If You Need Me, I’ll be Hiding in My House

Right now, at this exact moment, do you know what my family is doing?

They are passing out fliers in the neighborhood that read, “The Poop Express Picker Upper” I will scoop the poop in your yard. I am a kid. I need money. Please call.”
Oh, I kid not.
My hubby thought we shouldn’t squelch their little entrepreneurial spirits. 
{Sidenote: If my kids actually get a client, I will be there with camera to capture them picking up real poop. Oh, yes, I will. I don’t think they’ve thought that far down the road yet!}
I can’t make up stuff this good, y’all!  
We are THAT family.  We are now (offically) in the dung business.
I am so proud of my glamorous life.

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  1. 1


    I think that’s a FANTASTIC idea! You should be proud!

    And, from a fellow introvert {ISTJ}who likes to hide in her cave, it was worth every second to surround myself with these women!

    Nest time, you are rooming with me!

  2. 2


    LOL! That is so great! Can you send them over to my house? I have 2 kids who would be thrilled if they could pay someone else to do it.

  3. 3


    That is too cute! Good for them! Hmmm…my son does that for free in our yard (cost of having pet). Not sure if he ever thought about hiring himself out.

    However, he takes so long when he does it due to getting distracted (think Family Circle pathway all over the place to get somewhere close) that he would probably be fired!

    And that is a real business! I’ve seen ads here for people who do it professionally. Maybe your kids can rake in the bucks and you can retire – LOL!

  4. 8


    When I was a kid, this was one of my “part of the family” jobs that I was expected to do for free. I would have gladly paid a kid out of my allowance to have done that job for me.

  5. 11


    Oh my. I’m glad I clicked on “THAT family” over at Nester’s Place — we are SO THAT family, too. Oh yes.

    And I felt like I was reading my own blog – we have Wednesday folders. I dread them. I posted a silhouette how to (yours – MUCH easier)…

    I’m sure the list could go on and on!

    You sound like a Hoot – and I’ll have to stop back in for another visit!

    God Bless

  6. 12


    You should be proud of their good work ethic! Congratulations! Of course raking leaves would be so much cleaner, but perhaps that’s not an event you have in S. Texas.

  7. 14


    Every time, without fail, you and I have got the SAME thing on the brain! I was about to post about our “poopy day”. Literally. One kid pooped on the floor, two of us had diarrhea, and the husband had poop fall on his HEAD! I kid you not!!!

    Can’t wait to see if they get any clients!

  8. 19


    I just discovered your blog. Oh, my goodness, what a blessing to find “normal” fellowship! I love your kids’ entrepreneurial spirit. I, too, will be watching for photos!

  9. 20


    I have got to suggest that to my eldest, who is nearly 12. His latest chore to be assigned is walking the dog…and picking up her poop. It took awhile, but he can now do it without gagging. This is a perfect way for him to make some cash to support his Xbox habit.

  10. 23


    LOL There is an actual company here that does that. I have to laugh because they are very popular! You never know. . .Your kids could strike it rich scoop’n poop!

  11. 27


    Darn it, wish you lived closer, would hire them in a heart beat. I have three large dogs on an acre of fenced in yard. Could sure use their help!

  12. 31


    I kid you not, I would pay a kid to pick up the poop in our yard. I would pay them, make them cookies and probably kiss their stinky little cheeks.

  13. 32


    When I was a kid my parents had a kennel (yep we bred and showed dogs, BIG dogs that made BIG poops!) part of my daily chores was to pick up the poop in the yard and kennel. YUCK! That must be the reason we have cats and my husband cleans the litter box.

  14. 33


    My kiddos have to scoop the poop when they go to Gram’s house before they can play in the backyard – and I don’t think they would ever want to do it for money. I can’t wait to see how it goes with your kiddos… this could be fun!

  15. 34


    whoo hoo now the party is really started since you came!!!!

    I am still cracking up at my idea for her business name:
    “Mary POOPins”

    I think it shows the spirit of a great business woman to-be AND glamour!

  16. 36


    That is so awesome! I’d hire ’em just to see their little faces when they realized they had to come through with the poo removal!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  17. 38


    You know what, that’s actually big business in the suburbs of DC. I’ve seen at least two separate businesses with actual painted trucks. In fact, the one morning news team has been going out to spend a day doing other people’s jobs, and the one anchor went out to pick up dog poo with a guy!

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