Because a Potty Post Seems Appropriate

The queen is on the throne, y’all.
And you’ll never believe how it happened.

I went away on a weekend trip, and my hubby potty trained our 2 year old while I was gone.
I tried to talk him into starting a blog called “How I potty-trained my 2 year old while her Mom was at #Blissdom09,” but he was hesitant.
Instead, I convinced him to share his tips here (because seriously, she’s had very few accidents, is not using pull ups and really gets it!) He wanted me to convey that when I left town, our toddler had a strong interest and a new package of Dora panties. So, he can’t take full credit.
Before I outline his best-selling potty training tips, I have to tell you something funny.
In the middle of one of the sessions, my phone vibrated. I knew it was important because it wasn’t the normal text message my hubby had been sending. I snuck away and had this conversation:
“Hey, she’s going to the bathroom really well, but I must be doing something terribly wrong!”
“What happened???”
“Well, sometimes the pee shoots in 7 1/2 different streams! Why? What am I doing wrong? It’s like a fountain and I just got hit in the face!”
It was really hard to return to my session. Because I wanted to continue rolling on the floor laughing.
What a guy. Huh?
So. Without further ado, the tips (according to him, but written by me):
1. Let your child be in the bathroom with you to watch, flush, participate.
Me: Yeah, so we have no privacy. Works well for potty-training. But I draw the line at letting someone else wipe me. Because our girl is very helpful!
2. Watch for signs. Your child will let you know when they are ready. When they are interested, take the opportunity. Don’t miss this window.
Me: I mentioned to my hubby before my trip that she was interested. But it was a really inconvenient time to start potty training. I probably would have told her just to keep using the diaper. I’m so glad he didn’t.
3. Let your child participate. Give them choices of underwear and be flexible. Our daughter didn’t use the cute potty chair my wife bought once. If I’d forced the issue, she wouldn’t have trained.
Me: Anyone need a cute, barely used potty chair throne? It’s perfect for efficiency.
4. My older kids really helped. Our toddler really trained herself. It was easy because she wanted to learn, she had an audience, a lot of encouragement, new underwear, and we stayed at home a lot.
Me: Rent a big kid.
5. I rewarded her every time she used the bathroom with a small piece of candy (an M&M; or Skiddle).
Me: She’s peeing rainbows. But she’s peeing!!
[So, to summarize: I did not go on a lovely weekend all by myself and leave my hubby to potty training our toddler. Because I would never do that!]

Overall, potty training has been really easy. Hate us.
The only problem I see, is she wants to stay naked ALL THE TIME.
So we’re moving to a nudist colony.

, she pulls down her panties and shows random people at Wal Mart her business.
But other than those two minor issues, we’re good.


  1. 3


    This cracks me up-your two year old and mine would get along just fine-she did the same thing too(minus the nudity, but everyone at Walmart always knew she was now using the potty!)

    Rest assured you’re not the only one who has no privacy, my kids wouldn’t mind sitting on my lap while on the throne!

  2. 6


    HAHAHAH! What a great post. Your blog always makes me chuckle and you have the most helpful tips. I don’t have kids yet, but I will one day and I will definitely bookmark this post for future reference. Thank you for sharing your life and family with us. You all truly are a blessing.

  3. 7


    Congratulations to all!

    I tried to get my now 3 yr old to train at 18 months, like her sister did… ha… didn’t work! But we got this really cute Winnie the Pooh potty seat, around the time she was 27 months. Combine that with new panties, she was trained before the end of the week. I couldn’t believe it.

    Glad it all worked out for you.

  4. 8


    You’re hilarious! I especially love the peeing rainbows part. :)

    Sending a big pat on the back to your husband. Enjoy your diaper-free existance!

  5. 9


    Our daughter was EXTREMELY easy to potty train. It took exactly one day. She was ready and so were we. Plus, it was payback from God for having to endure potty training our son 2 years earlier. I think I qualify for sainthood since both of us are still alive.

  6. 10


    My son potty trained himself practically. Everyone was so impressed with me because boys are supposedly hard to potty train! I basically did everything you guys did, and yes he is naked a lot of the time when we’re at home. I try to at least get him to wear underwear or shorts so if someone drops by he’s not totally nude!

  7. 12


    Okay, you are too funny. But in all seriousness Big Brother was like that. He just got it. One day (at any EXTREMELY early age) he came to us and started telling us he had to go to the bathroom. We followed his lead and that was it. He never looked back. Congrats!!!

  8. 15


    A few weeks ago, I asked my mom if she would take my 2-year-old to her house for the weekend and potty-train him. I told her I’d pay her $50, but she still said no! :)

    I have no doubt my husband would have better luck than me. He’s much more patient and attentive and not as worried about messes!

  9. 16


    Congratulations- that is HUGE!

    My kids are the biggest pain in the rear to potty train. My son was 3.5 before he decided to go on the potty, but he never had a single accident once he made the choice for himself.

    I have heard girls are easier, but my daughter seems to be proving that theory wrong. Little booger 😉

  10. 18


    Yay, for potty training! You are hilarious! Ok, I need to have a serious talk with the older kids around here to help their sister get motivated. Dora panties, why didn't I think of that! Skittles and M&M;'s check!
    My daughter shows interest only at public restrooms. Yuck!
    I'll let you know how it goes.

  11. 19


    I hate potty training, so I will rejoice with you!!!! 2 of my kids insisted on being naked for a month or 2 after they were trained. It helped reduce accidents, so we went with it. My daughter finally let me put her in dresses and just didn’t wear undies. Only at home, mind you!

    That is one amazing husband!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  12. 21


    AWESOME!!! I’m a firm believer in waiting until the child is ready. My daughter was pretty quick to train, and never wore Pull-Ups either. Now, my son…he’s 27 months and has ZERO interest in training. I hear boys are more difficult, and I’m believing it!!!!

  13. 22


    I think girls are supposed to be easier than boys, or is that an old wives tale. My daughter trained really quickly just after her second birthday, but we did get some use out of the girly throne.

    These days we’re not even allowed in the room with her. She’s a big girl and she’ll do it all by herself, thank you very much. They’re hilarious at that age.

  14. 25


    That’s fantastic!! We’re doing pretty well here, but pottying away from home is a problem – the Girlie is terrified of big, commercial potties. We’ll have to figure something out!

  15. 26


    We started potty training this weekend, and it is not going as well as yours. Here is my hairy eyeball for you: < .>< .>

    lol! Just kidding, I am so happy for you! Maybe next weekend will go this well for us… hmmm…

  16. 28

    4prettybabies says

    Okay…you might have to add that to the list of what makes a husband sexy! Potty training your 2-yr old!?!?! WOW…can I borrow him? I have a 2 1/2 yr old that needs his services! I think I missed the window. She showed signs she was ready around her 2nd b-day, but there was so much going on (holidays) that I didn’t seize the day! I think my older kids are definitely going to be a big help in this department. I think we’re going to have to tackle it next weekend and keep the bottle of carpet cleaner easily accessible! Thanks for the great tips and good laughs!

  17. 29


    When I talked to my husband during the conference he reported that our 2 year old did her messy business on the potty. Then she got on the phone to tell me. I felt strange being excited over the phone for her and hoping nobody heard me congratulating her for going stinky. LOL :)

    Unfortunately she’s not fully trained yet. I should have dropped her off at your house.

  18. 31


    I am cracking up. That was so funny! I'm thinking that maybe the third time's a charm. Our first 2 were a nightmare to train. But the 3rd was a piece of cake. And it was M&M;'s and Thomas Trains that worked for him.

  19. 38


    That post takes me back in time :}

    Just so you know, even when they are older, you will NEVER get to go potty by yourself.

    I have stopped closing the door. It is useless and saves the wear and tear on the hinges.

    Congrats on a HUGE accomplishment :}

  20. 39


    Your husband is a H-E-R-O. Or a potty training Rock Star. Or a combination of the two. We also have a potty training 2 year old. Only 1 accident in a week – the week BEFORE Blissdom. Since then, little guy is prone to saying, “Oh…I pee peed in my pull up. Ooops.” I blame Dad.

  21. 40


    lol. my kids would love that colony but i would scar people for life!!!

    oh and my husband was all for our daughter picking her underwear until they came home with hello kitty panties and every. single. time she would wear them she would point to her “area” and say “meow!” lol. hubs made those panties disappear!!!!!!

  22. 41


    Are you kidding me?!? That’s awesome!

    ROFL at the pee in 7 directions comment. I don’t know how you didn’t have a heart attach on the spot.

  23. 42


    That was so dang funny! Can I borrow your hubby? My 2 year old doesn’t seem to realize what the potty is for. He knows you take off your clothes and you sit down on it. That’s it! He sits for maybe 2 seconds and is up again.

  24. 43


    Aww! WTG Daddy! I can picture you laughing super hard trying to regain composure to get back into your session! :) Congrats on an easy training!

  25. 47


    Seriously. I’m just picking myself off the floor after this one. I think I spit on my monitor….

    My sweet, demure, o-so-lady-like 2y/o tells people she has a gina. All the time. In public. I guess I will now feel fortunate she keeps her panties on, lol.

    I love reading your blog, don’t ever stop.

  26. 49


    I potty trained Kira when she was almost 2 yrs old by letting her stay naked all the time when we were at home. She never had an accident and always used her little potty when she had to go. She even “graduated” to emptying her own potty in the big potty after a couple of months.

    I can’t do this with my youngest child, who is now almost 3 yrs old and not even a little bit potty trained. If I let her be naked, she would pee on the floor just to watch and then she would turn around and splash in the puddle for fun.

  27. 50


    This reminded me of when my son was first potty trained. You know how they still need someone to help them, ya know, wipe..for a little while after? When this child would be done..going..he would yell out, “I need a wiper!” And we’d go in there and he’d be bent over, all ready for someone to wipe him. Oh my gosh that was funny.

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