You Would Have Done It Too

On Saturday, I received a desperate email from the Animal Shelter where we adopted Alice the Cat. [We love Alice, but we needed her like we needed a hole in our head!]

It stated that hundreds of animals were turned in or picked up before and after Hurricane Ike. The facility was overcrowded, understaffed and electricity had just been restored. It was struggling to keep up, just like so many places in our city.
Many animals were going to be euthanized. 
Meet our new family member (because one hole in our head wasn’t enough):
His name is Ike.


  1. 1


    A perfect name for a beautiful cat! I am heartbroken when I see on TV all the animals that are now homeless due to Ike. Hubby would KILL me if I took in another animal, tho…. Bless your heart for accepting another hole in your head!

  2. 2


    You just got our cat! She it pure black with green eyes and is the most perfect cat I have EVER known. (Ours was named after Coco Calypso in Strawberry Shortcake, though…not quite as dramatic a naming. LOL)

  3. 3


    Just another reason…YOU ROCK.
    Seriously. When I grow up, I wanna be like you guys. Okay I AM grown up….but well, you know what I mean.

    Welcome Ike. You are one lucky cat. After all you are now part of THAT family.

  4. 5


    HEy he looks like our cat~Indy, how cool of that family 😀

    Now you know every OCT you have to keep him in, right?

    There are strange and evil customs where black cats are “catnaped” and taken seriously DO NOT LET IKE out at all.

    Sorry it’s creepy is all…:o/

  5. 6


    He is gorgeous! What a lucky kitty he is! I thank you for putting that hole in your head. So many pets are victims of Ike and now orphans. I wish I could take them all in. Alas, I can’t even take one in.

  6. 7


    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! You guys are great. We’re a foster family for kittens for our local humane society. The three we have now are going to be very hard to give back. But we leave for vacation in 10 days and I would never spring three kittens on the house sitter – lol. They’ll be back at the HS by the end of this week.

  7. 12


    He is beautiful. I love all black cats. How awesome you took him in. I have a huge soft spot for animals too. At one time we had over 6 cats and 2 dogs.

  8. 13


    Oh, he’s adorable! Our first cat was a solid black cat with green eyes. His name was India (as in black India ink) and he was the best cat e.v.e.r.!

    Hope the two kitties are getting along well.

    Congrats on the new family addition! The extra hole in your head will heal.

    PS – The other Dawn is correct, please keep him secure in your house around Halloween. Black kitties will disappear – some for thier “decor” factor, others for much worse reasons.

  9. 14


    Aw. What a nice looking cat. My heart would have said yes but my nose and eyes would have said no. I’m terribly allergic to cats. Love the name btw.


  10. 15


    YEAH! I’m so glad you took in an animal… and I love that you named him Ike – hysterical! I’ve heard that male animals are more easy going… so perhaps this whole in your head will be smaller?

  11. 16


    He’s BEAUTIFUL! I used to be able to have cats but since I had children I’m now allergic. :( I love them, too.

    And yes, please make sure he doesn’t get outside around Halloween. They do disappear. Isn’t that sick?

  12. 18


    He’s a beautiful kitty. I wouldn’t have been able to say no either, I’m a sucker for rescued animals too. We’ve rescued a few ourselves. I bet he will make a good addition to your family, as I’m sure he’s thankful you saved his life.

  13. 19


    He is a beautiful cat, and a great addition to your family I am sure. I am also hoping he does NOT live up to his name!!! ha ha ha
    I don’t have a cat, but three dogs who don’t know they are dogs. Aren’t our pets wonderful?! Hope yours bring you much joy for years to come. (you might want to see someone about your head, and the holes in it!!)

  14. 20


    Congrats on the new family member. Because we have birds and one came from a rescue, we now have people wanting us to take in birds. Do you have any idea how much floor space a bird needs? I can take a pillow and blanket into my african grey’s cage and be comfortable. She is no bigger than the doves/pigeons flying around here. And they all want one on one attention. Especially when you are on the phone. LOL!

  15. 22


    I love the sound of Alice & Ike! I'm allergic to cats, but I'm so glad YOU were able to take him in. God tells us to look after widows and orphans – Ike was very much an orphan, wasn't he?

  16. 23


    What a handsome fellow!! I would definitely done the same thing. That’s kinda how I ended up with 5 cats – one of the work-related hazards of being a veterinarian!

  17. 24


    aahahahahaha I have to laugh. because once you start collecting cats you cant stop. When I worked for a vet clinic- I brought home every cat that come through our doors. I did not have the heart to turn any one of them away. I had 7 cats at one point. hee hee
    Like his name too! How does Alice feel about the newbie?

  18. 25


    I’m still deep in thought about what I’m going to be led to do for the day of giving…praying God will reveal what I’m to do. Such a great thing!

    Speaking of Ike the cat, if one hole in the head works I say add another one!

    Take care,

  19. 26


    also just read your Grace Based Parenting Tip- good stuff. you are sooo encouraging- I love the heart of your family- you truly are “THAT” family- and I mean that in an amazing way!!! You are one of those familys that other kids are drawn to and never forget. I lived next door to one of those families and they were always shining the light of Jesus-It made a major impact on my life-I will never forget them.

  20. 32


    On a freezing night traveling home from Alabama we adopted a black cat that had been abandoned at a Burger King in Sylvester, GA. His name? No, not Sylvester! BK (Black Kat) :-)
    Ike looks wonderfully snuggly – not at all like his namesake.
    Blessings to you!

  21. 39


    Congrats on the new hole in your head! But you know that it’s like giving a mouse a cookie, right? I mean, look at us. We knew a family that had a dog for each kid and my husband adamantly declared that we’d never do that. Look at us now – we’ve got 2 for each family member! *sigh*

  22. 46


    Good for you. I think God has a special place in His heart for animal lovers.

    And if they’d called me? I woulda been in serious trouble with Hubby cuz I’m not sure I could’ve stopped with just one!

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