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Welcome to Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You, where we post pictures that won’t make it into a scrap book because a.) we don’t scrapbook b.) the pictures are embarrassing and/or terrible c.) we are lazy. 

Feel free to join in!

You know the old saying, “Idle hands are the Devil’s tools?”
It’s true.

And it turns out the Devil and toddlers are cohorts.

Buds, friends, BFF’s.

My girl loves water. She loves washing her hands 49 times a day or taking 5 baths a day.

Or playing around in the potty. She’s not picky about her water.

We did this a lot last week. I put shaving cream on a cookie sheet, donned her mini apron, rolled up her sleeves and let her play.

We wrote the alphabet, drew faces and balanced the checkbook.

Looks fun, doesn’t it?

When that got old we moved the fun to the tub. I squirted the shaving cream on a floating plastic tray and she abused her brother’s hot wheels.

I love those little hands. 

Busy and idle.


  1. 1


    I love this activity. And on a cookie sheet….brilliant!!

    Of course, my 7 year old empties the shaving cream can in the shower now “painting” on the shower walls!

  2. 18


    Oh, fun! When I had a linoleum kitchen floor I let the kids spray it down with shaving cream and skate. They had fun and I ended up with a shiny floor! Now that I have hardwood I let them do this with furniture polish every once in a while. I didn’t think as practically as you – a cookie sheet is fun without the hour of clean-up…!

  3. 20


    Oh! I always thought the pictures had to be vintage to participate in your carnival!

    I’ve got a doozy for you. I’ll be back later. 😀 I’m gonna win the Mommy of the Year award!

  4. 21


    I used to do that with my kids, but I put shaving cream on a paper plate and then let them paint on the bathroom walls with it during their bath. Sometimes I squirted a little food coloring in it and tinted it. I miss those days!

  5. 24


    She is such a cut cohort of the devil! :)

    I wonder if I did this in the tub for Logan would he stay in there longer than a minute? I mean he is in and out of there so quickly that I think he is allergic to water.

  6. 25


    My daughter’s preschool uses that trick to clean up some of the toys! The ride-on toys outside get “car washes” occasionally; the kids have fun playing with foam, and the toys get clean. :)

  7. 33


    I have an old photo that was part of an old blog post that I shared – hope that’s ok to add to your little carnival. But I thought my “then and now” theme might suit seeing as Tonggu Momma was pulling out the old pics for her post as well.

  8. 44

    ggirl says

    New to your blog…and to this ‘fro thing. What does the ‘fro stand for? For the life of me I can’t figure what letters are missing before the fro and it’s making me nuts. I thought it might be a way of saying from except that would be fro’ so I’m at a loss.

  9. 45


    If you’re new to the ‘fro, I got this name because as a child my Mom did so many home perms on my hair, I developed a lovely afro. So, the carnival began with unscrappable photo, both old and new, ‘fro and no ‘fro hair, etc!

  10. 46

    ggirl says

    Thanks for the explanation! The only thing I could think of was afro but I didn’t know if that was politically correct anymore. I myself sported a number of home perms and can identify with the ‘fro.

  11. 47

    freefun0616 says

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