Dog*Gone It {Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You}

Once upon a time we were dog people. 
That was before Alice and Ike (the cats who let us live here).
After being married a few months, some friends (I use that term loosely) gifted (again, various meanings) a one year old male dog. He was a full-blooded Golden Retriever. He was huge, strong, and wild. He was a beautiful monster. 
A year passed and since we couldn’t scratch the baby itch due to infertility, we got a female Golden Retriever puppy.
And so we had two large untrained dogs living in our home.

Good times.
But we loved them.
For years.
But do you know what happens to a male and female dog who are supposed to be just friends?
They live in sin.
Only they keep it an absolute secret from their naive and ignorant owners. (No wonder it took us 6 years to have our first child!) 
Because um, yeah, about 48 hours before my dog’s water broke on my carpet, I thought her tummy looked funny.
Just call me intuitive. 
We are the kind of people the Humane Society warns about.
Irresponsible pet owners.
I did have the sense to take my dog to the vet, where her pregnancy (duh!) and immediate delivery were diagnosed. Only we were especially lucky because she had medical complications.
Yes, our dog had an emergency C-section.
And we became the proud parents of some pretty cute, albeit messy and stinky puppies (7!)
(While our dog recovered in labor and delivery, my hubby whipped up this nifty dog playpen because our Albuquerque winter was harsh).
It turned out okay in the end, the puppy sales covered all the unexpected costs and left us with enough money to buy a microwave. 
We also put an end to irresponsible breeding (the dogs, not us).
(P.S. The ‘Fro will be put on hold Feb. 12 for the S.W.A.K. carnival. But that’s okay, right? Because I know all of my faithful ‘fro friends are participating!!)


  1. 1


    That is truly awesome! Almost beats those stories you read about those women who don’t find out they are pregnant till they go into labor.

    We once considered letting our beloved dog have puppies…till we read about about what that entails. And we then went and had her “fixed.”

  2. 4


    *Snorting with laughter* You do this to me so often…I love your writing style…you remind me of me in a certain satirical sense, but I’m still trying to find my writing “voice” sometimes.

    Hilarious post. I love so many of the cleverly strung together sentences peppered with the best kind of humor out there…the good clean, sarcastic kind.

  3. 6


    I suppose you didn’t watch The Price is Right either?! Where was Bob Barker when you needed him….might have prevented an unplanned doggy pregnancy. 😀

    We love some BIG dogs at our house and those puppies were pretty darn cute!

  4. 9

    BlueCastle says

    It makes sense that they could do C-sections on a dog, but it just never occurred to me. Glad it all ended well. :)

    It’s been forever since I joined you in your carnival. I found some recent pictures that have given me more fodder, so I thought I’d join in. :)

  5. 17


    a doggie c-section who knew?!

    Why is it dogs then kids then cats..huhm..this is us also.

    Thinking we want something to love (dogs); we get something to love(kids); then we just go with the thing that only wants love randomly (cats).

    HA!Thank you…I think I figured it out. ;D

  6. 19


    We got our chihuahua because her parents were living in sin for years, but only got pregnant after about five. The owner was just in SHOCK that the female got pregnant. I was trying to be as nice as I could be since I was getting a good deal on a purebred dog but all I could think was, “You have got to be kidding me??? You didn’t THINK this could happen??” LOL I guess she’s not alone :-)

    But hey, a microwave? Party on!

  7. 21


    That just cracks me up!!! How hysterical.Those puppies look adorable. Almost make me want another dog – almost!! All I have to do to cure that itch is go look at my dog. :)

  8. 22


    We had an Irish Setter that spit out 14 puppies at once. And then sat on 6 of them and killed them. Before we knew. Ugh.

    Lucy the Demon Dog won’t be having any offspring…a blessing to the entire worold, trust me!

  9. 23


    Our dog can’t reproduce anymore, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to mate with his blanket!
    On another note, I just signed up for your SWAK carnival!

  10. 27


    My dad was a veternarian and he had a house call practice. When I was growing up the surgery room was in the basement of our home and so was my bedroom! Family nights at our house- C-sections or some other fun doggy or kitty event!

  11. 30


    Bwahahaha!!!! I love it. And can I just say that it’s a shame you had puppies accidentally when I work SO HARD to get some on purpose? Where’s the fairness of that?

  12. 31


    I didn’t even know dogs could have c-sections. I guess you got a little more than you bargained for. At least you got an interesting experience, a great story and a microwave out of it!

  13. 34


    I love this story! We got a full blooded Golden Retriever for Christmas when I was 6. He lived until I was 20 and now my parents have another Golden. I have a soft spot for that breed.

    Even our dog Max is Golden Retriever Poodle mix. They are such great dogs!

  14. 36


    I don’t know which I like more..

    “the cats who let us live here”

    or the fact that there were 7!!! puppies in your dog’s tummy that you didn’t notice until 48 hours to delivery!


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