My kids love dressing up! We normally shop a little resale shop in our town, not only for school clothes, but also for dress up accessories.
But this year, we decided to make our own costumes. My girls are going to be bopping to the 50’s in their matching poodle skirts, on the arm of their brother, also known as Elvis.
I found an easy, no-sew poodle skirt instructions here. (And I mean, easy!)
Basically, buy a couple of yards of felt (I found mine for 75% off!!).
I folded the felt into a square and made two basic cuts, per instructions.

We actually pinned the waist, but you could add a snap or velcro.

I got the little fabric poodle and embellishment for a couple of dollars at Wal Mart.
And then I hot glued them on!
My son made poodle skirts for the local spiders and ants.
For Elvis, we took a white t-shirt and glued some rhinestone bling that spells out ‘the king’.

We added a wig and some glasses and our icon is complete!

“Thankya, Thankyaverymuch”

To see more fabulous costumes and great ideas, visit Living Locurto!


  1. 4


    Very, very cute! We always made our costumes, too. Much less expensive than those poorly made store-bought ones.

    I’m liking the new look of your site!


  2. 6


    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

    I still can’t decide what to do for Halloween. I have one fairy princess outfit that could fit either girl. So the older sister has to be that or a Disco Girl. Or the younger sister can be the fairy or a kitty cat (black turtleneck, purple skirt, black tights, ears). DECISIONS!

  3. 8


    very very cute! i wanted to do this same costume plan for my daughter and son this year but my daughter just kept asking, now who was elvis? so, they are going to be scooby and daphne!

  4. 18

    Mrs. Querido says

    Your kids are adorable! How fun and creative :) Now, as to what my kids will be wearing for Hallelujah Night….mmmm…no idea yet. It is going to have to be cheap though!

  5. 19


    Very cute costumes and you made them yourselves! Impressive – I love they did a theme together
    I am always trying to get a group theme going –

  6. 22


    Just adorable AND easy!!! now THAT’s MY cup of tea!! LOL

    You’re kids are darling!


    PS love the new blog design too! especially that new banner!

  7. 40


    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT!!! Have them come by and I’ll feed them Jelly Donut’s!! By the way I received my sign (from your phrase giveaway) and it’s precious (I got the Camp Muck one) it’s next to the back door and everyone loves it! THANKS…you’re a great shopper.

  8. 43


    Fantastic!! Your son is awesome :-) Mine never, ever would have done that . . . your daughters are blessed. And make sure you tell them that because I’m sooooooo sure they’ll agree. Especially his older sister.

  9. 49


    very cute! on your DIYP – do you actually do on some kind of project around the house every weekend? you are an inspiration & i'm going to TRY to do some easy projects soon!

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