Scary Cindy {Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You}

My now nine year old daughter has always had a thing for Cinderella.
Let’s just call her Cindy, okay? Because we’re like this (crossing fingers to indicate closeness).
I shared this photo last year of their first meeting:

2002, 2 years old
It made me weep. It was my hubby’s first Disney encounter and I promise I saw a tear in his eye too. He even whispered in my ear, “Maybe she is real.”
He wasn’t kidding.
So, Cindy goes way back with our family.

She came to my daughter’s third birthday party.

She proposed to my son.

She pretty much ruined the chances for the “other” princess':

She convinced Santa to deliver this costume on Christmas morning:

I like to refer to this picture as “Scary Cindy.”
The look on her face is, well, scary.
And just think: I have another daughter, recently turned two, with her first princess light-up shoes. It’s like a nightmare, only with pixie dust.
{Just a reminder: The ‘Fro will be replaced next week with the S.W.A.K. Carnival}


  1. 2

    BlueCastle says

    You know, having just 2 boys, I think princesses would be much preferable to superheros and transformers running around the house. :)

    Very cute. :)

  2. 5


    I’m kind of glad I don’t have any little princesses yet. Guns and cars and such are sometimes easier than Barbies and princess costumes.
    I liked Jasmine as a little girl ’cause she had cool hair :) None of my brothers ever wanted to watch Cinderella with me :(

  3. 11


    Brings back sweet memories.

    Okay, Kristen, working on the “Fro” – my computer pics only go back so far. One day I will shock you.

    Tonight I attempted to pull and old pic off of Facebook and lost about an hour or two there.

    Have fun at BlissDom!! :)

  4. 16


    At least you have a princess. My oldest daughter wouldn’t let me put bows in her hair at the early age of 6 months. Now she just wants to go for the skater boy grunge look. I wish I had a scarey princess. :-)

  5. 17


    My daughter spent two years of her life dressed like Cinderella. Her grandmother made her two dresses so she’d have something to wear while I washed one. I am so not exaggerating. Two years. Then she switched to the Little Mermaid.

    I have lots of funny Cinderella stories. But that scary Cinderella? Girl, that is definitely scary!

  6. 18


    Oh that is too funny! Personally, I am a big Jasmine fan. She is my favorite (no diss to Cindy though). Hubby doesn’t think Baby Sister will have a princess phase (how ignorant of him!!!)

  7. 27


    We don’t see much of “Cindy” or any of her sisters around here, but lots of scary Bionicles and Transformers!

    Have FUN this weekend. And that’s an order!

  8. 35


    I just wanted to comment that this is my first time posting on your meme.

    I found your blog through another blog I regularly read, I just wish I could remember who’s blog it was. Anyway great post. Wait ’til you see some of the dress up stories and pictures I have to show.

    I can’t wait for each week to post anew. I love your meme because it gives me a chance to post old photos that occurred before I was blogging.


  9. 37

    freefun0616 says

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