It’s In the Bag!

There is some serious Kate Spade handbag love out there.
I didn’t know so many people needed a new purse.
Brings a tear to my eye.
I hate to see this giveaway come to an end.
I was getting used to all the begging. I will miss the groveling, the bargaining, the offers for a kidney. (I will be writing that name down. Just in case).
Before I make one lady very happy, I wanted to remind y’all about the S.W.A.K. carnival. It’s what helped me make the decision to give this bag away. I wanted to bring exposure to a carnival about honoring our hubbies. 
Please save the date and link up your post on Feb. 11. As a bonus, I have 16 door prizes (valued over $500) to give away for participants. If you want to donate something, please email me. 
And since the last 4 sentences have sounded like yada yada yada yada, I’ll just announce the winner:
Randomly chosen by Mr. Random Generator:


  1. 6


    NO WAY!!! I have never won anything in my life.. except for a watermelon once at a carnival and I don’t even eat watermelon!!
    TOMORROW is my BIRTHDAY and this is by far the best birthday present..Wahoo!! Thank you!!!

  2. 13


    Ok so this comment has nothing to do with this post but I just read your post on head lice and had to share my story. Thanksgiving weekend my 5 year old daughter came to me and said “Mommy do germs have legs because I found one on my head and it had legs”. She told me it looked like a little scab. I proceeded to check her hair and about died. I then checked both of my sons hair and then my husband who then in turned checked mine. Oh yeah every single one of us had them. Two weeks and $200 later we finally got rid of them. I never posted about it but after seeing that you did I think I will. It was a total nightmare the kids had them in their eyelashes and eyebrows. I never knew what they looked like so needless to say they were probably there for awhile before we found out. You are not dirty as you have probably discovered they love clean heads :) I just kept saying “I just wish I could find a mom to get advice from”. Our doctor was no help along with the RID helpline etc. I say all of us moms band together and write a book or start a blog about these types of things our children have. Good luck!!! I wish you a nit free future!!!

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