A sweet friend of mine (Hi Jen!) sent me an email about a special little girl.

She is dying.
And she has a Christmas wish.
Her mother died three years ago of breast cancer. She spends her remaining days in bed being cared for by her grandmother. She has lost most of her motor skills and is unable to play with the gifts thoughtful people have sent her.
But there is something she wants. She loves receiving cards that her grandmother reads to her. She loves looking at the pictures people include in the cards.
Her room is decorated with dozens and dozens from church and school groups and people just like you.
Her dream is to receive as many cards as possible.
At the heart of Christmas, is goodwill.
Will you help me make this simple last wish of a dying child come true?
Here is her Caring Bridge Page to learn more about her.
Please mail cards to:
Hannah Garman
704 Orchard Rd
Lititz, PA 17543
{Don’t forget to enter my fun Christmas giveaway! It ends on Saturday at noon}


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    Do you know what? When I was at the post office earlier in the month, buying stamps for my cards going overseas, I felt prompted to buy another stamp for posting a card to USA. I didn’t know why then,as I had already written all my cards, but now I do :)

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