I Caught Santa {BIG Christmas GIVEAWAY!}

*Updated* Congrats to the following winners: I am not your mother , Bubba’s Sis, The Eck LifeFried Okra and There Must be More to Life than Laundry and Dishes!  Please email me and I’ll tell you what to do!
We believe in Santa around here.  
My nearly 9 year old has asked some pointed questions this year and while we haven’t directly misled her, we’ve told her to follow her heart.
She wants to believe.
And I think believing is good.
Look who came to our house a little early this year…..
Um, yes, that is SANTA sneaking around my house!
My hubby spotted a billboard on the way to work that read, “I Caught Santa!”
He told me about this great site that puts the seeing in the believing.
The good people at I Caught Santa want you to visit their site and imagine Santa in your living room.  FIVE people will randomly be chosen to receive a personalized photo of Santa in their house! You can read the details here.
It’s so realistic, I think it might be real.
That’s because I still believe.

Leave a comment, five winners will be announced on Saturday morning. You better get that photo of your living room ready ($17.95 value, expires Jan.5).


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    kristen, this is AWESOME! i haven’t been posting lately, but have been lurking on my favorite spots. i’m so glad i didn’t give that up during this busy time. i might have missed this chance.

    our oldest is 7 and starting to ask questions already. this is so cool! thanks for the chance to win this.


    katenowakistan at gmail dot com

  2. 10


    Now THIS is fun! My daddy used to dress up like Santa on Christmas Eve when I was very young, and we actually have some photos. Somewhere!

    My 9 year old is a FIRM believer; however, his little sister has asked just about one too many questions!

    I believe!

  3. 16


    This year our 7 year old is more excited than ever. I think she really wants to believe and Santa emailed us a couple days ago, so that was fun!

    This would be so fun to do and maybe it would provide a couple more years of magic :)

  4. 23


    This is a GREAT giveaway!

    We never taught our kids about Santa. BUt, my daughter met him and aksed for a doll and got one. SO he MUST be real. no matter what we tell her. he IS real. This would be so fun for her.

  5. 28


    Oh I still believe in Santa too. When I was of the age where I started to question, my father gently responded with “Well, if you stop believing in Santa, he will stop believing in you.” So every year I remind my father I still believe in Santa…I live 10 hours away from my family and somehow Santa still manages to leave me a little something every year. It’s magic and it’s fantastic. :)

  6. 32


    That is SO fun! OMG! I didn’t even know a service like this existed! My kids would FUH-REAK (that’s right…not just FREAK but FUH-REAK!) LOL!

  7. 39

    Trista says

    My 9 year old is on to me….she has older cousins that are putting ideas into her head that Santa isn’t real!!!! What?!! I really need this to keep the magic.

  8. 40


    I first saw one of these yesterday and thought that they are so cute. Isn’t it great what we can do today with photo editing tools? I’d make my own but then I’d need a picture of Santa.

  9. 44


    Oh my! My fifth graders were TORTURED by their classmates this year because they still believe. They WANT to believe so badly, but of course they’re questioning the whole thing daily. This is perfect!

  10. 45


    My 9yo daughter SO wants to believe. But her brother already doesn’t. And her little sister is listening intently to all the debate. I suspect the magic is almost over… Maybe the pic would extend it a little. :)

  11. 46


    This is too cool. Last year I waited til all the gits were under the tree and then I took a photo of our tree and then found a photo of santa and photoshopped santa looking in our front door

  12. 53


    What a priceless idea! I wish it had been available when my children were little. If I lived near my grandchildren I could do it for them, though!

  13. 78

    Elsie says

    I know a llittle girl whose eyes sparkle when she thinks of Santa, what a fun surprise to give her on Christmas morning!

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