WARNING: Here We Come

The other day I needed to go by the bank and deposit a check.Harmless errand with toddler in tow, right?

Hehe (insert fake laugh here).

When I pulled into the parking lot, 420 other people had the same idea. 
So, I decided to outsmart everyone and do my banking at the ATM machine. I pulled up and reached for the deposit envelopes. There weren’t any.

In my frustration, I pulled away slowly, leaving my ATM card in the machine. 
I think a normal person at this point would have stopped their car, gotten out and retrieved said card. At least that’s what my hubby said a normal person would do.

But I backed up into the narrow ATM aisle since no one was in line behind me.
Now, I won’t go into my backing issues. But lets just say I am not a good backer-upper.

On hearing a crunching noise (and I’m pretty sure laughter), I didn’t look back. I found a place to park and wasted the next 30 minutes begging for a new card.

And that’s when I made a monumental decision.

You know, considering our reputation as THAT family. I’ve been feeling sorry for our local Emergency Room, eating establishments (add bank to the list) and the overall general population. 
I’ve decided to let people know we’re coming…It only seems fair. 
I just consider it a warning. And this is what I’ll be wearing when I go pick up my replacement ATM card this week:

I know many of you are related to me. We’re like family. And that’s why I’m sharing. You can warn people too. But my shirt is occupied. You’ll have to get your own.

And if you are bold enough to wear one, all profits go to
The Persecuted Church.

Once I got home, I noticed the fender of my car. 


Do y’all think the glue gun can handle this?


  1. 8


    And now I feel less alone in the bad-backer-upper issues. My bumper looked something like that several months back when a giant poll at Walgreens bumped into me! HUGE GRIN….

    LOVE the t-shirt idea!

  2. 10


    Been there, done that… at the BANK, too.

    No, glue gun won’t work in this instance… but Gorilla Glue will. Yah… been there, done that, too. Seriously.


  3. 11


    Glue gun, no. Duct tape, yes. Now your bumper looks like mine. It never fails, every car I've owned has had a scratch & dent rear end. Even if I bought it brand new.

  4. 13


    Thank so much for your kind thoughts during little B’s illness it was much appreciated.He’s at school today and doing great.- Cool shirt I love it

  5. 15


    Round these parts, that’s a duct tape jobby. The shirts are great, and the bumper stickers sound like a good idea, too…then the people behind you in the ATM lines will understand next time. hehe

  6. 16


    LOL My husband just bought a new truck. A great BIG truck. He was finishing up in the store, I had packed the kids in the truck, and we were going to pull around and get him. . .I hit a shopping cart! It was in front of his truck, and I could not see it. (I have driven the truck without incident, but you can be sure, this is what he’ll remember.) Thanks for one more day of funny!


  7. 18


    Cute shirt, and, as always, cute post. I always get a smile or laugh over here–thanks!

    By the way, I’m launching “My One Month” today and would love for you to check it out if you have time…:)

  8. 19


    OK I would totally wear that shirt when I take my circus act to the grocery store, vet, doctors office…anytime I LEAVE my house.

    THIS post is one more reason why we do all of our baking online… no backing up needed. :-)

  9. 20


    Ouch on the bumper, I think it needs a product from an infomercia.
    I love the shirt and have to get one when I get paid Friday. I’m going to Disney in April, perfect thing to wear.

  10. 22


    Cute shirt!! The people will appreciate the warning – you better get one for each of you.

    Can’t you just paint a pretty stencil on that spot on the fender?? Or hot glue some fall decorations? Actually, what if you got stick-on words (which you like!) and put the words “I meant to do that.” above it with an arrow pointing to it?

  11. 27


    Very often I comment that we are our very own traveling three ring circus. I am ok on the backing up but for some reason I swear my van is 14 feet wider than my blazer was….

  12. 28


    If you moved to Laos, this problem would be solved. Every time I start to back up and I wonder if I might be close to hitting something, 3-5 strange men pop out of no where and start directing me. It is kind of stressful, but I figure if I hit something in that situation, it is THEIR fault.

  13. 29


    Don’t feel bad. Yesterday I was pulling off the road at my daughters bus stop when i scraped the side of my car and windows with the stop sign.

  14. 30


    Yeah, I think duct tape (always thought it was duck tape until I married a handy man…!). Or you could try a safety pin … mmmm, guess not…

    But the duct tape would be attractive — you could go with one of the new retro colors … hot pink, maybe…

  15. 37


    Sorry about the ATM card and the fender. My FIL would tell you to use Ducktape. It is the beat all end all fixer upper. Unfortunately, they don’t make it in white. Only that UGLY silvery gray color. If you truely are THAT family. You probably already knew about the ducktape fix. We’re THAT family too. Wink
    I’ve gotta get me one of those shirts.

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