s razhdеstvom (or Merry Christmas!)

Persecuted Church:

Christmas comes but once a year.
Unless your Russian, living in America.
And then it comes again on January 7 (Russian Orthodox Christmas).
Earlier this week, we joined our friends and celebrated Christmas, Russian-style. They put on a play for Russian children in the area (they are helping plant a Russian church in Texas).
It was a really cute program.
And it was entirely in Russian. At one point, my son leaned over and said, “This is so funny, Mom!  What are they talking about?”
Why, here’s my confused son now, mixed in with Russian children, playing a game he doesn’t understand.
Igor (our dear friend from The Persecuted Church) made a stellar dancing deer:
My toddler nearly fainted when Snegurochka, the Russian Santa helper-equivalent (meaning Snow Girl) walked thru the door with a bag of presents.  My girl loves gifts.
A girl after my own heart.
I loved seeing my sweet friend Katerina, dressed as a Snow Girl.
I’ve learned that our friends use our American word ‘interesting’ often in describing our ways, our food, our American lives.
My hubby must be listening to the Russian language CD’s I got him for his birthday.
Because I overheard him say in Russian that the Christmas play (which turned out to be about animals, including a rapping hedgehog and The Ten Commandments) was very interesting.
But his sounded more like this: интересный 

That got him several slaps on the back and hearty Russian laughter!
My friends don’t have many earthly possessions, but they have a beautiful life.  Their sweet spirits, gentle natures, and yearning for friendship have all contributed to our own family’s desire for a balanced life. 
They don’t care about society’s rules or fads. They simply live for God. And that inspires me.
I’m celebrating a desire for a more balanced life with The Inspired Room.

Food for the Soul:
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

{Please note that I will be removing the photos of my friends within 48 hours of this posting for their protection.}


  1. 3


    Thanks for sharing this.

    I was thinking of them over Christmas, a hard time to be in a new country and new culture.

    Great to see everyone having such a good time.

    Pass on my prayers.

  2. 7


    Your right it’s not always the “stuff” we have gives us true happiness- that comes from service to others and knowing where we came from-
    Thanks for your thoughts-

  3. 8


    Oh that is just awesome. I love your postings about your new friends. It sure puts our lives into perspective and I appreciate that. I loved you sharing the pictures too, no matter how brief, and I truly think you are right about protecting them!

  4. 12

    laytonfamily says

    I really enjoy when you post about them – what we would laugh off as simplicity is truly a Jesus sized heart! they are wonderful!

    (my husband has been to Moscow a few times now – he is designing a golf course over there, so he’s learning Russian thru Rosetta Stone. Every time I hear him I think of your friends!)

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