What I’m Getting My KIds for Christmas *GIVEAWAY!

*UPDATED TO ADD* Congrats to Everyday Mom on winning $25 in books! Email me! If you didn’t win, please feel free to shop at Usborne books on my sidebar!

Something wonderful has happened in my home.

Something I’ve wanted for a long time.
My kids have fallen in love with reading.
And books are at the top of their Christmas wish list.
(This is one of my favorite gifts to give and better than any toy!)
My daughter wants adventure novels. My son wants chapter books about pirates. 
As a matter of fact, they both sold their well-loved Leapster’s on eBay and used the money to buy books. Because they couldn’t wait until Christmas. And because their poop business didn’t pan out.
I know. Prayers are heard, y’all. Especially since that first grader of mine whined and complained about reading only months ago! (And because I was never a fan of the poop idea).
So, you can imagine my excitement when Tressa of Usborne Books (my first sidebar sponsor!) offered one of my reader’s $25 in books today! 
This is what I’m getting for my kids:  My son would love this set. My 3rd great would think this is cool! And I’m going to throw this one in for my toddler. Because I’m thinking we need all the help we can get!
And so, now it’s your turn!  Go and visit this great online book store. There’s great curriculum and activity kits too. Come back here and leave a comment about what you’d choose and Mr. Random Number Generator will choose a winner by Thursday at noon.
This is the beginning of many wonderful giveaways from creative, working moms. I have awesome giveaways planned from now until the week before Christmas, so stay tuned!
Check out Works for Me Wednesday for this week’s special Kid’s Christmas Toy Edition!


  1. 6


    My son would love anything Pirates and anything with stickers! Lots of great stuff! We have used Usborne for several years in our homeschooling curriculum.

  2. 7


    I recently purchased 3 Usborne books, our favorite being the On The Moon book. I would also like to have: Little Red Riding Hood, That’s Not My Train, Train Book (but it is out of stock) and Trains. Can you tell what my son likes?

    Thanks for the chance!

  3. 13


    I think the baby would like That’s Not MY Dinosaur, my 5yo would like the animal stencil book, and my 11yo would like the oragami pack! They have some great stuff at usborne!!

  4. 14

    Nicole says

    I’m thinking “That’s Not my Train” would be a hit here in our house.

    Santa brings lots and lots of books to our house.


    ndisilvio at gmail dot com

  5. 16


    Oooh. This is tough. I have kids at all different levels and with different interests. I think the 5″50 Brain Games” book for one of my sons. The Trucks or Tractors book for my two youngest boys and the Sticker Fairies for my daughter.

    What a great giveaway! Thank you for offering this!

  6. 18


    My son would love Victorian Horror Stories. I saw Stories from Shakespeare at a book show this summer and wanted to get it for the kids soooooo bad.

    Oh, and just so you know, I’m throwing a fit of jealousy that your kids like to read – lol.

  7. 20


    Hard to choose! I do like the book called Baby Sister Look and Say. Would be great for my little girl! Thanks for the giveaway!

    cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. 21


    I love reading to my 2 year old daughter. There are so many great books to choose from! I really like the “First Picture Word Book”, and since we are working on potty training in our home, “Potty Time.”

  9. 22


    We are big on making things here at the moment so ’50 things to do and make’ looks brilliant as well as the ‘Art Projects’ Book. Great store – lots to choose from!

  10. 23


    We too are giving books from Christmas, a great deal of our weight problem when we move from one country to another stems from my reading addiction. Books are heavy! Oh well!

    As for the give away I think The Castles book, ’cause we live a short drive from one of the densest concentrations of castles in the world and you just know the kids are going to get dragged to see a LOT of castles. they might as well know something about what they are looking at!

  11. 24


    I love the Touchy-Feely Board Books. That’s Not My Monkey is out of stock :( but my DS would love That’s Not My Tractor, too, I’m sure!

  12. 27

    Tracy in NC says

    Ooohh! I’d love to have the Internet Linked Astronomy book. The one in the Discovery Nature series. I think a certain 9 year old in my house just might faint if this arrived at our home.
    Thanks for the chance to make him faint!
    Tracy in NC

  13. 28


    My son has a severe hearing loss bilaterally, and one of the things that the “experts” tell me is that HI kids tend to fall behind in reading and vocab. I want to make sure that doesn’t happen!

    So I’d choose one of the beginning reading books for pre-k/kindergarten kids. Probably the camping out book. He would love that. And it would hopefully expose him to some new words and experiences.

  14. 30


    You are so lucky your kids love reading that much!!

    I would pick the Dinosaur Excavation Kid Kit and the Animal Noises board book for my little one.

  15. 37


    The Book of Bible Stories looks great, but I’m also tempted by the fairy sticker books for my daughter and the At The Zoo books for my son. So many decisions…

  16. 38


    The animal board book set is my choice for my almost 2 yo. Because it is so darn cute when she makes those animal noises…

    Thanks for the chance!

  17. 39


    My boys would LOVE the art packs, the Pirate & dinosaur books! They are really diggin' the Bible Stories lately (woohoo!) so that would also be great. Thanks!

  18. 40


    My daughter is just beginning to read, so the First Reading Level sets would be wonderful. Especially the princess, but it said “Out of print” :(

  19. 41


    I LOVE Usborne books! We have many of them in our home and my list is always quite long. My son would really enjoy that pirate set. The touch and feel books for my toddler are great.

  20. 42


    My kids have always loved the Puzzle Adventures, but sadly, it looks like they are out-of-print or discontinued. I would definitely choose the Big Book of Picture Puzzles for my kids. We can’t get enough of these kinds of books.

    michelle at northofthe49 dot com

  21. 43


    What a great giveaway. It’s always wonderful when kids enjoy reading- my son just discovered a love for it as well.

    I would probably choose Baby’s 1st set for my 9 month old, because my older son already has a book shelf full of books to read.

  22. 44


    oooo…any and ALL of the THAT’s NOT MY series for my four year old. She is too full of energy and has no interest in sitting down to hear a story- but these books she loves (we have borrowed a couple from the library in the past). And mostly anything for my 6 yo- she LOVES books- can’t read enough, fast enough.

  23. 49


    What a great give away. My son would love the books on King Arthur and the ocean book.
    My daughter is learning spanish..so I would get some childrens spanish books for her to read.
    I love usborne! their books are timeless. I still have some from my older kids that we pull off the shelf from time to time.

  24. 50


    I would pick Astronomy books for my three! We recently watched a four hour History channel DVD on the Space Race and they are HOOKED on space right now! They can not get enough books to read!

  25. 51


    My kids love Usborne books. As they've gotten older, it's become more difficult to find things for them – that we don't already have! If chosen I'd pick Survival Skills & How to Draw Horses Kid Kit.

  26. 53


    Too many books to pick, but I might start with the Bible Stories Jigsaw Puzzle Book. A teacher friend of mine told us about a student who had read Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. She told him there was a sequel. He went to check it out from the school library, but they wouldn't let him because it was above his current reading level. My friend thought that was really sad. She helped him get a copy; he did struggle to get through it but he was comprehending the story & he DID get through it even though it was above his current level. Don't you think that increased his confidence & love for reading? That's got me thinking about my 3yo. I think he might benefit from stories that are a little above his level. We shouldn't limit our children.

  27. 56

    TinaH says

    Their art books are spectacular…I would definitely get more of those. That includes their learning to draw sets. Activity packs would be great…although the kits intrigue me too…like the horse/pony one…or the calligraphy one for my oldest daughter….so great!


  28. 59


    My three are so in love with the zoo, so “100 Animals to Spot at the Zoo” would be fitting. Our latest visit to a fall festival at at farm caused some drama when it came time to leave, so I’m sure my son would also love “Farm Fun”, had I only been better prepared that day… My youngest would be delighted with “First Numbers”, she can identify letters and numbers on the spot, so she needs a bit of a challenge. Great give-a-way! Thank you for the opportunity!

  29. 60


    i would use the $25 towards the “adventures of the human body ps/le set”. i LOVE anatomy and physiology and this would be a great way to get my kids interested.

    thanks for the chance to win!


    katenowakistan at gmail dot com

  30. 62

    Stacia says

    Fantastic books! I would probably choose some Sandy Stables horse books for my almost 9 year old who loves to read and loves horses! Thanks for the chance!

    langston6 at juno.com

  31. 63


    I really love the Baby’s First Set of Books. Our 1 yr old got a beautiful bookshelf for her birthday from her grandparents and I can’t wait for it to be as full as our older daughter’s. We are a book lovin family!

  32. 64


    1001 Things to Spot In The Sea b/c my 7 yr old is really into Fish & all sea creatures right now. In fact he spent some of his vacation money on a college-level book on fish + fish classification this week.

  33. 65

    Anonymous says

    What a great giveaway and a lot of books I haven’t seen.

    We love the Pocket Science books.


    vintagemorning {AT} GMAIL DOT COM

  34. 66


    My son is extremely interested in explorers, science and history right now. I think he would love the Explorers book and we could definitely use the 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery. The other item I liked was Learning Wrap-ups – Division. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. 69


    The Adventures of Knighthood, The box of Fairys, and the Art kit would all be a big hit amongst my three children. My youngest and oldest love to read, and my middle child likes to draw. He does not like to read at all, but as he tells me “I CAN read, Mom – I just DON’T read anything extra outside of school.” He can draw/create/build though like nobody’s business

  36. 74


    Alrighty, If I win, I’ll take the Drawing Animals Pack for my nephew and the Going Camping book for my grand preschooler.
    Very nice! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. 84


    I love books, and honestly I would have a hard time just picking out $25.0 dollars worth. I always get my grandkids books, rather than toys for all occasions. And they do seem to like them. I LOVE books, thanks for doing this give away.

  38. 87


    So many good choices! I like ‘I Can Cut and Stick’, ‘The New Baby’, ‘I Can Draw Animals’ and ‘The Hungry Donkey’.

    Books do make the best gifts! Thanks for the great post and giveaway.

  39. 88


    My daughters have picked up my deep love for reading, and I am thrilled.

    I would definitely get them some adventure books. Fairy princess and the world and dinosaurs. They are interested in those things. And then I would pick up a book about animal homes and the ones about going to school and frog on a log. And definitely the one about going to the dentist for my little one who is afraid of the dentist. Oh, I just can’t choose!! I want them all, and I know my girls would too.

  40. 93


    I always give books as gifts to the children in the family so this would be an awesome giveaway to win. Although… I’d probably just spend it on my 14 month old who loves touchy feely books – Wooly Walks looks adorable and board books about animals so maybe the boxed animal set…

    My toy post is here:

  41. 97


    Oh so cool! I love books for my kiddos. If I had to pick, I think that I would pick Fairy Tales for my daughter, something about Spiderman or super hero’s for my middle son and for my youngest, anything to do with trains or trucks. I love Usborne!

  42. 98


    Hmmm, for my baby girl I would pick First Picture Fairytales. I think my 2nd grade son would like one of the Pirate books. Hope to win!

  43. 104


    I would pick the Tie a Bow Book, the Little Book of Christmas Cooking and the Christmas Story for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win :)!

    meddlingkidd [at] aol.com

  44. 108


    I would like the See Inside Your Body and Healthy Cooking books, they look really cool. I know they had a Star Wars one at one point too, that would be cool as well. How wonderful that she is offering such a nice prize!

  45. 111


    I love the books, too. I’d get the Illustrated Dictionary of Chemistry for my little science kid who always asks questions about this subject and I usually have to have him call my sister; I’d get the What Were Castles For for my second grader who is a little obsessed with the whole fortification thing; I’d get the First Book of the Recorder for my 4th grader who is taking recorder lessons at school!!! Come on Mr Random Number Generator……pick me!

  46. 118


    I would get any of the Easy Words to Read sets. My 5 year old loves books that she can read by herself “like a big kid.” Please, Mr. Random Number Generator, pick me!

  47. 119


    I have a bunch of Usborne books and love them! This time ’round I’d love (well, rather the kids would love) 1001 Things to Spot in Fairyland and 100 Things to Do on a Trip. Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. 122


    Adventures Around the World looks great for my son, who has recently gotten into geography. I also love their easy readers, they are challenging but sweet and interesting for new readers! thanks!

  49. 125


    Wow, they have a lot of great books! My kids love to read, so this would be a great gift for them! I’d probably pick Huckleberry Finn for my son, and one of the princess type books for my daughter (it’s hard to choose, there were so many good ones!)

  50. 126


    We love Usborne here too. I’m actually hosting an Usborne e-show on my blog right now if anyone’s interested. (http://readysetreadreviews.blogspot.com/2008/10/youre-invited.html)

    But not to take away from your post… If your son is so in to pirates I have to recommend the 1001 Pirate Things to Spot book from Usborne. My daughter got this one from the library a couple of months back, and it was really fun.

    I’d love to enter to win the $25 gift card, because I could do some early Christmas shopping with it. I’d probably get my 5 year old the Little Princess Treasury, and then get my 3 year old the Bible Stories Jigsaw Book.

    Thanks for the entry!


  51. 128


    With a toddler in my home who is always grabbing a book and in his precious way with words he will say “ead it” while climbing up in my lap for me to read to him I would have to choose from the Babies/Toddler section but the choice would not be easy … I want them ALL!

  52. 129


    For my oldest I would choose, 50 Science Things to Make and Do. For my daughter I would choose 50 Fairy Things to Make and Do. And for my youngest I would choose 50 Things to Draw and Paint. I would also consider the book on learning to play the guitar, since all of them would like to follow in their Daddy’s footsteps.

    I have very creative kiddos,who spend hours drawing and coloring, and creating. I like to fuel their passions.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

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