An Update on The Persecuted Church

Persecuted Church:

Can I just say I am honored to be a part of these people’s lives?
I mean out of all the people in the world, why us?
I’m amazed God allowed our paths to cross.
And our lives to intertwine.
I am awestruck.
Last night, two dozen people I love, joined with me in blessing this family. We ate and laughed and offered gifts of love (bed sheets, a trash can, stockings for their mantle…just to name a few) to these refugees from The Persecuted Church. 

Our friends.

Igor shared about his recent trip to the Russian block of countries. The Sport’s Conferences he held were very successful. He traveled to Khazakstan which borders his home country and he met with people from the Underground Church. They were so thankful to receive the duffle bags we sent.
I wanted to weep when he told about their two brief days together. They all had to sneak across dangerous borders to meet him. He saw his parents for the first time in two years! He said they were all so eager to fellowship together and pray for one another, they didn’t  even take the time to sleep during the 48 hours.
Amazing, huh?
I thought my heart would explode when he told of the 100,000 orphans in The Ukraine alone that they held outreaches for and then introduced us to a Ukraine Pastor who traveled back with him. This Pastor has seven children, three who were orphans. 
His name is Serge and he handed me a picture of his beautiful family. He asked us to put the picture on our fridge and pray for them.

The holidays are coming and our economy is unstable.  These are difficult times for so many. And yet, I was reminded again today how much I have and how much I can still give.  
If you would like to help, please click below. (So, many have you already donated and sent gift cards and gifts. Thank you).

Please keep us in your thoughts on December 1st.  Our local Chick Fil A is hosting a Benefit Day and 20% of their proceeds will go towards this family and their ministry.  
I’m praying a lot of people will get The Chicken Craving that day.
I plan to consume a lot of sweet tea.
It’s the least I can d


  1. 1


    I really enjoyed last night! They are such precious people! What a blessing to be able to be in their lives and be a part of all they are doing.

  2. 3


    Thank you for posting about last night – as you know, I was hoping you would! It was especially nice to see pictures of them – to have faces in mind when I pray now.


  3. 7


    Oh what a night!!! Looks like it was a great success. You are right, it was no accident for you to come into their lives, it was all a part of God’s plan…are you lucky! Aren’t you blessed? And they are so blessed to have you, a blogger with many contacts to be a part of their lives. Pretty cool huh?

  4. 10


    A friend of mine recently did a Chick Fil A fundraiser and the owner allowed her group to give people stickers as they came in the door. They were able to get credit for almost everyone who ate there that night. I might be worth it to ask if that is a possibility.

    I’ll be praying for you and the cause. I hope that your fundraiser is a great success!

  5. 13


    I just read all of the posts about this family and can’t stop crying. Thank you for what you’re doing and for taking the time to post about it. I can’t even find words to describe what God is doing in my heart….

  6. 14


    I think that if every Christian here in the US would get to know and “sponsor” someone from another country in Christianity, Jesus would come next week! Thank you so much for the stories and for taking it further than just “Hi neighbors”. Your journey is inspiring and motivating for all of us.

  7. 19


    Thanks for keeping us updated on the family. We keep them in our prayers here in N Ireland – isn’t the internet a wonderful thing!

    Although things are tougher for everyone these days, it is a humbling reminder how much we really have, and how giving can be so much better than receiving.

  8. 21


    Loved you’re blog about your special friends. I know that it is dangerous to post info about some underground churches. Just a word. Praying for the families.

  9. 23


    I stumbled onto your blog and have just spent the last several minutes reading your story of Igor and Katerina. It pulled on my heartstrings and blessed me so much! In 1999 I was able to spend a few months in Central Asia on a short-term missions trip, so their home country and their story is close to my heart. Good for you for allowing God to convict you and use you to bless this family!!

  10. 24


    Thanks for sharing. This reminds me of some friends we had about 12 years ago. They were full-time missionaries in the Ukraine. I’ll have to see if I can look them up on the net.

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