THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 20

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Picture of the week:

Week in Review: Because sometimes a herd (school, posse)? of ducks show up at your front door and you just need to feed them.

Introduction into The Society: And now I’m happy to introduce you to the newest branch in our ever-growing family tree: No Small Thing. She submitted this post about shoe shopping to get into our little club!

1.  Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):  

My blog is called No Small Thing.  I started it as a journal so that I could remember funny/sentimental things, even every day things that have happened in my life as a mother.  
2.  How long have you been blogging?

I started this blog in January 2008, so it has been about 7 months. 
3.  How would you define THAT family?  

THAT family in one word?  Us.  THAT family is always noticeable for one reason or another…the dirty fingernails, the koolaid smiles, the bumps and bruises and scrapes.  They are loud, and chaotic, and fun to be around!  They seem unlucky, as though a little black cloud follows them around, but they also don’t seem to notice that cloud.  THAT family may seem a mess, but they have a love for one another that is deep and it will weather any storm.
4.  When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?  

Well, I grew up in THAT family, and I was going to turn in my membership card when I got married.  I think I figured out that I was still a member when my third child followed me around Target asking rather loudly if he could “eat this booger?”  I was gettin’ the stares, I’m tellin’ you.  Or maybe it was the time I had to take all four of the children to the doctor (they were all sick) and the doctor asked for a urine sample from one of them, so we all piled in the bathroom together, me, three kids and a baby in the stroller, and they began fighting over who got to pee in the cup while the baby was screaming.  And I tried to shush them, I did, and I know everyone heard us.

5.  Where can we find your blog?  

DIYP {Christmas Decor & Ideas Part I}


I’m so excited to share with you some of my Christmas decor ideas. Each week I’ll highlight several of my favorite things in my house. 

Idea #1: I love all the fun Christmas cloth napkins that are available. I got these cute Santa toile napkins at Hobby Lobby during one of their 1/2 off sales. I also bought some matching red ribbon and plugged in my hot glue gun.

Oh, yeah.

I took the two napkins and glued the ribbon at each corner on both napkins.

I placed a pillow in-between my adorable slip cover and look what I made!

Idea #2:
Take some acrylic paint (red, green or white) and a paint brush and paint a jolly word on a mirror in your house!

I painted ‘joy’ on my powder room mirror and that’s exactly what I feel when I look into it!

Idea #3:
Buy a festive holiday place card set. I got my set of 8 at the Homegoods store for $6.99. 

I love these cute little things because they are so versatile.  Here are just a few ideas:

Picture holders

Business card holders

Ornaments for a table top tree

Use them to spread cheer

Intended purpose

Join me next Saturday, I’ll be showing off my Christmas tree, my creative Nutcracker chandelier and the
best idea ever for pine cones!!

And for a fun winter project to do with your kids, check out how to make snow globes in my Blissfully Domestic article!


Thanksgiving clip art
It’s a Thanksgiving tradition to make a list of all the things for which we are thankful. Here’s my list so far:  
Family & friends
Sweet tea
Russian friends
Automobile DVD players
Tummy panel in slimming jeans
Target clearance aisles
Magic eraser
Mac n cheese
Poison control
My home
Pet doors
Padded braziers
Garage sales
Peppermint shakes & coffees
Things to laugh at
Clairol gray hair coverage
Cool weather
Having more than enough
Santa following me on Twitter (it helps with the bribery)
Toenail polish
Warm pajamas
Hot baths (and especially the last 4 together)
Tiny feet
Butterfly kisses
My parents

What’s on your list?

Visit Kelly’s to see some other great holiday traditions!

Do NOT Follow this Link

Unless you want to laugh hysterically {and cause your mascara to run and burn your left eyeball for an hour. It could happen} DO NOT follow the following link.

I ran across this post and decided it was much funnier than anything I could come up with:

This seriously made my ugly laugh come out, but please don’t take it too seriously: Thanksgiving Activities
(I’m currently traveling 10 hours with 3 children and all humor evades me).
There’s still time to enter my current Mom Store Giveaway!

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I can’t think of another attribute I’d like to develop in my children more than thankfulness. 
Nothing makes me heart smile like an unprompted ‘thank you’ or an uninhibited burst of gratitude.
I believe thankfulness is the mark of a great person. A grateful heart does not complain or compare. A grateful heart does not grumble or gripe. A grateful heart is a beautiful thing.
And it is rare.
I want to teach my kids to be thankful. I want them to see the good in their lives as blessings. I want their perspective to mirror their grateful hearts.
I want them to see gratitude in me. 
Here are five thankful actions I’m trying to put into practice:
  • Serve It-In our every day lives, my hubby and I try to make service a normal part of our routine. We ask our kids to help each other out as a way of serving one another. We have also recently implemented acts of service towards others (One Day to Give). There is a new excitement in our home about serving others. My kids have innovative ideas and together, we are working on servitude. 
  • Say It-I think one of the best ways we can show gratitude is with our words. Saying thank you at restaurants, to teachers, clergy, neighbors and friends is crucial. Our kids are taking their cues from us. And sometimes the people in our own homes have the most un-thankless jobs. I’m aiming to thank my hubby every time he takes out the trash or lends an extra hand around the house. Kids need to be verbally thanked too.
  • Sacrifice It-In our society, we don’t hear much about sacrifice. It’s not popular to give something up. But it’s still a valuable lesson to teach our children. I think true gratitude is born in sacrifice. Seeing others needs as greater than our own is what thankfulness is all about.
  • Show It-Sometimes the best way to show gratitude is through tangible means: a hand-written note, a gift from the heart or a thank you note for a birthday gift. These simple acts sometimes get lost in our high tech world.
  • Search for it-Life isn’t always easy. And during difficult times, it’s easy to focus on the negative. It’s during these moments, we have to look for the silver-lining in life’s trials. Perspective often changes our attitude. I try to remind my kids that they are blessed.
Food for the Soul:
Philippians 4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

For more great tips, visit Works for Me Wednesday.

Happy Tuesday Giveaway!

*UPDATED* Congrats to A Country Girl’s Ramblings!  Don’t forget 4 Princess Bows is offering a 20% discount with this code: THAT family

There are so many talented moms in the world.

And by talent I’m not talking about the Mom I met yesterday who had already completely potty trained her 19 month old daughter.

Because that’s just not normal.  

{PLEAASSSEE!! Tell me it’s not normal because my 23 month old child uses her potty chair to hold her books}.

{And if you are a Master Potty Trainer and feel so inclined to tell me, please only do so if you can also send me a manual accompanied by a DVD and a part time person}.

Okay.  Back to talent.

And another terrific Mom store. Because the Mom who owns 4 Princess Bows is just that, talented.  All of the proceeds from this terrific shop go towards her upcoming Mission’s Trip. So, not only are you getting something adorable, the money is going to a great cause.

4 Princess Bows offers hand-sewn precious hair accessories and this mom’s motto: “All of my bows must pass the cute factor…in other words, if my girls won’t wear it, I don’t sell it!”

And I believe her.  Just look at this Christmas tree-shaped bow:

Click to see full size imageClick to see full size image

And not only is her store stuffed full of cute hair bows and headbands, she also makes tutus, baby slings and this adorable jewelry:

Click to see full size image
I love hosting giveaways this time of year.  I think we’re all feeling the pinch of the economy and with Christmas around the corner, it’s time to stretch every dollar. I entered a big giveaway the other day and won!  I’ve hidden the present away to give to my hubby (we have birthdays, an anniversary and Christmas, ohmy, all in December, so every little bit helps)!
Go visit this fun store and tell me what you’d choose with the $25 gift certificate she’s giving away!  $25 will go a long way in adorable hair bows and cute bracelets! Also, she’s offering a special 20% off coupon for readers (coupon code:  THAT family, valid until 2/09). Giveaway will end after Thanksgiving.