Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You: My Hand on a Stranger’s Leg

My weekly carnival is here!  Thanks for joining Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You!

Feel free to link up photos that you won’t get around to scrap booking! Also, please note:  We will be putting the ‘Fro on hold the week of Thanksgiving.
Now, down to business.
A letter I have been putting off for too long:
Dear Mr. Lego Man,
I ran across this picture the other day and I felt a pang of guilt. I should have apologized years ago for my inappropriate behavior. Time has not eased my seared conscience. And I’d like to make things right.
I am sorry for sliding my hand to your inner thigh when my daughter and I stopped for a quick rest on the bench. After such an exhausting day at Disney World, I was obviously not thinking clearly and  I have regretted my impulsive action for a long time.
Please forgive me.
Mr. Linky is having a BAD day again, so leave your links in the comments if it’s not working for you! He disappeared with your links overnight!  Sorry, y’all. 


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    LOL! You are being a tad intimate with Mr. Lego there! And it looks like he’s disabled with a missing leg. What must your husband think? 😉

  2. 2


    This made me laugh…when I was the the Gaylord Grapevine in Dallas this fall, they had this man who was dressed to look like a statue of a cowboy sitting on a bench… he really looked like a statue. And I sat down next to him for a picture and was so close to putting my arm around him when I realized he wasn’t a statue, but a breathing human being…. way too close!

  3. 3


    Ohhhh, this is just too funny! We are overdue for a trip to Disney and I just informed the hubby we will be going back in ’09. My son, aka Lego Man, is ready to return to his favorite store in the WORLD!

  4. 22


    In front of your daughter??? Hmmmm!

    (I have one of those, maybe it will make it to the carnival someday. Although I was single and childless at the time.)

    Thanks for the fun!

  5. 24


    Thanks for all the weekly laughs! I had to join in this week because my best friend, Jenny in Utah, posted high school dance pictures and I’m *in* one of them (I’m not saying which one) so I felt compelled to return the, er…favor.


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