This is Where I Consider Changing the Name of My Blog

Sometimes, I don’t want to be THAT family.

Take Monday, for instance. I took my toddler to the doctor because she had a scary-looking dime-sized ulcer on her face, near her eye.

As we sat in the packed waiting room, I tried in vain to contain my busy girl.  She was everywhere. All at once.
Just as she was about to push the Handicap button on the door again, my sweet friend Cheryl, walked out of the office.  We stopped to catch up on what brought us to the doctor’s office.
Parenting tip:  Don’t turn your eyes off your toddler, even for a second.
Because when I turned back around, I found my daughter and the contents of my purse in the middle of the floor, in the middle of a busy waiting room.
And do you know what she was unwrapping?
An emergency Maxi-Pad.
Oh. Yes. She. Was.
Just as she way eyeing a place to stick the giant ‘sticker,’ I grabbed it and shoved it back into my bag. 
My dear friend laughed.  (She knows we’re THAT family and sticks around anyway).
I’ve never been so relieved to hear my child’s name called back to the examination room.  I needed a place to hide.
Unfortunately, my daughter took the best spot.

Oh, and she has Staph. But I’m looking on the bright side because it’s not the flesh-eating kind.


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    I agree, I love that you took a picture!

    And, you know, seeing you blog about life as THAT family with a good sense of humor gives the rest of us hope that we can do the same!

    I promise, you’re not alone as THAT family! And, if it makes you feel better, my daughter did something similar at a family event. Only she stuck them on her feet and walked around in her new “slippers” before I realized what she was doing. Classy!

  2. 8


    One time the kids took a whole box of pantyliners & stuck them all over one of the windows. I did not notice it for days. Unfortunately, the neighbor did. :)

    I need to do a we are THAT family tree society with that little story.

  3. 9


    You never, NEVER have a dull moment in your life do you???? I hate to even laugh for I know you must grow weary at times, but all I can think is…thank goodness it is you and not me!!! Sorry!

  4. 10


    Thank you for the laugh. I so needed it tonight. I’m thinking I can only laugh as hard as I am because I’ve been there. Ugh! We are THAT family in our area. Sigh.

  5. 12


    Oh my gosh. That was wonderful. I’m sure you were less than thrilled but it sure made for a GREAT story. I hope her Staph heals up quickly. (Since Noah is immune-suppressed he gets it all the time but luckily it’s not the flesh eating kind either!!)

  6. 14


    Max pad stories are the best!!My little boys once were arguing over a box of panty liners….one was insisting they were shoe insoles…Thus the reason he had one stuck to the bottom of each of his feet….The other one was insisting they were “those things girls wear over their eyes at night” (mask)….these are the same 2 that found a box of tampons under the sink and after examining one decided that they would launch these “cotton rockets” at each other in the den…Yeah we are that family too!!

    Hope the staph goes away quickly!!Cute picture!!:)

  7. 16


    Oh, too funny. I think all of us moms have had days like that–you just make them sound funnier when they happen to you. :-)

    Bless her little heart, having to deal with the staph infection. Hope it heals up quickly! -Julia

  8. 17


    Goober thinks my tampons are his own personal cotton rockets and the applicators are rocket launchers. He discovered that they would fly across a room at a young age and I’ve had to hide them ever since.

    BTW, I think that might be the cutest picture ever. Look at those little feet!!!

  9. 18


    OMG, we had the same Monday! Only mine was the first time at a NEW doctors office. I was beyond embarassed by the way my son acted. Including rolling on the floor, chasing a none existent tail, and biting (yes biting something he NEVER does) his sister, not once but 4 times. I am amazed I didn’t drop to my knees and thank the Lord when they called my daughter’s name. When I came back out, and older women actually said God Bless You to me. Seriously, I could’ve crawled inside myself and just died.

  10. 20


    Oh I am sorry that was the funniest thing. Staph sucks! I am sure the dr told you but make sure you wash EVERYTHING. It can linger for weeks.

  11. 29


    I could have written this! Maxi pads and tampons are so fun to play with! My older daughter once asked why I had an enormous band aid in my purse. And she just had impetigo a couple weeks ago. Yay for school germs. I was totally a mess! I mean I googled it and I saw a great big picture of Amy Winehouse with the same skin condition. Ack! Nightmares for days! Thank goodness for antibiotics!

  12. 33

    nancyk says

    this too shall pass, and believe it or not, you will miss these little opportunities in humility. And when your daughter is a teenager it will be your turn to embarrass her by simply breathing. Every family is THAT family, we’re just not as willing to throw open the curtains and let everyone see. God Bless You and your sweet family. i’m praying for a speedy healing for your creative little girl.

  13. 34


    What a day… doctor’s visit, Maxi-Pad, and staph. Not a good combination. One item alone could ruin a day but combine all three and you get a good laugh. (sorry about the laughing part!) I once tried to write a check at the grocery store with a tampon so I feel your pain.

  14. 35

    Becky in East Tennessee says

    I just came by your blog today via the Cafe Inspiration that a friend forwarded to me. OMG! You are awesome! You are so inspiring and I wanta be like you. I read back as far as my time will allow and have certainly bookmarked you to return back to as well.

    I even referenced you in my blog because you inspired me so much. THANK YOU JESUS for bringing you to me!

  15. 36


    Only die hard bloggers take pics in the doc’s office. Of course, if you were me, you would’ve taken a picture of your daughter with the maxi pad BEFORE you shoved it back in your bag!

  16. 37


    My darling girl child said a few years back, when she saw a tampon in someone elses purse they were digging for something she piped up
    “oh mom look she has first aid supplies too”. Yep I told her that once. Bummer about the infection, hope it clears up soon and no one else gets it.

  17. 38


    Visiting your site because I read your post at the Cafe today… I so 100% understand your post. I feel like God has had me on a similar path in the last few years… I can so easily get caught up in a million things that just don’t matter, and I don’t want that to happen anymore…


  18. 40


    Oh this sounds like something Little Logan would have done!

    Bless her heart! This is the second thing of staph I have read about in the blog world! Where is it all coming from??

  19. 42


    Oh poor child! And poor mommy! My son was chewing on a (wrapped) tampon once….not cool. Luckily it was in the privacy of our own house BUT I wouldn’t put it past him to take one out of the diaper bag (my ER stash).

  20. 44


    I feel your pain! I hope the staph heals soon. Whew that it’s not the flesh eating kind!

    My son totally humiliated my daughter one time. He was unpacking the groceries when he came across some. He asked: Where do these panty straps go? Or something to that effect. I can’t remember the exact wording. But I do remember my daughter’s face as she snatched them out of his hands.

  21. 45


    Sorry to hear about your daughter’s face, hopefully it will heal soon.
    I just love your blog! You have the funniest sense of humor! I know about those little ones and how they can get into things.

  22. 46


    Oh Lordie! That girl (or THAT girl?). So funny. Sorry to hear of her infection – bah!

    I had an absolute MELTDOWN of a day last week (you know I blogged about it!) when I absolutely knew I was THAT Mom. Its good to know we’re all in it together!

  23. 48

    Niobium says

    Love your family!

    On Mother’s Day, in church, I realized that i had forgotten to make out my check before the service. As I dug around in my purse for a pen, my preschooler distracted me. After a short conversation with the said preschooler, I suddenly realized that I was sitting there holding my checkbook in one hand and a tampon, (that I mistakenly grabbed for a pen), in the other hand.

    My face turned bright red as I wondered how many people around me had noticed that I was holding a tampon in my hand.

    Then I got the giggles and spent the rest of the worship service trying not to snort!

  24. 50


    Oh gosh, we’re *that* family too and while I usually don’t mind (being half a bubble off plumb myself), there are times I want to fall to my knees and wail “Why can’t we be normal for juuuuuust oooooone daaaaaaaay?” My kids have robbed the post office, performed lascivious dance moves in the middle of the grocery, and molested my breasts in public — and usually I’m okay with all this. It’s just… well, I think sometimes how it might be nice to be a family you’d want to use in a commercial for air freshener or minivans or vacations to Disney.


  25. 51


    Are my dtr and your dtr friend? Mine pulled out my tampons just before my last appointment and said, “MOMMY! WHAT’S THIS?” Why can’t I fit under those kids table anymore? That’s where I wanted to hide. My girlfriend said she loved your blog and sent me over. I’m glad she did. You crack me up!

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