The Couch Isn’t the Only Thing Floating

We’ve lived in our little corner of Suburbia for 5 years. 

During that time, we have renovated most of our house. We’ve replaced the flooring, painted every room, reconfigured the floor plan and survived a kitchen makeover.
And we are still married and not completely broke. 
But I’ve never moved my couch.  It’s been against the one solid wall in our living room since we moved in. 
The other day on Twitter, I read The Nester’s tweet that she rearranged her furniture and moved her couch. I responded with couch-moving envy.
I’m pretty sure she nearly fell out of her nest when she learned that I hadn’t moved my sofa in 5 years! (And I won’t go into detail about the items found under the couch. Let’s just put it this way: I should be ashamed and pictures will not follow).
So, with her encouragement and while my kids dug a hole to China in the backyard, I did it. 
I moved my sofa to the center of the room (termed: floating), facing 
the fireplace:
I grouped the chairs together and put the lamp table between them, next to the fireplace:

I used our table with toy bins as a sofa-table and put it behind the couch. 
I love the way this little corner feels now:
Here’s a view from the second-story landing:
How about you? Are you a mad-furniture-mover? Or are you boring like me?
We do most of our living in our family room (former formal living room):

Don’t ask me how long that couch has been on the wall….
Hope you enjoyed my little living room tour! Check out Kelly’s Korner for more.


  1. 3


    I love moving things around. Always gives you a different point of view. In my living room I moved my couch to fit the Christmas tree, well, low and behold…it looks bigger. I may have to keep it this way for a while (at least until spring cleaning gets hold of me)

  2. 4


    wow! 5 years the same way!!! i am BIG on changing furniture – changing things up. i get bored with them one way for too long. and once you do take the step & move it, its like all new things.
    it looks great!

    be bake tomorrow to find out about the HUGE giveaway!!!

  3. 6


    When we lived in apartments and couldn’t paint or do anything cosmetic, I was a serial furniture mover. Like, it was so bad, my husband caught me rearranging the living room (aka shoving sofas) when I was 9 months pregnant. BUSTED!

    The good thing is: If you don’t like it, you can always put it back…

  4. 8


    I move furniture like mad! It always gives me a positive outlook on things after the furniture has been rearranged a little.
    Your “float” looks great!

  5. 10


    looks great! i was wanting to get rid of our tv armoire and buy a new tv stand, but my husband didn’t want to spend the money (shock!). so i just rearranged the furniture and the longing subsided. it’s so fun to get a fresh perspective on a room. it is especially appealing when you see the whole layout from above.

  6. 12


    Looks so great! I need a total room makeover. We have an old house that was redone on the inside before we bought it due to a fire. The builder knocked all the walls down and made a kitchen/dining/great room all in one. And I am lacking in design skillz. Badly.

  7. 15


    don’t worry – I have had our sofa in the same place since we moved in…11 years ago..yep, when we got a new sofa, it just took the old one’s place. With a great room with two of the four walls being french windows/doors, and the other wall being a fireplace, not alot of ideas floating in this head since we already have the sofa floating towards our fireplace. :) Love the look of yours…fun, fun.

  8. 16


    I love a floating couch. It looks great. I too have couch moving envy b/c I cannot move my couch. There are doors and fireplaces and more doors in our little old house and if I wanted to float it…it would have to sit in the middle of the room. I don’t think my husband would like that so for now I will just live vicariously through your floating couch.

  9. 17


    Your room looks great! After reading the comments, I’m so glad to find out I’m not the only one who moves furniture all the time. Makes me feel better about my whole house when I move things around. I was also moving things around when I was VERY pregnant…not a good idea! (:

  10. 18


    I moved everything around twice a year – spring cleaning and fall cleaning! It is when I clean carpets too so it makes since that I go out on a limb and mix up the furniture. My DH NEVER walks thru a room in the dark – he never knows what his toes will hit :}

    Love the switch up!!

  11. 19


    Kristen – I’ve searched for an email link on your site to no avail. I was hoping to pick your brain about Shawna and your blog design. Please contact me at jenniferthompson AT gulftel DOT com…at your convenience. Which I understand could be tomorrow or a month away. I’m a homeschooling mom of 3, so I get it. No huge hurry and I promise I won’t eat up a whole day asking thousands of questions. Just a few.
    Thanks a million!

    Jennifer Thompson

  12. 20


    Looks great! I moved our couch after 3 years too- I’ve tried before and gave up, but persisted this time… I was inspired by those HGTV shows where they pull things from other rooms of your house- for me it was a tall plant and a framed painting to provide some balance, but it finally worked. Funny how a room-rearrange can pick up your mood!

  13. 23


    Don’t you just love how something old can still feel so new? I have to change things around at least once every two months. When I was younger, about once a month. Now that I’m married, ah, not so much.

    Looks great by the way! Can’t wait to read about tomorrow!

  14. 24


    I do not move furniture. We have been in our house nearly 5 years and nothing has moved. We were in our last house 5 1/2 years and nothing moved. Come visit me in 10 years and nothing will have moved. I have myself convinced that the only way the furniture will work is the way I have it now – lol. And I buy my own publicity.

  15. 25


    I love the new look! We haven’t moved our couch in 3 yrs… well, we got a “new” couch a year ago, but it was put in the same spot as the old couch… I would love to rearrange things… but we have an issue with the cable.

  16. 27


    I'm really itching to rearrange our living room, but there's so much stuff in it that I will have to have hubby's help & I don't think he'll be too keen on the idea. We'll see.

  17. 28


    I am a serious furniture mover like so bad that I bet I do every month. I may move it back but I always need a change.

    I love the way your living room looks now. The red is gorgeous!

  18. 30


    I’m a mad sofa-mover for sure! Upstairs and then downstairs again – lol! My poor kids (they have the muscles). Looking forward to meeting you in TN (I’m roomin’ w/Nester:)) Sandy

  19. 35


    That looks great–what a big difference one small shift can make! A friend of mine suggested the “floating” look several years ago, and it’s stayed there ever since. So I think that makes me boring and completely satisfied with status quo.

  20. 38


    Looks so warm & cozy!

    Make sure to stop by my blogs this week, I am having 1 giveaway on bella casa news and 18 on Bella Casa – Decorating on a Budget (Darnit!) 😉

    Good Luck!

  21. 39


    I fell out of my chair – FIVE years?!? Geez. I move my furniture around all the time (just did today in fact). Mostly because I move them to clean under them and then since I moved them I figure I should try a different arrangement. I love how clean your house is :)

  22. 43


    #1-I love all your red.

    #2- I am nuts and can’t have my couch “floating”, I have to have it against a wall. Must be some kind of disorder.

  23. 46


    I love both rooms! I really like the storage tall storage center.

    I always think about moving my couch off the wall, but then there would be dead space behind it.

  24. 53


    Your home is lovely, so great! My hubby wants to know if you can divulge where to find that organizational shelving unit w/ the 20+ baskets…we have organizational envy! Please feel free to leave a comment on my blog, we’d be grateful for any such tips!

  25. 54


    Our couch has not moved in 4 years. Before that, we lived in a different house & it was in the same place there for 8 years! We are NOT furniture movers and I'm not ashamed. They just fit best in the room the way they are. Maybe if I had a larger room, I'd explore a little. So don't feel bad at all! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. 58


    Looks great! I am a huge furniture mover–it drives my husband crazy. He never knows what he might find! I love the floating couch and your new corner. Your family room is very pretty too!

  27. 59


    love it!! i LOVE to rearrange furniture… even as a little girl i did! i think i inherited it though b/c my momma does the same thing.

  28. 60


    LOVE it….and maybe, just maybe you’ll encourage ME to move my furniture! I’m with you with what could possibly be under it!

  29. 61


    I LOVE all the red! I used to love to move around our furniture too, but with the way our new living room is set up, everything is staying (and for a long time)!

  30. 62


    I enjoyed seeing your room. I move my furniture around even when there is no place for it to do. Luckily for my decorating ideas, I get to move about every 3 years! Thanks for sharing your rooms.

  31. 63


    I absolutely love your house! :-) your style is just great — I’m glad you moved the sofa around – it looks great where it is now :-) and the family room is so cute with all the black and white! Thanks for having us :-)

  32. 65


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that shelf unit in black. Wow….I am jealous. I want one of those. Thanks for sharing your pics. Oh, and I am a CRAZY mover. I change my furniture ALL the time. In fact, I just did it this afternoon and probably shouldn’t be moving furniture being 35 weeks pregnant! tisk, tisk!

  33. 66


    I love it!! It really looks great arranged that way.

    I used to be a bad furniture mover, but sadly I don’t have much choice where to put things. They only seem to fit in one spot in my current house, at least that is what my husband thinks!

    I LOVE those black shelves with the wicker baskets. Can you please email me where you got those!!

  34. 69


    Lookin’ Good – both ways! I have you beat. I haven’t moved my livingroom furniture around since I moved in 10 years ago! But when I moved in I moved it every which way and it only looks good and works this one way. I have two sets of stairs into the room and an archway and bowed windows that you walk into so the floor plan is a tough one. ~ Robyn

  35. 71


    I never change my furniture….I just can’t see it any other way. I’m awfully boring. I do change accessories sometimes. Your living room and family room are so pretty. I love the stars haning on the wall.

  36. 72


    I like you – my couch hasn’t moved in 4 years. There’s no other place to put it!! Your house is so cute – love the colors and that black rocking chair is darling!

    Did you get the big black shelves with baskets at Ikea? Looking for one for our toy loft…

  37. 76


    Beautiful home! I like the new furniture arrangement! I would move ours around but I don't feel it could go any other way! I really love your family room its so cozy & the black & white is warm, which surprises me!

  38. 79


    Oh! I love the cubby shelves!!! I really need those. But would hate the dusting that would have to follow! ha ha! I like both ways you had the couch! And I like the decor you have in your rooms.

  39. 80


    I love the stained glass windows on the wall and the book case used for storage with baskets. I also love the prints you use in cushions. Good job!

  40. 82


    i hear ya, girl. had my furniture the same way every since we moved here, i wish i could move it.

    love LOVE your rooms, very fun and cute.

  41. 85

    freefun0616 says

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