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    Mrs. Querido says

    LOL…those are some great shots! I love the fact that your hubby was sneaking photos of strategic body parts…and you are so courageous to share said photos! :) Your kids are so adorable!

  2. 8


    Oh yeah .. if my tod got a hold of that mallet .. we would be the all time THAT family cause my boy has a grip, aim and strength like no other 23 month old I have seen .. except maybe your daughter .. ahem .. :)

    Once again, cute photogs …

  3. 10


    And it’s all funny ’til the crying starts, right?

    For my daughter, it was a baseball bat when she was about the same age as your little one.


  4. 18


    LOL, we have one of those sets. I don’t know what scares me more, the heavy mallets or the heavy balls mine try to throw at each other.

  5. 27


    She is so cute with that mallet, how can you resist a little pounding form her? :-)

    Love the husband shots, which just proves my husband’s theory that all men stop maturing at 12. We have many of those same pictures, Boys! They make life fun, though, hm?

  6. 28


    I love the new look of the blog! It is so girly and fun and cute. I do wish that the words that are linked showed up before you ran the mouse over them. I know some designs don’t do that however. Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m enjoying your new look.

  7. 33


    Ditto on what LifeattheCircus said! lol How rewarding for your son, who discovered the set, to bring something home which his whole family could enjoy. Great photos.

  8. 42


    I always thought my husband was goofy for taking pics of me from behind – but seeing your pics & reading the other comments, I see that he is not the only one.

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