And the Chair Wins

The other day, my toddler whined and cried for a lollipop she saw sticking out of the corner of my purse. {Not that I bribe with sweet treats. No, not me!}
I kicked myself for not hiding the emergency candy deeper into my all-purpose tote.  
I relented and gave her the treat, on one condition: She had to eat it in her little red chair (that was in the corner of the kitchen).
As soon as the words were out of my mouth and the sucker in her mouth, she happily sat down. 
I answered the phone. Paid a bill. And heard the scraping of the chair.
She was in the living room, pushing the chair.
As soon as I said her name, she hopped into the tiny seat and said with sticky hands, “I in chair, Momma.”
I turned back to my work at hand and heard the dragging of the chair throughout the house.
Every time I looked at her, she quickly sat down.
That is one smart chair.
Oh, and I wanted to add that my child would never dispose of said lollipop on the arm of my sofa.

Never! Not my kid.


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    Guess now you’ll tell her to sit in the chair in the kitchen! Haha–what a smarty. Congratulations on the magazine thingy/partnership.

  2. 28


    Reminds me of when my niece was told to "clean her plate" before she could have desert & she promptly scraped it off into the trash can. It was "cleaned off" alright!
    Thanks for sharing.

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