The Coffee Club {Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You}

My kids love going to the farm.

They jump the hay bales with cousins. They hide in the barn. They make houses built of Alfalfa.
They name the cows. They search for hungry ticks under their waistbands.
Oh, could I tell you some tick stories! 
{But they certainly would NOT include a fat tick stuck to the nether regions of my then 3 year old son or of my joke-cracking hubby who threw himself on the bed and said, “Check me, I’m next!”}
But the highlight of their day occurs before the sun awakes most mornings. It’s coffee on the front porch with grandpa.
On our last visit, we snapped a picture of The Coffee Club.  
I know years from now my kids will look back on these porch moments.
They will remember their grandparents……………..
………………where their caffeine addiction began and……………
Their first tick.
{Okay, y’all. I want to punch Mr. Linky in the nose. He’s not working and the site is down, so leave your links and I’ll take my violent tendencies and keep trying.}


  1. 22


    That’s too funny – my 2yo loves coffee, my mom gave it to him by the spoonfuls when he was under a year old and he’s asked for s drink coffee ever since!

  2. 23


    My eight-year old begs for coffee every time I have some, and my 18 month old just picks up my cup and helps herself.

    The kids love those special moments with grandparents.

  3. 27


    What an excellent picture! I remembering spending so much time with my cousins and grandparents . . . the biggest regret I have about not living near family is that my kids don’t see their cousins and grandparents enough.

  4. 30

    Favaunt says

    Look at those beautiful grandchildren. Precious pic. There is somethinbg about that farm. It is like taking a deep breath of cold air – so refreshing.

  5. 31


    Every kid needs a grandma and grandpa on a farm – this is PROOF!!!

    We’ll try back again later – can’t wait – this is always my favorite bloggy day!

  6. 39

    Anonymous says

    I’m appalled at all of these people who think it is harmless to give such high levels of caffeine to young children. Caffeine is not harmless, it is a stimulant, and addicting your young children to it is not doing them any favors. Do them a favor and shield them from your vices at least for a while.

    I really don’t mean to be rude, but I just can’t sit by and let everyone think “oh how sweet” when you are dolling out harmful chemicals to your kids.

  7. 41


    I just have to say it –

    Anonymous, allowing your child to have one cup of coffee (which I assume has more milk and sugar in it than coffee! At least mine did!) once every so often IS NOT going to create an addict. Drinking half a pot of coffee every single day creates an addiction. Just ask my family when I don’t get mine!

    I’d say letting our kids drink a gallon of pop a day is more harmful than allowing the occasional cup of java. With their grandfather. Just sayin’.

  8. 42


    I got my coffee addiction with my grandparents too — we would sit on their lap and dunk cookies in their coffee – eventually had our own “cup” which was basically milk with a splash of coffee! LOL


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    dfh says

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    freefun0616 says

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