Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You-My UGLY Year

You guys are so sweet to come back week after week to link up or laugh at these old photos. Who knew we all had such a dark past?  You can read all about Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You or you can just click the links below for a good, old fashioned belly laugh.
I saved this picture for a rainy day.
It’s from my UGLY year.  Did y’all have one of those?  
It was the transitional time between little girl and teen.  I was awkward, gangly and growing out a home permanent. Difficult times, people. I remember the day well. It was my sixth grade school picture day.  
{Prepare yourself because it is frightening:}

Are you off the floor from your hysterical laughter?
I’ll give you a minute.
Or twenty.
Okay, seriously. You can stop laughing now. I have feelings too, ya know.
My perms took very well on the top of my head, crown area, as you can see. I was a big tucker and shoved it behind my ear. I was going for the slicked-down ‘fro, I suppose.  I remember wanting it to flip up in the back. 
The horror.
My mom made my dress. Another shocker. I know you were thinking I bought that lovely purple piece at a fine department store.  Not so, my friends. Was I the picture of fashion or what?
Remember the little button earrings of the 1980’s?  I had them in every color. 
Because I was special.
And lastly, the teeth. My family refers to my pre-braces day as my corn-on-the-cob teeth. I guess my little teeth reminded them of niblets.  I come from a long line of good, kind people.
Okay. Hurry. You, go, because this is just embarrassing! (Plus, I need to call my Mom and ask her if ‘helmet hair’ was stylish or a form of discipline).


  1. 6


    This could be a picture of my daughter, only her tightly curled hair was naturally curly and she hated it. She had the button earrings in every color, too. I would post her picture but she reads my blog and would definitely never speak to me again. (well, at least not for a week.)

  2. 8


    I am so glad you outgrew this look. Oh yes, so happy for you. :) We all had our year(s).
    I must get our scanner working so I can share more of these special moments as well.

  3. 9


    I feel your pain. My husband – who didn’t even know me in jr. high – just caught a glimpse of this picture and asked, “is that you?” (He’s sleeping on the couch tonight.)

  4. 11


    Oh I hated all of my school photos! I am so glad that I get to choose what I wear in photos now days. Even that doesn’t make my pictures any better. Don’t go look at my post for the day. I am sooo embaressed that I even pressed post. lol

  5. 17


    Bless your heart! What was it with your mother and perms??

    Unfortunately I know how you feel on this one. My 7th grade picture is absolutely dreadful. It is burned into my memory. The horror of it all. When I find it at my parents house, I might be brave enough to put it on here.

  6. 18

    Nicole says


    I looked exactly the same way in my 6th grade pic, but I also had black glasses.

    Yeah, it was a bad, bad year….


  7. 19


    I have no words. Seriously. That’s just it. I have no….(trying to stifle a giggle)

    I just can’t…

    Okay, I have to go. I can’t stop laughing. Sorry.

  8. 21


    If I had a scanner I could show you my FRO from 8th grade and I do mean FRO (Afro) with curls .. I remember that day well .. thought I was cute, but only 6 months later looked at the photo in absolute horror!!!

    But hey .. look at you now. Cute, cute, cute.

  9. 22


    Ahem, do you know how hard it is to type while laughing your head off.

    I mean, not at you, ummmm, with you. Yea, with you.

    I think this shows how much your kids look like you, minus the Fro of course.

  10. 23


    Someday I’ll be brave enough to post a pic of the girl mullet I sported in 7th grade – and you can have a great laugh at my expense. :) Just think about how well-equipped we will be to council our daughters when they have a bad hair day!

  11. 26


    Kristin I love your confidence to be able to look back and laugh! I have been doing that for years..I honestly think that there are very few..very few photos of me that are scrapbook worthy!
    Love participating in this carnival each week.

  12. 31


    ok you had to have been abt 6th or 7th when that photo was takeing and well back then i think we all kind of looked kind of funny . any how i’m takeing a blog button and puting it on my page to let every one know abt your party as well

  13. 36


    I had the same exact hair!!! By the time it was done though I hated it. I couldn’t wait for my hair to grow back out. Oh and I had the big poofy bangs! LOL

  14. 37


    Man this reminds me of my fourth grade picture… i hated it… totally my least favorite of all…perhaps i will share it with you.

    honestly though, you look cute… for real, i mean it.

  15. 38


    I found your blog recently & I've enjoyed reading. I took on the challenge & posted some of my school pics – just so you know you are NOT only but I had way more than one ugly year. :-)

  16. 45


    Too funny. I have a picture of my daughter when she was about 8… so that would have been 1984… al,ost the same hair style. She was not happy with her hair so we decided that I should give her a home perm. Needless, to say it was a disater she woke up in the morning with a heaf full of frizz!

  17. 46


    I actually have a similar picture of myself. I was in 6th grade as well.
    My dad was inspired to trim my hair into a MaryLouRetton hairstyle.

    That style mixed with my boyish figure, i was mistaken for a boy…alot!
    Why did our parents let us look like that? Lord only knows!

  18. 47


    Ok, I looked everywhere for the ugly ones. No really, I swear I would share it if I could find them. Instead I worked on a couple others. Yup, for the next two weeks, my Sincerely Fro Me To You is ready! Yay!


  19. 49


    But look at how really, really adorable you are in that photo (aside from the growing-out-permed hair)! And your teeth are just cute and childish. As for the dress?… Well, you should have seen what MY mom dressed me in (we’re still talking home-made here… but my mom didn’t sew)!

  20. 50

    freefun0616 says

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