My hubby and I have been married 14 years.
We have three children.
I think we have a great marriage. We communicate well. We fight fair.
But I want it to be even better.
And it starts with me.
Busy schedules, demanding children, job pressures and selfishness gives our marriage a beating. And we have to fight to keep it healthy, to keep it passionate.
I entered this New Year wanting to initiate more time for us. I want to capture moments to remind him that before all of this, there was just us. The two of us.
I was flipping through January’s Woman’s Day Magazine and a title caught my attention “Lock Lips with Your Husband.”
Reading the blurb, I learned that there is an actual chemical released when  you kiss called The Cuddle Chemical. It produces a euphoric feeling.  And an unplanned passionate kiss increases the chemical.
Now, let’s be honest. I kiss my hubby everyday. A peck here. A smooch there. But a knock-his-socks off K-I-S-S? Well, there’s dinner and a toddler pulling on my leg, a ringing phone, and endless homework. And not to mention the utter exhaustion I feel at the end of the day.
Well. You know. It’s hard
So, besides entering the marriage challenge at The Diaper Diaries, (go check it out, it’s not too late to join and it’s off to a great start)

I’m issuing my own personal Kiss Challenge for myself. For 30 days, starting Feb. 1st, I’m planning to passionately lock lips with my hubby.  To block out all distractions for a few minutes and lay one on him.
I think just this one simple act will speak volumes to my man.
{You can secretly join in too if you up to some serious smooches}
The days leading up to Valentine’s Day (Feb. 11-13), I will be having a little S.W.A.K. carnival. I want you to link up a post honoring your hubby anytime during those three days. It can be how you met, your first kiss, what you’re doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or about your own personal Kiss Challenge. 
For several days, I will be sharing some of my marriage secrets, my fau paxs and what I’ve learned.
Grab the button and share it with your readers.  
You might also want to stock up on some chap stick. I’m just sayin’.
P.S. I’m planning on giving away some helpful marriage books and items (you have to link up at carnival to be eligible) and would love to give away some Valentine’s inspired gifts during the carnival. If you have a store and have something that speaks volumes of love, email me and I’ll feature your store during the carnival. *UPDATE* I have 16 door prizes so far (including a gift certificate for $200!) So, keep them coming! 
Tell me what you think….can we join together {on Valentine’s Day} to honor our hubbies in some way?
You DO NOT have to join the Kiss Challenge to link up to the Valentine’s Day carnival!
Food for the Soul:
Song of Solomon 1:16 “[ Beloved ] How handsome you are, my lover! Oh, how charming! And our bed is verdant.”




  1. 2

    Mrs. Querido says

    I’m in! I linked to your blog too…great challenge! Oh and thanks for telling me about the IC7:5 Challenge..I’m participating in that one too!

  2. 3


    We are doing the 40 day love dare at the moment..and only on day 9.. I am not sure I can add the lip lock challenge on top LOL.. but will consider it.

  3. 6


    I'd love to say I was in for that kiss challenge, but because we swap work/kid minding schedules there are often days in a row where we see each other only for minutes at a time. I'd have to wait up until he got home in the middle of the night in order to plant one on him some days!

    But its a great idea (I'll just be mindful to swap spit with him a bit more often) and I'll definitely be "in" for the 'I ♥ my hubby' carnival.

    Great idea!

  4. 8


    I put your button on my sidebar and will be joining in for the carnival. I will try to do the kissing challenge too. But, we have been having a rough winter of viruses here. The amount of sickness is starting to get to me and I’m not doing much kissing right now. Just trying to get everyone healthy!

  5. 10


    My hubby and I started this thing were we try to kiss for at least 6 seconds before falling asleep. It’s amazing how LONG 6 seconds is when you’d rather snarl at each other! But on the flip side it’s not long enough on other nights!

    Count me in on this challenge as well.

  6. 11


    GREAT challenge. One of those things we mean to do but don’t. I’m in. And thanks for letting me know about the other challenge, too: I’m in on that as well. ;-D

  7. 14

    Wegotspirit says

    I will TRYYYYYY!!! After almost a year of nursing baby #2 (who still doesn’t sleep through the night) I am not even sure I still like my husband (ha ha). Our marriage definitely needs a spark so I will TAKE that challenge, God help me!

  8. 15


    Thanks so much for the shout out!! I can’t remember what week it is, but this is actually one of the challenges. WE are going to have some happy hubbies around America with all this attention :)

  9. 17


    Great idea! I can so relate to the whole balance between children and hubby—the children usually scream loudest:)Have a great day!

  10. 18


    I’m In I could use some good smooching with my hubby He has been very very busy lately I may have to corner him LOL 😀 Now to make a Swak post for the button 😀

  11. 20


    It is SO GOOD to hear a Christian woman talk about bringing back the passion on our marriages. And even better that you are issuing a challenge! I’m all in and so excited. The hubs and I have had a rough go of it lately so this all comes at just the right time…

  12. 22


    this is a super cute idea. I do kiss my DH quite often, even passionately, maybe i should try to take it a step further. LOL! thats where my trouble is.


  13. 24


    What a sweet idea! I am ashamed to say that I have no need to join in on this one, since I made a vow to do it every day when we got married.

    I hope you keep on track after the 30 days are up!

    BTW — I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new bloggy look! It rocks!

  14. 25


    What a sweet idea! I am ashamed to say that I have no need to join in on this one, since I made a vow to do it every day when we got married.

    I hope you keep on track after the 30 days are up!

    BTW — I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new bloggy look! It rocks!

  15. 29


    Consider yourself linked! This is a fun one & I can't wait for Feb.1st! I may not wait. I also enjoyed reading everyones comments on this! I know my husband will thank you for this challenge, but if I get pregnant, I better win something & I'm coming after you! ~ Dana

  16. 31


    I’m in. My marriage could use a little spark to get us jump starting again. This reminds me of the woman who gave her hubby 365 of intimacy for his 40th birthday. It was just on Oprah. This is just a milder more realistic version. Great Idea!

  17. 32


    I like this :-) My hubby’s birthday is Feb. 12. Our first date was on Feb. 13 . . . . our daughter was born six years to the day later. So while I juggle two birthday’s and Valentine’s Day every year, it is still a magical time. Am grabbing the button as I speak . . .

  18. 34


    What a great idea! I love the way you ‘do good and not evil’ to your husband in your blog. You’re a fine example of a Proverbs 31 woman and I’m proud to join you in the challenge and the carnival!

  19. 37


    Oh fun! I love to see couples give a little peck in public; Im not talking teenagers making out, but the ones you can tell have been together a long time. And the seniors get me every time. Its too darn cute! What a fun challenge. Hubs will like this one. 😉 Grabbing the button…

  20. 39


    I think I have no choice but to join the Kiss Challenge, because Greg read this! But he wants to start now as he will be out of town on Feb 1. He keeps asking when he’s going to get his kiss!

  21. 41


    My girlfriend works at Lifeway Christian bookstore and she showed me 40 Day Dare today. It looks like a powerful book for any marriage (it is not easy). But I went home with Sheet Music by Kevin Lehman. You might want to use that as one of your giveaway books.

  22. 43


    ok I just came here from somewhere..lol..I dont remember where from…I think Janis…lol..

    Button is posted and I am in…and you SO just described my husband and I only we have been married 18 years and 3 teens…ARRGGHHHHH!!! and we also have beeen thru it…


  23. 45


    What if your hubby “doesn’t do kissing”? Seriously though, I’m all for it and would LURVE to join in, but my hubby hasn’t asked for, tried to, wanted, etc a kiss since BC. Our oldest is 11y now. How pathetic am I? *sigh*

    Oh well, I guess I’ll just bring him a cup of coffee each day instead. THAT he does like! Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? 😉

  24. 47


    Thanks for the hot idea for this cold winter!We'll see if hubby notices a difference. :-)
    Current family rule: Say "I love you" & smooch at least once daily, hugs for all kids (picture my hubby PICKING UP with his big man hug each of our 3 sons-ages 20, 18, 15 – who are taller than he is – love it!).

  25. 51


    Oooh! I want to play! During a study of the book “Every Heart Restored,” our class leader gave us the challenge of kissing our husbands passionately before he left for work every day, just to remind him what he had to look forward to at home. I have gotten out of that habit, but with your challenge, I hope to get back in! About to put your button on my blog!

  26. 60


    I’m in!!

    Wish I could join in on the Kiss Challenge, but unfortunately, my husband is in Iraq and it’s kind of hard to lay one on him from such a distance. But he will be coming home on leave at the end of Feb. and I promise there will be lots of kissing going on!

  27. 61


    Such a cute idea! I’m definitely in for the carnival and the button is on my crazysubmarinelady blog. Unfortunately my husband is somewhere on a submarine and I just don’t think he’d appreciate my involvement in the kiss challenge without him.

  28. 73


    The week that you are talking about, we will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. We went through the three kids stuff, one finished with college, one in college and one in high school. You are soooo on the right track. A big healthy kiss is a wonderful way to remind one another to slow down for a minute and remember what you have. I could write many stories about my husband. This is a great idea.
    ♥, Susan

  29. 76


    I LOVE it! I think I’m going to join the KISS challenge too but first things first… I’ve added your SWAK button to my blog. I was going to anyway but after reading about the purse giveaway I thought I’d better get my hiney in gear and get it added NOW. =0) But I love the idea and will be posting about it soon too.

    Now to get hooked up with the KISS challenge….

  30. 77


    I love the kiss challenge! I’ve been kissing my husband more lately already! I just can’t blog about it too much, because my husband reads my blog, and I don’t want him to know what’s coming.

  31. 81


    What a great challenge….exactly what we need right now. I am really feeling the need to focus on my wonderful husband, and this post has given me some creative inspiration (which can be hard to come by with everything else I have on my plate).

    Thanks for the Challenge….my Chris will be thrilled!!!

  32. 82


    I’m totally in for the kissing challenge and the carnival. :) I’ve been very marriage strengthening oriented lately. I’m about halfway through the Love Dare challenge which has been awesome. :)

  33. 83


    add the button to my own page and will think about what to share!
    glad to find other women who are proud of the men they married and love them fiercely!

  34. 87


    The spirit of this challenge is right up my/our alley! We have been asked, while spending a leisurely Saturday in the book store “Are you married?” We looked at the young man asking the question and answered “Yes!” He then asked “To each other?”

    Someone has to set an example of a happy marriage, it might as well be us.

  35. 88


    Oh yes baby! Who wants a losing weight or reading so many books challenge? (although I like those too) I am SO IN! I’ve got the button and I’m on board. Oh yeah, my hubby is going to love you for giving me this idea….and maybe me too, oh wait, he already does! lucky me

  36. 92


    I’m in! Just this morning my hubby cornered me for a hug…he held on for a long time…I thought that was strange. As I went back to making lunches he said, ‘I’m supposed to hug you for at least 20 seconds to help you relax.’ I thought he was kinda cute.

  37. 93


    I am totally doing this!! I am on day one of The Love Dare (I started a seperate blog to journal how it goes and im excited!) and i am doing lots of things to try to nurture my marriage… I am also doing the 1Cor challenge although I haven’t posted about it yet…

  38. 94


    Alright, I’m in. Even if it is spreading the flu (one of my kiddos currently has the flu so hopefully none of the rest of us will get it!)
    Sounds like fun!

  39. 97


    What a great idea!! I grabbed the button… This made me cry. I haven’t kissed my husband in a year and it will be another year before he’ll be home – he’s in the military. I’ll have to delay my “kiss” challenge, but I’ll get to it…it will just be delayed. And he IS wonderful…still such a wonderful leader and family man – even from “abroad”…

  40. 104


    I am SO in! I just found your blog through WFMW at Rocks in My Dryer and subscribed right away! You remind me of my husband’s family: three active, creative, always-into-trouble boys :)
    PS – have your children ever bungee-jumped off their bunk bed with string tied to their underwear? Just wondered…

  41. 106


    I am definitely in. I have an amazing husband and cannot brag about him enough. Or kiss him enough for that matter. Got the button on my blog and my lips puckered.

    BTW, I didn’t do this to get the KS purse, but I’d love one more entry!

  42. 112

    Carrie says

    OK I love this. My husband and I rarely kiss and when we do it seems weird- we have been married almost 9 years, have 3 kids(the baby just turned 1) and we have been through A LOT also. Thanks for inspiring me to smooch a little more!!

  43. 114


    I’ve put a button on my side bar and I’ll be posting about my husband for Valentine’s day! Thanks for the ideas and link to the Diaper Diaries.

  44. 115


    Just found you…and have placed your cute banner on my blog.
    I LOVE kissing my Honey..and anything that causes more kissing..well, it’s great in my book!!!



  45. 117


    I am so in! This one will be a snap! I am going to participate in the 1 Cor challenge too but I have to wait till my twins are over the flu & bronchitis…. but this one, no waiting at all! Have it linked to my site too!
    Thanks for the fun!

  46. 118


    Count me in though I am two days late… I will have to “catch up” by planting two on him today and two tomorrow or maybe three today. LOL He won’t know what hit him. I put the link on my blog but I already posted yesterday, before I knew about this challenge about our first date and how we got together because Feb. 1st was the 25th anniversary of our engagement. Come read about it if you want, but I will link to that post in my post on Valentine week, too.

  47. 119


    I am already on this one – yesterday I totally surprised him (and me!) He asked me if I was OK? :) I told him I was in love with him – he grinned. Can’t wait till tonight!
    I love what you do on your site you are a blessing to me!

  48. 124


    I want to donate a prize but I am either dumb or blind because I don’t see your email addy anywhere???? on second thought…I’m probably both but I still don’t see it :)
    Can you contact me so I can donate a prize. I have you linked and your button at IE Mommy…this has been a fun challenge!

  49. 127


    Grabbed the button. And I’m being honest here, lately I’ve needed a little motivation to kiss my hubs. He decided to grow a beard for winter. I’m not so into it. It tickles!!! But I am doing my very best!

  50. 129


    I’ve added your button to my sidebar and I’ll be participating in this carnival. Thanks for the nudge to kiss the hubby a little more…he’s gonna love it! 😉

  51. 136


    Can’t do the kiss challenge right now – but promise to do it when he gets home in April.
    Great carnival Kristen – loved reading your post and the others as well!

  52. 138

    dfh says

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