{HomeSpun Christmas Gifts from Kids}

My kids are getting into the Christmas spirit.  They are at an age where they understand it’s not just about the getting.
They are finding that the giving is good too.
Idea #1 Personalized Recipe Towel (written and drawn by kids)
I found the most fabulous idea for one of their Grandma’s who loves cooking (and she’s without internet, so I’m free to share).
And since my kids love to eat her delicious recipes, I thought this was perfect:

A kitchen towel with one of her recipes (from my kid’s perspective)!

Art Projects for Kids I found this idea at Wonder Time. You can read their version (with instructions) here.
After my kids wrote their hilarious version of Nanny’s Gravy and Cinnamon Bread, I scanned their artwork and printed it onto iron-on transfer from a craft store.
I have to say my first attempt was an utter DIY failure. I couldn’t find a print shop to make the transfers (per the  Wonder Time instructions) , so I decided to make my own transfers. I went thru an entire package before reading the instructions because I’m smart like that.  But after another visit to the store, I had better luck.
The transfers worked like a charm (just don’t forget to reverse the image before printing).

I bought flour sack cloths in the kitchen towel section of Wal Mart. These are just large cotton white hand towels (5 towels for $4.50).  They worked really well.
I put two recipes on each kitchen towel.

I used Stitch Witchery and ironed festive ribbon around the bottom of the towel.

And I can’t wait to se my mother-in-law’s face when she reads them!
Idea #2 Personalized Paper Weight
I saw this cute idea in the December issue of GooberPatch magazine and thought it would make a perfect gift for Dad or a teacher.
And it’s easy enough for my kids to do all by themselves!
Grab a glass ashtray, photos, and stickers.
Glue the photos behind the glass, add stickers to personalize and that’s it!
Join Kimba for a fun Holiday Open House!



Big Enough is Still Little

You are old enough to say my name.
You are big enough to climb in my lap.
You are strong enough to pull my heart strings.
You are wild enough to attract attention from strangers.
You are sweet enough that I don’t care about the attention.
You are my baby. 
You are two years old today.
But you are still not allowed to wear my mascara.

Happy Birthday, baby.

A Worthy Cause

Most of you have heard of The Mother Letter Project, an amazing Christmas present from a husband to a wife.

It’s not my hubby.
Although he’s sweet enough to do it.
My birthday and anniversary are this week and he’s been sneaking around the house, making hushed phone calls and bank withdrawals.
If you haven’t heard of this project, you must go check it out and write a letter.  And while your there, please read this post.  
The unknown hubby has a big heart for missions. And he encourages you to give. I do too.
He contacted me and asked if he could add The Persecuted Church to the list.
Um, yes.
Because y’all know how I feel about these people:
So, go visit
And give.
Even if it’s just a dollar.  It’s a dollar. It will make a difference.
Remember the greatest gift of Christmas was given to us.
Let’s give to others.

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 22

Grab the button, email me the answers, join the club! (If you sent in your answers, but haven’t been featured yet, would you please email me again? I’ve had issues with my spam folder and many of my emails have been deleted. kristenwrites@yahoo.com. I will keep this little Society going until I run out of members! The Society will resume in January 2009).

Picture of the week:

The week in Review: We’ve were bitten by the stomach bug again and I bleached the house, threw away tooth brushes and had a nervous breakdown (thanks for asking, I’m all better now). My toddler also got her plumber on. That’s for free. You’re welcome.

Introduction into the Society: The Adventures of Juju and Boo
Please go visit her and welcome her to The Club. It’s so nice to get some Sunday traffic!

1. Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog): 

I started blogging as a way to keep my family back home in Michigan and in Tennessee (we currently live in Florida) up-to-date on what my girls are up to.  My blog is named “The Adventuresof JujuBoo.  The Love, the Lemon, and the Laundry.”  JujuBoo is both of my girls nicknames combined into one word (Juju and Boo) and the love, lemons, laundry part is also known as the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

2.    How long have you been blogging? 

Since December 2007. 

3.    How would you define THAT family? 

THAT family is the one where even when things are going good, they can go horribly, horribly wrong.  A seemingly innocent day at the park can turn into a trip to the emergency room.  A simple family cookout can result in a burnt mess.  A game of tag can end up with a broken toe.  

4.    When did you discover you were a part of THAT family? 

When Ally (Boo) was about 6 months old and Julia (Juju) was 2 1/2.  I was in the other room putting away laundry and Ally was in her exer-saucer.  I came into the family room to discover Julia had fed Ally a wad of green play-doh.  Ally had green slime all over her face and hair and Julia was smiling saying “She likes it!”  Then, when Ally was about 3 she stumbled into our bedroom around 2am, tripped somehow (she is a very clumsy child), and hit the heat vent on the wall.  She cut open her face right under her left eye.  I have the pictures to prove it.  And most recently, in May, my husband fell while at work and busted both bones in his left leg.  He now has a titanium rod and screw in place and is still off work.  While on a trip in June to Tennessee, my mom fell and had to go to the ER to get stitches because she busted open her shin to the bone.  I have a picture of her and my husband with their legs up on the couch.  I get my THAT family gene from my mom.  She currently has no bone in her 2 of her toes as she has busted them so much by walking into closet doors and corners of walls.  Yeah, I’m catching up to her on that. 

5.    Where can we find your blog? You can find me at :

DIYP {Christmas Home Tour & Ideas Part 3}

{Don’t you just love my old painted chair? 
I found it at a craft show a few years ago for a bargain}

Welcome to my Christmas decor home tour! (Click the links to see part 1, part 2, and my Christmas Tree from my little carnival. There’s still time to show off your tree!) 

Think Outside the Wreath

I found these delicious tin stars at Ross for $5.99 each (!) a few months ago. I added some Christmas ribbon and hung them in our family room. I love the idea of putting wreaths throughout the house, but they can be so expensive. So, I bought large berry candle rings, tied festive ribbon on and hung them over my windows and mirrors.  They cost just a fraction of the price of wreath, but give the same merry feel!
Have you seen how the fancy decorator’s put wreaths on the backs of chairs? I love this idea! But I couldn’t really see spending $10 a wreath on six chairs.  So, I found these tiny wreath ornaments for only a $1.50 each.  
I just tied the ornament string through the holes in my chair, but these could also be hung by ribbon and attached to the inside.

A frilly wreath you don’t need
I found these floral wreaths at the Dollar store. I wrapped some fun plastic garland around the wreath and added a ribbon to hang. 
I don’t usually decorate our master bedroom, but I couldn’t resist since I got it all from the Dollar store for just a few bucks!
I love it against the dark wood of my headboard.
I also found some oversized sparkly snowflakes that have no use at all!  I added some ribbon I had and hung them over our mirror. Festive, huh?

Pair Christmas Collections Together
I’m not a huge collector. I don’t have the space for it. But there are a couple of things I love to collect {after at the sales} Christmas snow globes. Usually I spread them throughout the house, but this year I love the way they look together.

My all-time favorite Christmas find ev-ah is my little collection of Nesting Santas. Some are antiques, some are newer, but they all came from various garage sales!  I haven’t found any this year, but I always keeps my eye out!

I usually hang my stockings on the mantle. But since my mantle is Nester-inspired this year, I hung them on my stairs. 

Where do you hang yours?

To see more Christmas tours, visit Boo Mama, Tip Junkie and Hooked on Houses this week.

This is a BIG Deal

It only happens a couple of times a decade.

And this is the first time my kids have seen it in their yard {which warranted me dragging their sick bodies out of bed last night}. 
I’m sure there will be mocking from the Northerners (cough*cough The Diaper Diaries)
But it turns out there is a snow balls chance in Texas.

{side note:} For the last 3 weeks, we have had ALL MANNER of illnesses in our home. I feel like the germs are planning a full takeover. I’ve bleached every surface.  And cried. Any suggestions?

Food for the Soul:
Isaiah 58:8
Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.