My New Office Space

I have new office  space {not that I had an old office}.

I’ve moved all my veryimportantbusiness to my bed. Under my new electric blanket.
After spending the night in one of my sister-in-law’s beds, equipped with a heated blankie, I knew I must add this to my list.
Well. Santa came early (thank you sweet hubby who is also cold at night).
And he brought duel controls.
I must be on the nice list.
I think I was a bit eager the first night. I put the blanket at full power.
I dreamed of being boiled alive that night.
It was a rough night.
I’ve learned the error of my ways and applied ointment to all my blisters.
Oh, I jest.
Seriously, love my blankie.
And I totally get my toddler now.


  1. 3


    I’ve been wrapped up in a blankie all day long! Not an electric blankie – cuz I gotta move around and I don’t have a cord that long – but a warm, cuddly blankie nonetheless. We’re a blankie family, really – I keep a basket of them in the living room in case someone gets chilly!

  2. 5


    Oh the simple pleasures of life huh? Once we got the duel controls mixed up and as my husband kept turning his temps up, I kept turning my down. I was dying there of being over heated!!! The next day we figured out what we had done and now when we put the blanket back on for the winter, we double check which side the controls need to be on!!!!

  3. 6


    no thank you to the blankie – i can hardly even use a comforter i get so hot at night but oh ….how i long to be able to have office space in my bed with a laptop!!! i am very jealous of that luxury and i am praying for a very big tax return!!!

  4. 8


    Since getting into blogging, every morning when I wake, I think I must get up to check my blog list and hopefully some comments on my own blog! Having my laptop in bed, with my electric blanket on would be perfect – I love to multi-task :)

  5. 9


    Congratulations on your new blankie! We used to have one like that. Wouldn’t work for me, cause I only have the desktop. Unless, I plug it up by the computer, now that’s an idea I might have to look into!

  6. 13


    oooh! we have dual controls too…but for an electric mattress pad. it’s amazing! my parents bought it for us a few years ago for Christmas. and, i too, learned not to have it on high all night…i think i was dehydrated for days.


  7. 18


    I bought two 50×60 throws for Christmas gifts…they are SUPER soft and SO cuddly. I am forcing myself to give them to the recipients instead of pulling one out and wrapping up in it RIGHT NOW!

  8. 22


    I remember waking up one time when I was a teenager in a complete panic under my electric blanket. I thought it was on fire!! Turns out is was just static electricity. I could actually see it arching! It was very freaky and scary!

  9. 26


    Electric blankies are the best evah! Only we turn it off before falling asleep; it’s primarily a bed warmer. Otherwise, we wake up during the night, having thrown all the covers off, sweating something fierce.

    Congrats on your awesome new gift! 😀

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