I’m Not Going to Candy-Coat This

Last week my blog was all puffy hearts, sparkly rainbows and glittery unicorns.
Okay, maybe not the unicorn part, but it did feel very Lisa Frank-ish with the S.W.A.K. Carnival in full swing.
And I loved it. I enjoyed reading your love stories and feeling inspired. I think if we compiled my posts with your comments, it would make a pretty excellent marriage guide.
But, WYSINWYG (what you see is not what you get).
Because, y’all, I was having a bad week.
I couldn’t exactly stop the love-fest with a “Oh my word, do I have a story for y’all!”
So, other than a few cryptic tweets, I waited until today.
Because as it turns out, I rock the THAT family moments.
The week started off with my 2 year old and a horrible infection.  While I will not go into details (be thankful), I will tell you that on Tuesday, my baby endured the most horrific procedure in the office with a pain shot, while her Dad and the nurses held her down.
I just wept quietly in the corner.
My knees go weak just recalling it.
(She is completely better and God had more than a little to do with that).
That same afternoon, my 9 year old returned from school looking pale. She was diagnosed with the Flu (strand B, not covered by the flu shot we got) the next morning in the same office. Our reputation proceeds us. 
I brought home $125 worth of Tamiflu for the entire family. My left eye is still twitching from writing that check.
My son, the healthy one, continued going to school. Towards the end of the week, I had run out of favors and actually had to pick him up from school. I let my oldest stay in her pajamas because it was going to be a quick trip.
And that’s when my car stalled in the car line.
With eleventeen million cars behind me and in front of me.
I think I handled the white trash moment in stride. With the toddler on my hip and my flu-ridden, pajama-clad embarrassed girl on the sidewalk, I directed traffic around my flashing car.
My Mom pulled up, (after a quick, desperate call) rolled down her window and said, “You really are THAT family.”
I wasn’t about to argue with my only ride home. Plus, my Mom is a smart lady.
My hubby rescued my car. 
He was happy to report that I had just run out of gas.
Surprisingly, this did not make me feel better.
P.S. I would tell you that the day after I wrote this post, we had to pull the car over (in route to a Valentine’s lunch) and let one of my kids puke in front of Whataburger. But I figured you wouldn’t believe it.  Because I sure don’t!


  1. 2

    Sweetie says

    Some times the best thing about a week is God gave us the grace to simply survive it! I am thankful you and yours are better this week. Being from the rural parts of South Arkansas originally…you can’t quite get the white trash crown yet….for it was a car, not a four wheeler you saddled up to the car line in….and I’m not sure, but I couldn’t quite see your house slippers from here as appropriate show wear….
    hugs hugs hugs

  2. 5


    I hate to laugh, but it’s just so funny! I do feel for you though! I hope everyone is on the mend. You have Whataburgers out there? Must be different than the drive ins we have here.

  3. 7

    Heather says

    Ok, is it terrible that I just LOL at your expense?? Please tell me no, b/c I have enough guilt already! :)
    I must say that if your car is going to croak on you, it’s going to be when you and/or your child is in pj’s! Or you’re sporting a sweatshirt, no bra, and you’re in your house shoes! 😉
    And if you think you’ve got the whole white trash angle covered, you’d be wrong. B/c today when I went to pick UP the Kindergartener, I saw not 1 but 2 women in HOUSE shoes, and they were the OBVIOUS fuzzy, fluffy ones, too! And then I had to stop by the dreaded Wally World and saw several grown ups in pj pants! Nice! Yes, we do live in hickville! :)
    I hope this week is MUCH better for you! Winter time is TOUGH for so many reasons.

  4. 12


    I noticed your cryptic tweets. Oooo, wow! That’s some bad time you’ve had. Man! Poor you!

    Praying that things look up for you ASAP!

    I just stopped by to say, CONGRATS on taking over WFMW! I’m so psyched for you! I’m certain that you’ll do an awesome job.

  5. 15

    Mrs. Querido says

    Hope your kiddos are feeling much better this week!

    I feel guilty for laughing. But you are so humorous the way you write out life! You write it OUT LOUD and I love to read it.

    Have a much more peaceful and flu-free week.


  6. 16


    When I saw your “picture of the week” and it was nothing but Tamiflu, complete with no commentary . . . . I bet on the worst. Having a husband who lived through a real flu virus like your daughter, I know how horrible it is. My prayers are with you!

    Congrats on the WFMW nod :-) You’re so bombdiggity!

  7. 18


    Hey, congrats on WFMW. If anyone can manage it you can.

    And congrats on getting through THAT week. I think we all have a week like that occasionally.

  8. 19


    Aren’t you glad THAT week is behind you?!! And aren’t you glad that YOU didn’t have your pj’s on too! LOL!

    Congratulations on becoming the new hostess of WFMW! I can’t wait to have another excuse to stalk … err, lurk around your blog. :o)

  9. 23

    Tamra Przybylo says

    I was just directed over from Rocks In My Dryer, and I had to let you know how much I just love your wit and humor that flows around this blog.
    You are going to be a fabulous new face for WFMW :0) I can’t wait to see your first post!!

    All the best.

  10. 25


    It just figures! At least it seems that things are settling down for you. The one nice thing about having it all happen at once is that you get it all OVER WITH!

  11. 26


    My mother ran out of gas in front of my junior high (which was also the senior high). She walked to work and called the garage in town to go get her car. They waited all day to go get it. I had kids I didn’t know (cool senior high kids) coming up to me and asking if that was my mom’s car in the street in front of the school. You do not live that down!

  12. 30


    I hope the word doesn’t get out that you were simply out of gas…….that really stilts the sympathetic factor……my typing teacher in high school always used to say, “when you’re at the bottom, the only way to go is UP”…..hope you are pedaling fast!!! :)
    Um, thanks for keeping it real.


  13. 33


    Lisa Frank – too funny!!

    I’m sorry to hear you had a bad week. I guess the good news is that you’re going to be doing the WFMW carnival now? That’s how I ended up over here. Thought I’d come check out the new home of the carnival. Looking forward to reading more. And hoping this week is much, much better! :)

  14. 34


    Oh no!! You poor thing!

    This is why we love you though.
    Not because you have puke covered pajama wearing white trash kids, but because you’re real. You don’t sugar coat it.

    And we’ve ALL been in similar situations.

  15. 35


    So, I suppose the good news is that ‘THAT’ week is over, no? And it does sound like you handled it well! I’ve had similar things happen – and I’m guessing you have more grace under pressure than I do :) Hope your sweet ones are feeling better…your description of your daughter’s plight turned my stomach…it is so hard to see our little ones in pain. Here’s to hoping THIS week is a good one.

  16. 36


    This is the first time I’ve come by (just found out you were taking over WFMW and headed over to check you out :) )

    Anywho, that is hilarious! But, at least you didn’t have to pay money to have a car fixed; I’d be twitching too after paying that much for medicine!

  17. 41


    Bless your heart! What a week you had! I can relate, it seems that whenever I do not dress my kids for the day, we always for some reason have to get out of the car!

    I will be praying that you have a better week!

  18. 42


    Bless your heart!

    We’re all just coming off the flu despite Tamiflu and all it’s anti-flu-ish promises. Now 3 of the 4 of us have developed bronchitis. We’ve been such regulars, the doctor’s office is now calling daily to see if we need in. It’s a good thing my drummer is an M.D. – he’s saved us a few trips.

    But you have had more than your share. AND you’re taking it all rather well, I’d say.

    U/l-ing hugs, chicken soup and get-well wishes for you all.

  19. 43

    4prettybabies says

    Okay…you’ve just confirmed my very worst fear…my van stalling when bringing my kids to school while I am wearing my pajamas and house slippers! I think you’ve cured me from ever leaving the house in them again!!! I hope everyone was feeling better! I had the sinking suspicion that y’all had the flu when I saw the picture of the perscription bottles! Thanks for the laughs, despite your crazy week!

  20. 44


    You know, that’s how Satan can try to ruin a good thing. Thank you for pressing through all that yuck (and I really do mean “yuck!”) so that you could minister to us. Thanks so much!!

    PS. Hope this week goes better for you!

  21. 45


    Oh sheesh!

    I’ve had one of those days/weeks/neverending times! It stinks from here to high Heaven. I remember one week where everyone down to the wee members of our clan had the flu. I ran out of clean towels because I had to keep mopping up 18 month old little girl vomit everywhere. I don’t think I’d changed clothes in 2 days. My hubby walks into this melee after work and promptly directs me to the shower with a glass of wine in hand.

    I love him.

    Hope all is better now!!!

  22. 47


    Oh you poor bugger what a horid week, you should have shared though because I am sure plenty of us were having those kind of moments last week, life is so not perfect and thats what makes it so beautiful.

  23. 49


    I just don’t know what to say. You had a bad week. The thing that makes you special and a true blessing is that you took it in stride. You dealt with the obstacles and made it past them. You also shared with the world which helps the rest of us know that we ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES!! You also have the talent of making it humorous. Next time I pull over for a puke break for one of the kid’s I know I will think of you! That was supposed to be funny. You are a great Mom and writer. I am not as lonely with your blog in my reader!

  24. 50


    So sorry to hear that you are dealing with sick, really sick kids. We had influenza last year about this time. IT WAS AWFUL. We all ended up with it and we were miserable. I hope the tamiflu works for you and lessens your symptoms. Sadly we didn’t get any and it took about 6 weeks to clear up.
    Hang in there we’re all pullin’ for ya!

  25. 52


    I don’t mean to laugh at what must have been the most miserable week for you – but you tell it in such a funny way! I keep seeing Reece Witherspoon playing you in the movie that should be titled “We are THAT Family”. Much better than what they have in most of the theatres! So glad that your baby is better and praying the rest of your family avoids the B strain… May God give you a more peaceful week!

  26. 53

    BlueCastle says

    Wow. You deserve a vacation. I feel bad for laughing a little at your bad week. I hope it gets much better from here. :)

  27. 54


    Congrats on making it through that week and thanks for making it a worthwhile, funny read for those of us that follow you.

    Also, thanks for taking on the WFMW carnival, I look forward to your first week!!

  28. 58


    Oh my goodness! What a week but you made it through! I’ll have to remember that car line story… I’m always driving around on empty! I hope your little one feels better soon!

  29. 59


    I’m so sorry about the baby’s recent doctor’s visit!!! I had to hold down the Tongginator for many a procedure when we first came home (especially the dreaded catheters) and oh-my it is horrible. Hugs to you!!!

  30. 61


    That is an unbelievably hilarious story! I am sorry to admit that it really cracked me up. I laughed at your mom’s comment and your P.S. I certainly hope this week is much, much better!

  31. 62


    So sorry to hear about your horrendous week. Sadly it sounds familiar. I won’t go into detail but I took up your challenge to kiss my hubby every day..we made it to February 3rd and then the stomach flu hit…over and over.Evidently its possible to catch it from each of the children. I was then well enough to go and do my nursery duty at church a week ago and caught the worst cold I’ve ever had…no exaggerating.
    I plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in June from now on…hopefully we’ll be healthy enough to enjoy it.

  32. 63


    Oh how I have been there and back! I am sorry your Love Carnival made everyone sick…just kidding! :)
    I hope that everyone is in full swing health again. I can imagine it was a crazy time but through God’s grace it will make everyone stronger through it all!
    We had a year where 3 kids were sick with various bugs and literally my husband and I were a couple of dizzy clowns running up and downstairs cleaning up the newest spots as someone didn’t make it to the bathroom constantly for about a week! I was ready to just burn the house down and start fresh, seemed like it would be easier to a point! But, we all laugh about it now.
    Thanks for sticking it out and I hope this week you have some special not so crazy moments! :)

  33. 65


    I have run out of gas in the turning lane in front of a gas station on one of the busiest streets in the city. I was not in my pj’s and I hadn’t picked up my kids yet but I still had to get a gas can and fill it up and then put it into my van in the middle of the street. The station was on an incline so it took 3 men to push it up to the pump when I still couldn’t start it. I still don’t think that is as embarassing as your story but I wanted you to know that you are not alone! Can’t wait to see what you do with WFMW!!!

  34. 70


    HA! We all have a running out of gas story. Mine went all the way to the mechanics b/c I was swearing up and down it had gas in it and the gauge was wrong!! Talk about red in the face when the mechanic told me what the problem was—now I am anal about filling up when I get down to half a tank!!!

    Hope this week is better than the last one!

  35. 71


    The positives (and no I am not THAT girl):

    1. Flu strain B – at least it’s not A, which is proving to be resistant to Tamiflu.

    2. It was pajamas, NOT a nightie.

    3. It was only out of gas – not something expensive to fix or something to make it worth junking the car.

    4. You got me on the vomit – not much I can say that’s positive except, at least it wasn’t in the car. (?)

    Uhm…are we related?

    I just hopped over here from RIMD after I read the post about WFMW. I look forward to Wednesdays!

  36. 72

    Anonymous says

    Love the white trash moment! That really is the best description of moments like that when we just want to cringe!


  37. 73


    Been there, done that. It’s really not fun.

    I hope everyone is well on the road to recovery over there! And that your son stays healthy.

  38. 75


    I saw this on twitter and now that I have read the whole thing all I can say is Oh my!! Sorry you had such a difficult week. At least you know this one can only get better, right?

  39. 78


    Congrats on being the new WFMW hostess. How am I EVER going to win a contest here with all the new readers this will bring you….yes, I know, it’s not all about me. ;o) Seriously, congratulations.

    Now, THIS post is why you will always remain the queen of THAT family. You tell these stories with so much grace and humor. Love it!

  40. 80


    We all have those weeks. I hope this one is better.
    FWIW my little guy puked right in front of the dollar store a while back. All over me, the basket he was riding in, and our bags of stuff. I feel your vomiting in public pain.

  41. 81


    Oh gosh you poor thing! We have moments like THAT, too! Don’t you worry! There are more families like THAT out there then you think! People just don’t want to admit it, huh?!
    We are THAT family, too. We have a million kids (ok, 4), but according to everyone we have a million! And we are CRAZY to want more…so, you know…
    ((Hugs)) and CONGRATS on being the new home for Works for Me Wednesday! It’s a great meme, even though I’ve only participated a few times. I work a meme on my blog on Wednesdays called Worship Wednesday (yea, so it’s not all that creative). But it helps me focus in on worshipping HIM through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Like today….my 3 year old is in the hospital on oxygen from an asthma attack. This is a yearly occurance :(
    Anyways…thank you for sharing. Seems like there are several people (blogging moms) who just really need to be transparent right now. Don’t feel bad about that.

  42. 82


    I’m wondering if your little one had the same procedure I did to remove an MRSA infection? It landed us in the hospital though, because I’m THAT mom and figured some neosporin and a bandaid would fix everything!

  43. 85


    ok, i am not one to laugh at others’ pain because i am sure that what you endured last week was horrific for all of you — but you have such a way of writing it all out that you had me laughing out loud — with tears! yes, that would totally happen to me too. but man, that was some funny storytelling.

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