This is Enough To Make a Grown Woman Weep

My sweet hubby spent his Sunday afternoon installing this:
{a kitty pet door into the garage}

My excellent sense of smell is a gift. But it has failed me with the second cat.  And my hubby understands my deep-seeded olfactory needs, although I’m hoping this doesn’t count as my birthday present.

Alice has run away twice this month. She’s an inside cat, but escapes every chance she gets.
I cannot imagine why (although there are days I want to join her….)
And Ike has fallen off the 15 foot ledge in our entryway twice in the last two weeks. He’s down to 7 lives and is sporting a limp. 
So, we’ve got a runaway and one on suicide watch. Oh, and the litter box in the garage is working out for one of them.
So, our house smells a lot better. 
The garage? Not so much.


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    Very nice of him. My hubby’s getting me a dumpster–rented for a weekend now that soccer season is over. With the price of that baby, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was my birthday present.

    I’m guessing you’re staying out of the garage these days. Eeek!

  2. 8


    I want one of those, but I am so afraid that our neighbors cats would use it too along with the raccoons that come to visit every night. I am afraid I would wake up one night to one big animal party going on in my kitchen!

  3. 9


    We had a kitty door at one of our houses. Loved it. But the cats brought birds, mice and rabbits thru it. Yours should work well if it just goes in/out the garage. The things we do for our kitties. :)

  4. 10


    My sentiments..I really don’t do well with anything inside something up my house..just ask the kids..they are restricted to outside until it’s dark-thirty!

    o’I kid..although it would be nice to install a kid entry..tee hee

  5. 12


    Uh…we put in a small doggie door two weeks ago and the Demon Dog just figured it out in the last day or two. Seriously, we had to push her in and out of it about ten thousand times! Now, we put her outside and…two seconds later…taa daaa…here’s Lucy. We keep forgetting to close the laundry room door when we would rather she stay out for a while. She just keeps making circles.

  6. 20


    We have a black cat that loves to get out every chance he can…too.
    I just worry he will get in a fight or get lost. Love your new kitty door.

  7. 22


    I am so with you. We just did the exact same thing this past weekend. I had HAD IT with the cats, we have no laundry room, so litter boxes were in bedrooms, litter was tracked constantly on my hardwood floors, and I have a BIONIC nose. It was down to move the litter boxes to the garage or get rid of the cats. Since I couldn’t break my sons’ hearts, we’re trying litter box in the garage and hoping it works.

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