How About a Little Tour?

I am hooked on houses.
I love getting a peek into other people’s nests, with permission. I am not a peeper, just so ya know. But I find it inspiring to see how other people live in their decorated world.
My perfect day would include a looksie at the newest model homes in my town (camera and
notepad in hand) and a drive through the country, picking out my next house.  Really, just ask my hubby. (He likes doing it too).
I enjoy hunting the multiple listings of homes all over the United States. I dream of moving to an old home or a new home on old land. It’s a hobby, And it’s free! Weird, huh?
But when the day turns to night. There is one place I love to be: HOME.  
Welcome to my spot of the world, where all my little people live. Today it is here, tomorrow? Who knows…..
{The Kitchen, It’s a nice place to heat up Take Out}

Here’s how I painted my kitchen cabinets black!
And here’s some other Do-It-Yourself projects.
{Breakfast Nook that opens to the Kitchen}
My favorite spot in my kitchen is my pantry!  My hubby built the screen door to give it the country feel I’ve always wanted!

More of our house:


  1. 4


    Looks like your stand mixer gets as much use as mine does! It’s amazing the stuff I find in there after not looking in it for awhile :)

    I really enjoy your blog – thanks for sharing!

  2. 8


    LOVE house tours!!! You’ve got some awesome decorating skills. Your daughter’s bedroom and the laundry room are my faves.

    By the way, hubby and I were oohing and aahing over your kitchen cabinets. Totally stealing the idea (re-doing our kitchen within the next few years, sloooooooowly).

  3. 10


    You have a lovely home. In your living room you covered the door window .. how and what did you do? I have a window just like that and the blinds ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!

    I don’t like the fact that someone (if they desired to peek in on us) could through the sides of the blinds.

  4. 12

    Linda@ Lime in the Coconut says

    Awwww…I just love your little piece of the world! Beautiful and lived and loved in! Great blog too! Love your header. Fantastic!

  5. 13


    Your home is just beautiful. I love all of your color choices. I could definitely spend hours in your breakfast nook – coffee in hand and laptop on table. What a peaceful space!

    I love looking at homes too. We often drive out of the way wherever we are going just so we can look at the houses. And like you, my husband loves it just as much as I do.

  6. 18

    Mrs. Querido says

    Your home is decorated beautifully! My favorite room is your master bedroom…sigh. That’s what I want ours to look like. Sadly, it looks nothing like that…lol. It is a work in progress!

  7. 24


    I love to see inside other peoples’ homes, and yours is lovely. So different from houses here in N Ireland! (and just like the TV shows!!! – they always have a staircase like that LOL!)

    Maybe when my house is tidier, I might play along some time :)

  8. 26


    Very pretty house and so organized too! I also like to look at “Houses For Sale” online and for the life of me, cannot figure out why realtors bother with some of the pics they put on there. A picture of a window? WooWee!!! Pictures of the decorations in the home? So what? Show me the house!

  9. 28


    Great tour! I’ve seen photos from your house before, but never the “big picture” like this. I love your yellow and red kitchen–so cheery. And I think you did a great job decorating those two-story-tall walls, which are always tricky.

    I could use an organizing piece like yours. Looks like it can hold a lot! My sister-in-law moved into a house with very little storage and bought something similar that she says has saved her life (or at least her sanity). :-)

    Thanks for joining the blog party and for inviting us into your home! -Julia

  10. 29


    You have a beautiful home and a great sense for decorating!
    I posted a video of inside my house, not the nice pretty tour like yours… more like an intro to me and my kids. It is loud. REAL.LOUD.

  11. 35

    Suzann says

    Love your home. Thanks for sharing. I took a peek back at some of your previously posted rooms too. I have to ask…how do you like your black kitchen cabinets? I’m on the fence with doing this in my house, so I have to ask.

  12. 37


    You have a beautiful home! I love the breakfast room especially and your daughter’s room is really really cute. Oh and I love old stuff too 😉


  13. 38


    Your home is just darling! Did you paint your cabinets? They are great – we're thinking about paintin ours..hmmm……
    The breakfest nook would have to be our favorite place to sit – so very happy (but then – we think all of your house is!!)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Karla & Karrie

  14. 39


    Your almost nine year old’s room is fabulous! :-) Please do tell her that I am in love with her bed!

    Thank you for opening your home to us. (and p.s. — I’m a bit of a peeper perhaps. But I’m harmless. I just can’t help it! 😉

  15. 42


    Your kitchen has the exact cabinet color, handles, wall color and appliances I am planning for our kitchen remodel (and very strangely the exact same positioning of everything!) except I want shaker stole cabinets. My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw your pics! Very cool to be able to show dh who always frets the cabinets are going to be too morose. Love it!

  16. 45


    Your home is simply beautiful…but oh that sweet face at the bottom of your blog…now THAT is beautiful too! *smile*

    Thank you for the tour!


  17. 53


    I love everything about your daughter’s room – the colors, the chandelier, the bed covering. It makes me want to be a little girl again. KV

  18. 54

    Anonymous says

    Wow do you have talent!! The colors are so pretty too! Your home looks decorated but yet so homey and fun. Congratulations on a job very well done!! 😉 You like house hunting and looking at other’s homes and we sure enjoyed seeing yours!! Thanks!!!! Jody

  19. 58


    wow! your house is beautiful! I am inspired. I am in trouble now with that hooked on houses site…I am already up way too late!! That is cool!

  20. 61


    I love your kitchen & curtains….I think I have the same ones. Are your curtains from Pottery Barn?

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. 62


    Beautiful kitchen. Thanks for sharing. In your opinion is black cabinets better then white??? I want black my hubby wants white.

  22. 65


    I love the black cabinets! We’re building right now, so I’m in the middle of picking out my cabinets. Can you tell me if that color is difficult to keep clean?

  23. 66


    I really like the black cabinets. But, I have been reading your blog long enough to know that I pretty much like whatever you decorate! Sigh…if only you lived nearby and could help a girl out…

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  24. 67


    I did the black cabinets in my old house and I miss them so much!! I love them and love seeing your kitchen, it is beautiful!!

  25. 72


    I LOVE your black cabinets!!! I wanted to paint mine black, but my kitchen is waaayyyyy too small for that! Yours look awesome with the granite countertops!

  26. 73


    I would go every weekend looking at houses if I could – but the 3 kids sort of want me to take them to soccer etc! So I too look at the MLS all over the country – I just love houses! Your black cabinets are gorgeous, off to read how you painted them!

  27. 74


    I love your house! You have such an eye for decorating! I have so many pieces I like to collect but then I’m never sure how to put them to use so my walls end up being bare.. and we’ve lived here for 3 years!! Come to Ohio and help me! lol

  28. 78


    I love your distress black cabinets!!! Great job!

    I also love the wreaths hanging in the windows of your breakfast room!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  29. 80

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