Happy Tuesday Giveaway!

*UPDATED* Congrats to A Country Girl’s Ramblings!  Don’t forget 4 Princess Bows is offering a 20% discount with this code: THAT family

There are so many talented moms in the world.

And by talent I’m not talking about the Mom I met yesterday who had already completely potty trained her 19 month old daughter.

Because that’s just not normal.  

{PLEAASSSEE!! Tell me it’s not normal because my 23 month old child uses her potty chair to hold her books}.

{And if you are a Master Potty Trainer and feel so inclined to tell me, please only do so if you can also send me a manual accompanied by a DVD and a part time person}.

Okay.  Back to talent.

And another terrific Mom store. Because the Mom who owns 4 Princess Bows is just that, talented.  All of the proceeds from this terrific shop go towards her upcoming Mission’s Trip. So, not only are you getting something adorable, the money is going to a great cause.

4 Princess Bows offers hand-sewn precious hair accessories and this mom’s motto: “All of my bows must pass the cute factor…in other words, if my girls won’t wear it, I don’t sell it!”

And I believe her.  Just look at this Christmas tree-shaped bow:

Click to see full size imageClick to see full size image

And not only is her store stuffed full of cute hair bows and headbands, she also makes tutus, baby slings and this adorable jewelry:

Click to see full size image
I love hosting giveaways this time of year.  I think we’re all feeling the pinch of the economy and with Christmas around the corner, it’s time to stretch every dollar. I entered a big giveaway the other day and won!  I’ve hidden the present away to give to my hubby (we have birthdays, an anniversary and Christmas, ohmy, all in December, so every little bit helps)!
Go visit this fun store and tell me what you’d choose with the $25 gift certificate she’s giving away!  $25 will go a long way in adorable hair bows and cute bracelets! Also, she’s offering a special 20% off coupon for readers (coupon code:  THAT family, valid until 2/09). Giveaway will end after Thanksgiving.


  1. 2


    Very cute! Love that. And, for the record, my son wasn’t potty trained until he was nearly 4. But then, when *he* decided *he* wanted to “go potty in the potty” he did it overnight. SO there’s something to be said for late, right? It was effortless on my part, anyway.

    ~Angela :-)

  2. 4


    So many cute bows…makes me want to wear them! Might get a few odd looks, though. Heh. Guess I'll stick to picking some out for my niece. :0) I'd choose:

    Princess Bow #66 with a Disney center
    Tinkerbell Mum #45
    Red & Yellow Korker pigtail pair (#51)
    A pair of Christmas Tree clippies (#67)

  3. 8


    None of my boys were trained before age three. My daughter trained herself at 21 months. Stubborn girl!

    I don’t have any more small ones myself, but the Gingerbread bracelet would be PERFECT for my son’s girlfriend’s little sister. (She’s just turned four and so sweet! Has my son wrapped around her finger!) I don’t think she wears bows.

  4. 10


    Hi Kirsty

    I like the headbands and the clippies, but what matters most is that a little girl in a family that will not be having christmas without help would love them!

    I hope that I am the lucky one that wins because these would go directly to that little girl!

    Thanks for the chance.

  5. 12


    Just so you know, my son didn’t potty train until a week before his 3rd birthday. I think I would have passed out if he was potty trained at 19 months!

    Anyway, I love all of those beautiful bows! I would definitely buy several for my sweet princess. My nieces would love to have some of those cute cute cute bracelets as Christmas gifts, too!

  6. 13

    Anonymous says

    Potty training is such a personal journey. Both of my children were different but were highly motivated by the promise of the big kids pants of their choice.

    The bows are so cute! Since my daughter has on occasion wore a headband and a bow, I would chose the headband bow combo. The pigtail pair is also adorable.


  7. 14


    I love the Princess bows with the Disney center. My 2.5 year old is all over anything Disney Princess. These are great bows and the prices are awesome! I just wish my girl would leave bows in her hair.

  8. 18


    I diffently would have a hard time choosing because there are so many cute ones. I would have to look at my granddaughter’s clothes to see what colors she has the most of. I really like the grace style of bows. The Christmas tree is really cute too.

  9. 19

    Lesley says

    I found your site through Antique Mommy yesterday and I am loving it.

    I don’t have any girls nor are there any in my extended family. Darnit, I would just have to choose several of those cute bracelets. I really like the snowflakes. I’m like the other reader, once I got started, it would be hard to stop!

  10. 22


    My daughter turned 3 last week, and she is in th, its me final stages of potty training now. I found out with my first thats its easier to wait until they are ready and they do it themselves,and its less frustrating for me. I love your blog, it makes me smile! Also-I love that I know another kristen with an -en not -in!

  11. 25


    19 months. Thats nothing I toilet trained my baby at 8 weeks and she could burb herself warm up her own bottles and find the remote. Im working on her painting the living room next

  12. 28


    Clippies, and headbands b/c I have the girls who can’t seem to grow hair. What a cute shop thanks for letting me know about her.

    And just to encourage you…I have 4 out of 5 potty trianed and all of them were older than 3 when I even started to try. And in my opinion, which is just that… an opinion…it happens a lot faster and it’s easier if they are a little older.

  13. 29

    Anonymous says

    I LOVE your website! Found it through Heart Reflections and I check almost every day! You are such a funny, down to earth person. This business of mothering is tough stuff!! If we can't lift each other up, who can we count on? And potty training? NIGHTMARE! That gal was right, it is a personal journey – I think I had to join a 12 step program during potty training – surrendering my power over to the little #&%@. Love the bows! Alas, I just have boys. :) Keep up the awesome blog!!!

  14. 31


    Every Sunday I realize I don’t have just a plain white bow for my daughter. I need the grace style bow in white. She’ll look so much more put together on Sundays, between the graham cracker crumbs and mis-matched socks.

  15. 33


    cute stuff… all of it! i would use the giftcard to buy one of each of the bracelets, the christmas tree bow… LOVE that! and if there was any money left over i would just buy as many bows as possible. all of them are just so cute!

  16. 35


    I would get an assortment of different bow styles, as they are ALL so cute!! I have two girls, and I am bow challenged…

    …and don’t feel bad about the potty chair. I think my kid is afraid of hers now!

  17. 36


    As far as the potty training, I have three children and they all told me when they were ready, so I would say don’t make yourself crazy (at least not over this issue).

    I went to her site and loved the snow flake and gingerbread braclets – would love to send them to momma’s that are serving in our armed forces. And my daughter loved the pink and white headband.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. 37


    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the moolah to get some bows and headbands for my girly girl!

    Definitely would get:
    Christmas Tree Bows
    Pink and white headband
    Tinkerbell bow

    And a ton of other things that are absolutely adorable!

    And for if I don’t win, thanks for the 20% off coupon – I’ll be shopping her site sometime next week with somebody’s money :-)

  19. 41


    Ahh, the joys of potty training. I don’t even try with boys until they’re 3 years old. No need to include me in the contest I’ll keep bribing my nieces to love me with candy and save the odds for someone with girls.

    Enjoyed your blog.

  20. 44


    I love the woven headband and the Ella style bow. I think I’ll be shopping there whether I win or not – cute stuff AND 20% off:)

    Potty training is at the top of my (long) list of parenting failures. I NEVER want to go through that again. Godspeed my friend.

  21. 45


    Ok. I have no clue exactly what I would get. I do know that I would start with headbands. My 3 year old todl me yesterday that she was wnating more headbands. I would then take a picture of her Christmas dress and email to the lady and have her make something to match. I would love to win!!

  22. 49


    Korker bows! LOTS of them! My daughter’s hair is just long enough to pull into a tiny ponytail on top of her head—and her hair just sticks straight up. Some adorable korker bows would do just the trick for getting her hair out of her face. Oh my gosh, I’ve become my mother–“Pull your hair out of your face!” Thanks. :)

  23. 51


    Where do I even start? I need some of those tiny newborn clippies for my 9 month olds hair, its so fine and there is so little, I’d like to try those! And then some bows, and more bows…and a snowman bracelet…She sure has cute stuff!

  24. 53


    I would have to pick the headbands. Me 5 yr old daughter loves headbands and I like bows. But she has really really cute ones we could agree on :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  25. 54

    Anonymous says

    I love them all! But I especially like the korker bows and layered bows. I could go crazy buying for my twin girls!

    Shanna H.

  26. 59


    I love bows to death, but I’ve been longing for a tutu for my little girls. I would send in my own few bucks to make up the difference for the tutu! Thanks for the great giveaway, and don’t worry; your little one will potty train herself when she’s ready.

  27. 61


    I love this site! I would have to put the money towards the tutu’s though. They are adorable! Custom made for her and her doll, that is just too wonderful for words! I wish I was still little!!! Otherwise, I love the Madison and Grace bows and the holiday bows are darling!

  28. 63


    Okay, first of all, if I won the $25 I would probably spend twice that on bows at this store! Does that give me a better chance???? :) I would absolutely have to get the princess bow and also the Christmas tree bows and at least a couple of sets of korker bows and I saw a layered bow that I really liked, but I can’t remember the name of it and I could go on, but I think that’s at least $25 worth!

  29. 65


    I love, love, love korker bows on pigtails, and they look especially adorable in my little one’s hair, so I would definitely buy some of those!

  30. 67


    My little Princess is not so much into the bows anymore but she would love those bracelets….I really love the green/silver one as well as the snowman and red/green one.

    So cute!

  31. 68


    Oh my word! I can’t choose!! Either bows for my prissy littly Cara who wants matching bows for every outfit or a bracelet for Sienna.

    Thanks for hosting a cool giveaway!

  32. 69


    I have 5 kids and each one potty-trained earlier than the last-until my youngest. My 2nd youngest was about 19 mos when *she* showed signs of wanting to potty train and people told me she was too young-she did it though. I went at her pace. My youngest, though, was almost 3-and I felt smug thinking it would only get easier with each child-lol! Perhaps it wasn’t the mom who had the talent, but the child 😉

  33. 71

    Heather says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I LOVE bows in little girl hair. My “little girl” is almost 13, but I have a 3 yo niece and a 3 month old niece who would love some hair adornment! I LOVE the Olivia style bow, b/c that’s what my daughter always wore. And my littlest niece needs some clippies!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    And the potty training? I started my oldest, a girl, at 19 mos and it was fairly easy. My boys, on the other hand, were not so much. My oldest son had to be MADE to do it, well past his 3rd bday, and my youngest just got potty trained right before his 3rd. Kids are so DIFFERENT! I wish you the best when the time is right.

    triplett.heather at gmail dot com

  34. 72


    All of this is beautiful but I’d have to pick the ladybug bow because I love red and the Elmo bow because that was one of my daughter’s first words and she adores ELMO!

  35. 75


    I would get Christmas Bows…I have a little boy, but I love that tree bow. I have 12 neice and nephews to buy for. I would have to say that you can never have too many CHRISTmas treasures!!!!

  36. 79


    Bows, clippies, headbands…they are all so cute. I would have a hard time choosing, but I’m sure if I was forced to, I’m positive I could figure it out!

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