DIYP #36 Making a Little Girl’s Canopy & Chandelier

My 9 year old daughter wanted to make a few changes to her room. She’s in between the character bedding stage and the free-spirit teenager bedroom style.
In other words, I can still have my way with her room.
After looking through a couple of magazines (and having a mild heartache at bedding and room decor prices), we agreed she just needed a few big girl touches.
So, I thought a canopy over her bed would be fun.  I bought a long white tab top curtain. (I got mine at Ikea, but they are available just about everywhere). 
I bought different colors of wide ric rac that matched her quilt from a fabric store.
I spaced the ric rac strips out on the curtain. I heated up my glue gun and she helped secure each piece:

I bought two cheap curtain rods and attached the hardware to her ceiling. I threaded the tab top ends thru one rod and hung the other end of the curtain by draping it over the other rod:
I’m really pleased with how it turned out! It gives her bed a canopy-feel and cost approximately $25. 
My daughter saw some cute girly chandeliers in a Pottery Barn magazine that were the price of a minivan, so we made our own.
I bought a cheap beaded candle holder.  It caught my eye because it was a hanging candle holder.

I found some crystal hanging things (I think they were ornaments) to hang on the bottom of the candle holder.

I glued a strand of fake pearls on the bottom to hang it:

Turned out pretty cute:

I think our homemade ‘chandelier’ is pretty cute, especially since it cost less than $10!
{Please note that my DIYP posts will move to Fridays (instead of Saturdays) starting next week}


  1. 4


    I love both – very impressed by your skills :)

    I blogged about my 9 year old’s bedroom makeover this week – but not really anything I made myself.

    It agree is a really hard stage to find suitable bedding and fabrics for that age.

  2. 5


    Those are really pretty. Mine is still young enough that character bedding is the be all and end all of a stylish room makeover, but I’ll keep in mind.

  3. 7


    This is adorable and what a reasonable/frugal way to make your daughter’s room completely her own! I’ve been wanting to do some things to my 5 year old’s room, too. This gives me a great place to start. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Heather

  4. 10


    You are brilliant! Seriously. My 6 1/2 year old is obsessed…I mean OBSESSED with a bed canopy and a chandelier. Definitely a girl thing.

    Uh and I’ve been scouting these things out. Chandeliers are definitely the price of a minivan!

  5. 14


    That turned out so cute. Design on a dime for sure! I have been wanting to make canopy’s for my girls room and still ahve not done it. The chandelier was so sweet. Little girls deserve to feel like the princesses they are. Thanks for sharing!

  6. 26


    What great ideas! The canopy turned out great! So clever! And the chandelier…I love that it was so cheap, but even more that it was totally personalized for her – not just something that came from a store! Great job! :)


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    Unfortunately I don’t tend to do allot of onffile marketing in regards to my blog, I did however tell my wife about my blog, and she said “oh thats interesting”!, she also said the same about the day I painted the house and she stood to watch it dry!.Maybe onffile marketing is something I need to try more off!?, thanks for the post:).

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