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    We don’t get that in Canada… the closest would be Boxing Day, which can be pretty crazy itself. But why am I still up anyway?? Heading out with my boys in the morning so I’m doing laundry and packing in the middle of the night… Hello?

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    Jen says

    It’s 4:30 am eastern and I’m heading out now!!! I do it every year with two girlfriends and look forward to uninterrupted shopping without husband or kiddies. I find it quite peaceful actually! I agree the sales are not what they should be, but here I go!

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    Yes, and I did. I got my wonderful mom a sweater I could not buy her if I didn;t get such a great deal! I go into it knowing its gonna be crazy, and with a lot of patience, I think it was fun!

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    No Black Friday brick-and-mortar shopping for me. I feel like I save enough the other 364 days of the year to take the day off. I think I’ll be doing some online shopping today, though.

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    *Sigh.* My husband’s business is in the mall, so as you can imagine, he is pretty busy today! We make 30 – 45% of our income for the year between black Friday and New Year’s eve.

    I would love to be at his side helping out, but I’m on rug rat duty. :) No shopping for me!

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    The best deal I got today was…sleeping in!! I’m with the previous poster who said her family would have to visit her in prison…My sarcastic mouth and “sense of fair play” (read anal retentivness) would get me in trouble!

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    I don’t get up at the crack of dawn, but this year I went to Target. Not so much because of deals, but because it’s my one-year-old’s birthday party and I had to get stuff now that we’ve been paid… :) Thankfully the store wasn’t bad at all, and along with the party stuff and presents I also got 7 good DVD movies, all for $4-$6. Woo hoo!

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    My husband woke me up at 3:05 this morning asking if it was time yet. We bought gifts for all of my Irish in-laws and sweaters for when we visit them. Now we just have to figure out how to get the vacuum we bought from Texas to Florida. It sounded good at the time!

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    That was funny…I went at 4:45 to Walmart, then by 6 was at Target, then Kohl’s then Toys R US, then Kmart, then home at 12:30 after dropping my friend off with her loot. We go every year- cause it’s just fun! This year I got the $199 Barbie Jeep for $88- that’s probably the best deal this time!

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    There wasn't 1 thing that was worth going for, but we did anyways! Habit, tradition & the thrill of getting a lot of shopping before we'd usually even be awake LOL!

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    I am usually the one up @ 330am and out the door. This year I was exhausted and just couldn’t do it. I went to walmart @ 730am after my son woke up and found “March of the Penguins” for $2. Best deal!!

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    I got up at 3:30 this morning with my Black Friday strategy plan. I got a few good deals including a huge Lego Star Wars kit for $50 and those Havoc Heli dual pack for $40. My son is going to be one happy boy. I just hate that Santa gets all the stinkin credit.

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    Oh yeah baby, up at 4:00 after getting to bed at midnight with my seven year old grandson, and the dog, along with my husband all in bed. It was a very short four hours. But we got up and went shopping while daddy of the kids stayed home. The rest of us headed out with our lists, cells phones and credit cards making out like little bandits! It was a pretty good day!

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    Nope! I prefer Cyber Monday, and bought my hubby some small gifties today on Amazon (all three seasons of Weeds for cheap)..the rest will be bought at the outlets..and when i have some days off before Xmas..

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    I went, but there really was nothing good out there. You would think with the economy the way it is they would want to get rid of some stuff. I could have gotten pretty much everything at any old time.

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    I wanted to, but I wasn’t trying to park that far out and walk, and since my hubby wouln’t get up that early to take me, I just waited and went later.
    But, the deal I got was 500 thread count King sheets for $20. They were the last ones, and only there because someone had decided they din’t want them and left them laying in a different part of the store.

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