Because I’m Tired of Letting It All Hang Out

I got new jeans ($17.99 Ross)!

And they have a little bonus feature.  I mean, can you really put a price on hidden tummy panels?
That’s what I call value and too many Christmas cookies.
This comes in handy since I’m not really into New Year’s Resolutions.
But if I was, these pants would not be necessary.


  1. 4


    I was going to buy some of these one day in JCPenney’s. But guess what. All the sizes were 2 and 4. Can anyone please tell me what anyone who wears these sizes needs with tummy control??????

  2. 5


    I am not into resolutions either, but I am into finding a cure for my Dunlap disease. Ya know my belly has Dunlapped over my belt. I only hope I am strong enough for the cure. :(

  3. 10


    Lol, I SO have dunlap disease too then. Do they have any that suck in love handles?? Because all of my cookies just go straight to my love handles, and make my jeans fall down all the time. It’s SOOOOO annoying!!

  4. 17


    I wish hidden tummy control panels would work for me. Now I live in sweats because there is too much of me to contain within denim confines. Great find though and a great price!

  5. 19


    i’ve heard about jeans like this but never seen them in a store. now i’m wondering if they really do make you look slimmer??? i might need to go see if my ross has some!

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