This Used to Be a Family Blog

Welcome to Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You. I’m taking it UP A NOTCH today.  Because I’m crazy like that.
This used to be a family blog, until my toddler learned to take it all off:
(push play in the bottom left hand corner to view the strip show, I mean, slide show)


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    LOL! I was notorious for doing that as well. And this week I am featuring one of the topless pics of me. Yikes! 😉 No worries, I was a toddler!

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    those poor blog will never be easy!

    Tonight I posted one and decided it was good enough for the “fro” and so I linked it..because it was better than picking on me besides it’s Christmas “a time to give” so I’m giving myself a break ;D

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    just came upon your blog from a friend who also does sincerely fro me to you….so glad I did….i’m lovin’ your blog…

    I have to say the picture with the doll is a little creepy…but it was the 80’s…that explains a lot!

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    OK that comment made no sense…i am so tired and should be in bed and I commented about another picture….anyway….still love your blog even though you know think i’m C-Ra-Zy!

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    That is hilarious – even funnier that you posted it.

    If I didn’t have such a bad case of pms I’d post an entry today, too. But I’m going between burning anger at the universe and mopey, sadness towards the universe. Throw in some apathy between the highs and lows and you have ME this week!!!

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    Why is it that kids love being naked or at least half dressed? Through the years I have come across many pics of me as a child with no shirt on and something weird on my head. I always wondered what was wrong with my parents? Now my son is only 8 months old and he gets “the happy fits” when we undress him! i really hope we don’t have a nudist on our hands!

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    That’s great! It’s funny how different kids feel about being naked. When my boys were younger, after I’d get out of the shower, one would bring me my clothes and the other would say, “Give me a hug, mom.” It cracked me up!

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    That strip show made me laugh – especially because my Girlie does the same thing! A couple of weeks ago, I went to let her out of her room after naptime, and she was standing topless in the window that faces the street! Toddlers are exhibitionists at heart…

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    Love the shoes! My little princess went through a stage last spring when she would strip naked at every opportunity. Thankfully she has outgrown that stage!

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    That’s great! I haven’t participated in such a long time ~ I’m gonna have to go dig up something and play today!!

    BTW ~ did you see that blurb isn’t working w/blogger? I’m so upset! I think there’s a way to upload to live journal and print your book through there.

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    Don’t you just love a kid in a blanket sleeper?

    Can I still play? I know it’s late-9:30 on Thursday night. I’ve been busy today and couldn’t get my post done till now.

    I’ll try to do better next week!

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    Too cute! My little Spice started stripping earlier this year. She would remove her pajamas sometime after we put her to bed and then wet herself during the night. She would then wake up crying because she was cold. We tried lots of different things to curb this new skill, but the only thing that worked was safety pinning the zipper at the top of her jammies. Thankfully, she has moved on to other challenges these days!

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