The Sled

This is Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You sort of-edition. I have no idea if Mr. Linky will make an appearance today. He is an enigma. (If he is elusive, leave your link in the comments).
But I will not be deterred. 

Because I want to tell you a little story. 

As we decorated our Christmas tree the other night, I came across this ornament:
Our First Christmas Together.
14 Christmas’ ago. Almost to the day.
After only a few months of marriage, we packed up our 6 boxes and moved (from our Texas birthplace) to Arkansas to be Youth Pastors at a church.
I could write a book about the 2 years we spent there.
It would fit nicely in the horror genre.
I am not kidding.  At all.
But through the trials of church problems, parsonage living and meager wages, my new hubby and I learned to love each other.
One winter morning, we woke up to a soft blanket of snow.
And it was a big deal for this Texas girl.
Our parsonage was down the hill from the church (another blog post entirely!) and I wanted to sled down that hill badly.  We rushed to the store, but the entire stock of sleds (2) had been sold.
I was so disappointed. 
While I sulked only as new brides can, my hubby went to the library, checked out a sled-making book and did just that.
He handcrafted a sled out of plywood.  
We bundled up and rode down that hill, taking turns, and trying it together all day.
It was perfect. Even with the ups and downs and hard work that comes with sledding.
As I held the ornament in my hand and squinted at the young couple in the photo, I thought about our  hurried, complicated lives filled with noisy children and pesky cats.  The 3 cross-country moves that brought us back to Texas and family are still a blur.  We nearly lost our way with a difficult career change, a rough patch in our marriage and the dangerous birth of our last baby.
But we stayed the course.
It’s been the ride of my life.
On the sled.


  1. 6


    What a precious story.
    My post won’t be up till later today… for now I have my “please come back this afternoon for my fro me to you post” post up, in which I try to excuse why I don’t have my post up (much like “the dog ate my homework” excuse given at school) :-)

  2. 15


    Kristen ~ One of my favorite things to do is unpack the ornaments. There is always a story. Always. Sometimes they are embarrassing. Sometimes they are tart. But always, always they are sweet. Just like this story.

  3. 17


    This Georgia girl has never been sledding either, and has never even seen enough snow where sledding would be possible. Kudos to your hubby for finding out how to make his bride happy!

  4. 18


    I didn’t have a post written. When I read yours I thought about the early days for my husband and I. I totally copied you in a way – different story of course. Doesn’t seem like it should be THAT long ago.

    Thank you for hosting. Be blessed.


  5. 20


    He made a sled? Ain’t ya never heard of slidin’ down a snowy hill on a big, black trash bag? You fly, sister, you fly. And only someone who was born, raised, and spent most of her adult life in Alaska would know that. You should have called me . . . . .

    What a sweet blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. 36


    Looks like fun! And a great way for the two of you to make memories. My first thought was, that’s not enough snow for sledding. :) Up here in WA we call that a dusting of snow. Glad it worked for you all.

  7. 38


    That’s such a heartwarming post. I’m a first time participant in your Sincerely Fro Me To You carnival…what a fantastic idea!

    You can find it at

    I hope I did it right and followed all the rules properly. If I didn’t, feel free to ban me from any future carnivals…

  8. 40

    laytonfamily says

    I bought a San Francisco street car ornament on our honeymoon – my hubby thought it was a silly purchase at the time. Each Christmas since we’re both so glad I got it!!

  9. 47


    That was a beautiful story, and this is my first visit to your blog (I came by from blogcatalog).

    Sledding is such a tradition in my own family. My husband is always clucking his tongue because he can’t find a sled from the store that is fast enough. I will share your story with him. (I’ll be you anything the jigsaw will be runnin’ tonight.) :)

    Thanks for the great post. I will surely be back! -MM

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