory troop leaders for my daughter’s Daisy Troop…last Thursday. Just learned about it today!

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    First I am sorry that it has been one of THOSE days. But I am cracking up on this one. And 2: I am sooo stealing this idea. Do you mind?….my 7 yr old ( Addie) has a hard time with respect. I call it “Addie-tude” Hey I think a new blog category was just born!

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    Does that really work? I may have to try that too. Sometimes making them say “Im sorry” straight to me and saying it like they mean it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe making them write something like that will.

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    What is going on with our kiddos? Is it TV or just plain naughtiness?? My friend and I were just griping about this at soccer yesterday! Within minutes of my boys getting off the bus, it’s straight to naughty in 3.2 minutes (sometimes faster!!) Grrrrrrrrrrr.

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    I would have to count each sentence, knowing my youngest demon spawn would have miscounted just to shave off the number of sentences required. Excellent exercise!

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    I can SO relate…check it out as I copy and paste to you the e-mail I sent my husband yesterday at lunch..the subject was BAD LUNCH

    the kids are whiny, grumpy, grouchy, mean…. it was a BAD lunch… from the time we got home till now… fighting crying…. we have stopped and prayed MANY times about our attitudes and I have spanked. (pause while I had to go spank AGAIN)

    kids are now in bed. I am hoping they take LONG naps and get GOOD rests and wake up with much better attitudes.

    love, me

    ~~~ yea… I so get your day… Hope Tuesday is better!

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    Will that work on a 24 year old daughter??? I had one of the worst weekends ever with her and cried for two days. Might have even called you if I had your number…It was HORRIBLE. Oh sorry, this was suppose to be about you and your crummy day!!! Let’s have a pity party together because those days hurt!!!

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    You know, there are obvious tradeoffs in life. I had Monday off from work (I’m in retail management). I slept in (10am), mowed the lawn (including my beautiful new grass in the back yard), took a shower, and went to the movies (alone as my wife works overnights and worked Sunday and last night).
    After the movie I swung by the gorcery store for a few necessities, came home to eat and then out to a men’s Bible study.

    Now, compared to the note you posted, it might seem like I’ve got it made, but it is only because we don’t have kids (yet). We’ve been married 7 years and hope to have our daughter LynnMarie home from China within the next year and also hope to get pregnant sometime too.
    I’m just saying, it’s a tradeoff.

    BTW I found your blog through Bubba’s Sis.

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    Seriously LOL at this~!!!!

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that uses corporal punishment as a means of discipline, lol. I have sooooooooo made my girlies do this before!!!

    I remember doing these when I was in school, and now schools around here aren’t allowed to do this… apparently, it’s corporal punishment, you know! ((Insert BIG roll of the eyes here ))

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    Looks like whichever of your kids had to write that one needs to pair up with my kid that wrote sentences that were posted on my site on Wednesday of this week!

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