DIYP {Christmas Decor & Ideas Part I}


I’m so excited to share with you some of my Christmas decor ideas. Each week I’ll highlight several of my favorite things in my house. 

Idea #1: I love all the fun Christmas cloth napkins that are available. I got these cute Santa toile napkins at Hobby Lobby during one of their 1/2 off sales. I also bought some matching red ribbon and plugged in my hot glue gun.

Oh, yeah.

I took the two napkins and glued the ribbon at each corner on both napkins.

I placed a pillow in-between my adorable slip cover and look what I made!

Idea #2:
Take some acrylic paint (red, green or white) and a paint brush and paint a jolly word on a mirror in your house!

I painted ‘joy’ on my powder room mirror and that’s exactly what I feel when I look into it!

Idea #3:
Buy a festive holiday place card set. I got my set of 8 at the Homegoods store for $6.99. 

I love these cute little things because they are so versatile.  Here are just a few ideas:

Picture holders

Business card holders

Ornaments for a table top tree

Use them to spread cheer

Intended purpose

Join me next Saturday, I’ll be showing off my Christmas tree, my creative Nutcracker chandelier and the
best idea ever for pine cones!!

And for a fun winter project to do with your kids, check out how to make snow globes in my Blissfully Domestic article!


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    What great ideas-I love the mirror one, I can totally see doing that in the mirror for daughter’s tea party birthday next week-I’d use “pretty” or something, so when all the girls check the mirror after they dress up they can see it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 8


    Oh I love the place card holder idea, those were the cutest thing. I don’t know about the store you are talking about but I am sure Hobby Lobby or Michaels would have them. you must stay up nights just thinking of new crafty projects for everyone to do. thanks for sharing!

  3. 9


    Bed Bath and Beyond had some super cute place card holders and now that I know I can do more than just put them on the Christmas table I’m going to treat myself. Love the painting on the mirrors. I alway put those window clings on them, but I could see the kids and I having fun painting!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. 10


    I looked all over the place on Black Friday to find a wire tree….I guess Oklahoma hasn’t caught on and I’m going to have to get one from the internet…..

    I love your ideas…keep them comin’

  5. 16


    Love the new ideas…..I finally finished the silhouettes and posted pics on my blog if you want to take a look – I would love your feedback!! It was fun – thanks again for the great ideas!!!

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