It’s Hard Work Being Me

Today, I thought I’d be productive.

But this is why I don’t touch up my scuffed, smudged, lived-in walls very often.
I know my living room paint has the word sand in it.
I found these four cans in my garage:

*sandy tan
Which is exactly why, I’d like to bury my head in the sand.


  1. 1


    Um, you have a thing for sand apparently.

    Okay- here is my inner Martha coming out. When you paint a room. Save the stir stick (wooden thing they give for free) and write on it which room, name of paint and brand. I then drill a hole at the top and keep them all on a key ring. Voila! An instant record of my colors.

    I am scary huh?

  2. 3



    Ok, here’s my advice. Open them each, label the end of four wooden stir sticks with the names, paint the ends of each. Let it dry, compare the colors with your living room walls, use the one that matches. 😉

    Funny though – think you’ve got a preference for sandy neutral colors? 😛

  3. 4


    I keep the paint sample cards from the store on my refrigerator. If I had very similar colors, I’d probably write the room name on the corresponding paint card.

  4. 5


    ours is blue… i did not keep paint sticks or paint card for any room but i do have 4 rooms four very close shades of blue and will one day be wanting to stick my head under water.

  5. 9


    Ohh this is a tough one!! I know that just recently – after we paint a room (and usually have 1/3 of a can left) we dump it into an old spaghetti jar, write the name of the room on it, and seal it up.

    Otherwise, we seem to have the problem of the paint can getting rusty and ruining the paint. Maybe that’s just what we’re doing wrong.

  6. 10


    Or, you could mix all the cans together and repaint the whole room. Just touching up the room here and there never works at my house… the newish spots make everything else look dingy. 😀

  7. 11


    I feel your pain. I had the repair guy touch up ours & it turns out that there are 3 companies that carry the same color, but they are all different. It took until try 3 to find the right one. At least now I have the right color in my garage.

    Oh, thank you again for the gift certificate. I got some great crafts today.

  8. 14


    I’m with Marcy, great idea… Orrrr why dont you paint a streak of each color on your wall and then paint over the ones that it isnt?!… Just a thought. :) LA

  9. 15


    Ok- Um, I use a sharpie and write LIVING ROOM on the can. OR FAMILY ROOM. I guess you do have to figure out which is which first though…sand, sand, sand or sand :-) That is funny all are of the sand variety. All mine have TAN in the name- like tripoli tan, weathered tan… sounds like were a bunch of neutrals!

  10. 16


    I write the rooms on the can lids… but my vote is for a NEW color!!! LOL! How about… green? Or red? Maybe even a pretty plum!

  11. 17


    After you paint a room, write the name of the paint and brand on the inside of the light switch cover (the side n o one ever sees). Then when you need to know the name, just unscrew the cover, turn it over & voila! the name of that room's paint color. Then you don't have to keep up with the paint mixing sticks.

  12. 22


    I love the “sand” colors. I am getting ready to repaint my house. We have lived here a year, it is all grey, and I am ready for something new. Just happens I am married to a “retired” firefighter who is also a carpenter. So painting is one of his things. We will scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and paint the house..I haven’t told him yet, but I think this will be my BEFORE Thanksgiving project. Yes, we need a project! Thanks for inspiring me!!! and I can take pictures to stay in practice with my camera!

  13. 23


    Very funny… good luck sorting through the sand!!

    I could probably use the same excuse why the walls are so scuffed from my four little ones, but I haven’t even tried to find the right color of touch up paint in the garage!!

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    freefun0616 says

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