The ICEcapades

During the holidays, we have a little family tradition.
It’s the day my kids wait for:  They love ice skating.
I can’t tell you why exactly.
It’s crowded. It’s soggy (it’s hard to keep ice frozen in the heart of Texas). It’s cold (in an effort to keep the ice, ice). It’s expensive. 
And it’s painful:

At the end of the day, we wrapped up our shivering, cranky children and assured them that were very good (!) skaters, just the best(!) and no, you hardly fell at all (!) We were forced to make our annual promise:

“YES, we will do it again next year.”
Which my son points out, “That’s tomorrow, ya know.”
Oh, yes. Another smart one. Great.

Happy New Year, Y’all.


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    Love the pictures! My oldest was laughing at how you all are bundled up for an indoor rink. When she skates at our indoor one, she only wears a light sweater…it’s the outdoor ones around here (capital region NYS) where we need to wear all those layers! Enjoy your time!

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    I refuse to try ice skating – my fear of falling and all. My hubby took our two oldest ice skating about 4 years ago and he fell so hard he now refuses to go. Our boys are deprived:)

  3. says

    you toddler looks like her shoulder may have been disconected LOL..
    I have a dd who is an awesome skater, competed many years.. I hate the cold!
    I enjoy skating, but am soo afraid of breaking these old bones KwIM?

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    Looks like SO much fun. The closest ice skating rink is about an hour away; therefore, the kiddos have never been. I guess I am depriving them somehow. :-)

    Happy New Year!

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    When we lived in Alaska both of the kids took ice skating lessons. We bought my daughter the “real McCoy” figure skates even though she was four. They are now part of our Christmas decorations and hang off our banister each year. They are so small, and so cute! We’ve been in WA for 5 years and are pretty much over anything that has to do with snow. Give me Texas heat any day!

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    I’ve been wanting to take our circus act to the ice… we have promised our kids this year we will do it. Didn’t get to it over the holidays but hope to hit the ice this January. Looks like a good time was had by all!

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    You are so much braver than I am…no ice skating for this Texas family. I don’t even know how far we’d have to go to find a rink – Houston or Dallas I’m thinking. (which are 3 or 4 hours away)

  8. says

    I can’t tell you how therapeutic for me it is to find a community of moms who do everything they can to NOT ice skate.

    I just thought I was a bad mom.

    But I agree with so many of you:
    Cold. Pain. Embarrassment. 1 hour away. Where is the fun in that?

  9. says

    The big question is – how sore do YOU feel after a strenuous day of ice skating – what a workout that is!

    Your kids look so cute out there!
    Happy New Year!

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