Say It With Letters-Giveaway!

*UPDATED* Congratulations to Suburb Sanity!  You won.  Check you inbox for an email!! Now, the rest of you, go buy what you said you wanted and come back on Saturday for a DIY giveaway (featuring another fabulous Mom Store).

I enjoy finding new ways to do old things.

And then I love sharing them with you.
A fabulous place of discovery is Etsy. It’s been fun introducing you to new Mom stores this holiday season. I think it only makes our online community stronger. 
I am so happy to tell you about today’s store: Say it with letters.
The name alone interests me. 
Because y’all, I’m fond of the alphabet.

Just looking around this custom cut letters and shapes shop makes me want to get my crafty on. In a serious way.
And since I have a fierce craving for a glitter garland, I’ve got to show you this. And this. 
Now, if that doesn’t bring out your inner craft goddess, I don’t know what will!
Here’s inspiration from the creator, Deb (these are images from her blog):
jolene+noel by sayitwithlettersJA-house1 by sayitwithletters
kory+ornaments+full by sayitwithletterswreath+heathernichols by sayitwithletterskory+cupcake by sayitwithletters

Go and visit this great store. Come back and tell me what you would get with the $25 DOLLAR gift certificate Say It With Letters is giving away right now!  The random winner will be announced on Thursday at noon.
For more great tips, visit Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. 7


    I’d probably get loads of the vintage German glass glitter, maybe a couple unfinished fancy schmancy letter, and some of that GORGEOUS ribbon! Have you seen that stuff? It’s so pretty!

    veggie1 at gmail dot com

  2. 8


    I totally love Etsy and all of the kits you have on your post are making my fingers itch. I get that way about this time of the year when I see all the cute things I could’ve made for Christmas if I hadn’t lollygogged around the whole year. I always wait too late!! But, that’s all part of the Christmas Crazies that I suffer from every year. I have way more Christmas decoration crap than anybody, but I still want more!!

  3. 12


    I LOVE the Happily Ever After house kit. I could never scrapbook because it’s a never ending project, but this is a fun scrapbook type thingie that can be completed! CUTE

  4. 14


    I LOVE the glass glitter!
    would be super cute to have “YUM” in the kitchen :)

    my husband is NOT thanking you right now… I love everything in that store!

  5. 26


    I was just looking for a letter S for our family monogram to hang in our new house. These are so much cuter than any of the others I have seen. I love the cross too.

    Thanks for the new store shout out!

  6. 28


    Gosh, everything looks great! I want a ladybug and a set of those girly dresses for my daughter’s room and a monogram for me and a coffee cup for my kitchen and…the list goes on. This is a GREAT etsy store!

  7. 33


    oooooh it is all very cute and I would have a hard time picking something but without pondering it all day I love the FRESH CUTS Bracket Album Kit. Thanks!

  8. 34


    I would probably order the “Funky Chunky” Letters to spell my daughter’s name Leah. They would be so cute in her room which we just re-did in pink and green.

  9. 38


    Considering that I just ordered $40 worth of wood this just this minute- I would love to get some Christmas-y items- maybe the “JOY” letters?… So cute!!

  10. 40


    I went and looked at every stinkin thing on that sight and I am now sufficiently overwhelmed!

    I keep coming back to the bauble ornaments but if I won them, I’d have to pay someone to decorate them just the way they look in the picture. They’re so retro looking!

  11. 41

    Anonymous says

    I love the little girl dresses and the words. Maybe the word coffee would have to be my choice. Thanks for the give-away.

    grillem (at) hotmail (dot) com

  12. 42


    I was struggling to decide on the one thing I liked the best when I came across the dinosaur unfinished 8 inch shape. There is no doubt this would be my choice. My daughter is using a baby dinosaur theme in her nursery and these shapes are exactly what she has been looking for to complete the nursery.

  13. 47


    Okay, I must be honest…the whole do it yourself thing is so beyond me this year that I totally should NOT be in the running for this very sweet giveaway! However, I do want to let you know that for reasons such as this very blog, I left you an award over at my place. Go check it out in between all your wnoderful projsects. I kind of have a feeling you may have received it before, if so, kindly disregard.

  14. 48


    I have trouble picturing finished products from it’s parts…I wish they’d had more finished projects to get a better idea. I loved the cupcake memo board that you posted here. If I were to win, I’d imagine I’d pick my 12 year old daughters name letters in shades of Blue with lots of glitz.

  15. 49


    I like the letters that say Joy 16 inches. I wouldn’t really know how make them look nice, I am thinking of buying some from Michaels and just painting them and putting them on my mantle this Christmas.

    If I had money this week I would have done some serious buying this morning at the site.

  16. 51


    Wow… awesome ideas. I love to do artsy crafty things so this is right up my alley. I'm considering starting an Etsy shop some day myself.

    I had a hard time choosing, so many great ideas. I love the letters the most though. My son already has his name in his room, so I'd have to go with the word Family to go next to the pictures in dining room, or Dream for my bedroom. Of course I'd have to paint them & maybe dress them up a bit!

  17. 55


    hi kristen!
    this store is awesome!
    i would probably get the wassail joy Christmas letter kit. it’s pretty and i can do it myself. thanks for the chance to win!


  18. 57


    everything there is so cute… how do you find all the cute stores on etsy without spending hours on the computer? or do you?!?! ha

    i especially like all the christmas words: JOY, NOEL since its that season.

    i hope i win… i need some new christmas decorations!!! :)

  19. 63


    Such cute stuff! I first thing I saw that really caught my attention was the word "Play". I think it'd be so cute all done with pink & purple to put in my daughter's new bedroom.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. 67


    I have this entirely empty wall behind our dining room table that is just screaming for one of those letters…. either 5 or Eat or Noel or Snow…. many, many great things to choose from!

  21. 69


    I would get the Lovely Loveland Scenic Route 12×12 Product Kit for the scrapbooking diva in me…
    Monogram letters with my daughter’s name.

    Fun site!

  22. 70


    I would get a happy family bracket mini album kit and finish it for myself for Christmas, wrap it and put it under the tree. Open it Christmas morning and say oh, you guys shouldn’t have, sit back and enjoy the looks my family exchange with one another because each one knows that didn’t get me anything. I love playing with their heads!

  23. 76


    Because I need help in the craft department, I’d have to go with a kit. I need all the supplies ahead of time. My favorite is the Melissa Frances Wooden Spool Wreath KIT!

  24. 78

    Jen says

    You are right! It does give you the crafty bug! I like the 8″ PLAY letters. I’d love to pretty them up and hang in our playroom!


  25. 85


    I would get FAMILY. And hang it above my sign “If it ain’t broke… it will be by the time we finish playing with it!” (I just made that sign up, want to buy one?)

  26. 88

    Tisha says

    I so love your blog. I also love all things ETSY and love the wooden spool wreath. It’s all about resuing and its cute to boot!!

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