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    I say I am SOOO Southern, yet I drink un-sweet tea! Perhaps it’s because my grandmother’s had no less than a pound of tea in hers.

    Sometimes I mix sweet and unsweet, but very heavy on the unsweet. Or I’ll mix in a bit of lemonade with it.

    *sigh* perhaps I’m not as Southern as I think I am.

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    Allison says

    My car looks exactly the same way — only instead of sweet tea, it’s cans of sugar free Red Bull (and I wonder why I’m awake at 1:20 a.m. :-)

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    The first step is admitting you have a problem. I think you are on the right track, but just in case, I can be your sponsor, let’s meet at Chick Fil A and discuss your treatment.

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    You might try the sweet tea at McAlester’s Deli sometime. It’s pretty good. You know, if there is not a Chick Fil A in sight.

    Here is the midwest, there are only TWO chick-fil-a’s in my town. I love going to my parent’s in Dallas where there is one just around the corner no matter where you are!

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    that would sooooo be me too if i could spare the ww points…but instead i have changed my addiction to Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper! I probably have 3 cups in my car right now!

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    My husband is addicted to sweet tea, too! I am a Diet Coke addict myself, but neither of us can live without those styrofoam cups. I know that is not “green” at all. Don’t they do a good job at keeping all of our crushed ice cold, though?! I think you have inspired me to post about how hooked I am on them! Thanks!

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    I had no idea what sweet tea was until I moved out this way. I don’t think they even have it in California LOL My husband loves it though so thank you for the recipe :)


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    Being a southern gal myself I had to check out your recipe it cracked me up but is so true and I hate to type this but my tea has more sugar than yours! (don’t tell)! I am glad I found your blog I am adding it to my blogroll. Have a great weekend!

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    Well, the family and I just came home from two weeks in Florida. We live in Washington and there’s no Chick-Fil-A here. I was so excited to try their sweet tea, seeing as it has been highly recommended by you in past blogs. I’m in love with it. And, now apparently in withdrawals. So sad. But I drank a ton of it and thought of you :-)

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    I was already liking your blog until I saw this post. Now I LOVE your blog LOL!

    I live in New England–the land of NO sweet tea.

    I’ve been stared at with suspicion when I’ve asked at restaurants. I’ve been told that the sugar is in the packet on the table. (As if sweet tea was JUST about sugar–sheesh!)

    I even waxed eloquent about it on my own blog (if you want to see!):

    I’m off to read more of your blog!

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