A Mother’s Necklace {Giveaway}

*Update with Winner* Thank you all for entering! I knew you would love rhb designs as much as I do! Congratulations to our random winner, JJ.  

Family ties. 
They bind us. 
(Think positive, happy thoughts).
Seriously, though, when it comes down to it, life is about family bonds. 
And that’s why I love today’s giveaway. 
Rosalynn of rhb designs has created a beautiful Mother’s Necklace, named Family Ties. It is fashioned to contain your children’s names, as well as Mom and Dad’s.

Isn’t it unique? And lovely?

Of her creation, Rosalynn says “The center heart is sterling silver and has a hammered finish, it is also domed.  It has different options– it can include two short names on the bottom, two longer names listed one on top of the other, initials, a date, or can be left blank.  The circle is a 1.25″ sterling silver disc and can fit 30 letters/spaces with the lower case fancy font, or 36 letters/spaces with the uppercase typewriter font.  It comes with a 16″ or 18″ dainty ball chain, cable chains are available upon request.”
The value is $40.

If you’d like to be entered to win this beautiful custom necklace for yourself or for a Mom in your life, please leave a comment and tell Rosalynn what else you like in her darling store, rhb designs!
This giveaway will end on Thursday.


  1. 3


    Am I really the first comment? Well, I just adore your necklace giveaway – reminding through the presentation, that the parents are the nucleous of the family with the kids being the next generation extension of the klan. So cool.

    If I win, Cory and Julie would be the parents inside with Bekah and Cade as the kiddos on the bigger circle.


  2. 10


    I love the necklace you are giving away — it is my favorite! I love all of your stuff, though! If I had to choose one other piece, I would choose the petite tags bracelet.

  3. 13

    Anonymous says

    I love them all! I keep leaving my husband ‘hints’ (i.e. the website) but I still don’t have one. I really like all of her stuff!

    Jen M., Texas

  4. 24


    Oh. My. Goodness. This is one of the best etsy shops I’ve seen. How do you even choose a favorite? I love the one you’re giving away, plus the large family circle, the petite tags bracelet, and the copper mother’s necklace, among others. Thanks for introducing us!

  5. 27


    I really like all of the jewelry in her shop. Very unique. I love what you’ve featured for your giveaway but I also really love the Petite Tag Bracelet. I have just the special mom in mind if I win. Thanks for the cool giveaway. :)

  6. 31


    I love all of it, we have to tell you just one? :) Well, besides the totally awesome one you are giving away, my next fav is the Petite Tags Bracelet. Too cute!

    Cheers, Kiy

  7. 34

    Jodi says

    Lots of gorgeous pieces in her store! I liked the Faith Hope and Love necklace and I love the layered looks.

  8. 37


    I think it is all beautiful! I keep hinting to my husband that I would LOVE some sort of a mother’s necklace or charm or bracelet or ring….something. It’s all beautiful…..what a great talent!

  9. 45


    That is one of the cutest mother’s necklaces I’ve seen so far! I also love the wish upon a star necklace in her shop. Adorable!


  10. 49

    kate nowak says

    i LOVE the “let your dreams take flight” necklace! it would be perfect for our daughter’s birthday. what amazing work!

    kate n.

    katenowakistan at gmail dot com

  11. 51


    Wow such cute and unoque stuff. I love the look of the copper. So awesome. I am going to order the hope necklace for myself and 2 of my fellow ministry volunteers. I love that message too.

  12. 54


    I just love that necklace. It’s inspired!
    If I win this one, I would give it to my mom. and.. buy one for myself.

    Blessings and Thanks for a great giveaway.

  13. 55


    Wow… I think I know where I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping :)
    My favorite is the one featured here, but the “Live in the Moment” comes in a close second.

  14. 59

    amygcb says

    Love everything but especially the versions with the pearls–so delicate and feminine. I’m definitely sending my gift-clueless husband in the direction of this website for Mother’s Day!

  15. 60


    I think that I like the one featured on your blog best because it includes the parents names Very cool! But I also like the Family Circle Birthstone Necklace. Really they are all beautiful.

  16. 62

    Andrea C. says

    I love the one that’s featured, but if I had to pick a second favorite, it would be the Copper Mother’s Necklace.

  17. 65


    Oh la la… I like a lot of the items. The circle with family birthstones is really cool!!

    My email is sarahw56@ gmail.com

    Thanks so much! This is lovely!!!

  18. 66


    Everything is lovely. You always have the best things on your Blog. I love her family circle necklace with the pearl in the middle :-)

  19. 71


    I really love the one you featured AND the family necklace with the pearl in the middle + the pearl earrings! I’m a pearls kinda gal, they’re classic and always in 😉

    Thank you for this opportunity!


  20. 76

    Beth S. says

    Love them…they’re all so beautiful! I love the one that you have on your blog the best, though! Would be happy to own any of them!

  21. 77


    I love the Family Circle Birthstone Necklace. I’ve always wanted a Mother’s birthstone piece of jewelry, but this one is so pretty and unique!

  22. 78


    OH, I just LOVE EVERYTHING! She offers some beautiful keepsake peices! If I HAD to pick a favorite, I would pick the Family Circle Birthstone Necklace but really, I LOVE IT ALL!

  23. 81


    Love these designs, especially the family circle. It’s the perfect expression of the family bond that lasts forever. Copper and sterling are a great combination as well…unique!

  24. 85


    I HEART the family circle necklack. I’ve been going back and forth on getting a new tattoo with my hubby and kids names on it. This giveaway necklace would be a perfect substitute for the tattoo!!!

  25. 89


    Wow – everything in her little shop is gorgeous, but the one on your website is my favorite – with a close second being the family circle necklace with the pearl – beautiful!!

  26. 93


    I love the Family Ties necklace, as well as all of the Family Circle necklaces. Oh, who am I kidding, I love all of her stuff :)

  27. 103


    My favorite is the necklace featured for the giveaway. I also love the “IT’S A BOY” necklace. I would have loved wearing that when I was pregnant since I was asked so very many times!!

    Beautiful jewelery!

  28. 106


    SO many precious designs! I think I like the tiny tags necklace because our family is not complete, yet. It would be great to be able to add to it as our family grows.

  29. 110


    What beautiful jewelry! I love the Tiny Tags Necklace, personalized and hand stamped family, mommy, name necklace with 3 sterling silver discs, Custom…

  30. 112

    Heather P says

    I absolutely LOVE the necklace that you are giving away. It is so unique to include the parents’ names and so wonderful — LOVE it! I also really like the copper and the petite tags. Everything is truly lovely.

  31. 113


    Please sign me up for the give away! I love her work- amazing to be able to make beautiful items such as the give a way necklace and the large family circle (luv it!)

  32. 116


    I love the one featured on your post but I also love the Je T’aime Necklace. My husband and I went to Paris for our honeymoon-I love all things french.

  33. 117


    Beautiful! And I also LOVE the tiny tags necklace! I’ve been hinting for awhile to hubby that I want something like this with the childrens names…maybe I should just WIN it instead!;)

  34. 129


    Oh my gosh, I love it all, especially the family circle necklace. I have always wanted something with my girls names on it. I will keep this in mind, hopefully I will win:)

  35. 130


    This is my kind of jewelry. So clean, so different, so meaningful. I love this necklace on your post, I also like the petite tag necklace with the initials and the “Live in the Moment” necklace. She does beautiful work!

  36. 131


    This is my kind of jewelry. So clean, so different, so meaningful. I love this necklace on your post, I also like the petite tag necklace with the initials and the “Live in the Moment” necklace. She does beautiful work!

  37. 135


    Everything is beautiful. I have three favorites: Mommy diamond, large family circle and the family circle birth. I hope I win because it would be great gift to give my mother-in-law that lives away from her grandchildren.

  38. 137


    This is the greatest prize ever!

    I love her designs….and I want to give them as gifts.
    My teen girls would love them…..and my son’s girlfriend too.

    They would love the initial’s.

  39. 138


    I love the one you are giving away. That is my favorite. But I also like the large family circle necklace. I bought one like it from another Etsy store but yours is much cuter (and cheaper too!). I wish I would have found your store earlier!!!

  40. 140


    I actually like the one featured in giveaway the best! Although I like the mom with the flowers for the number of children a lot also.

  41. 145


    Everything is so pretty, but I especially like the Single Name Silver Pendant with pearl dangle. (SOrry, I forgot the actual name of the item from Etsy!) Love your store! Keep up the beautiful work.

  42. 146


    What beautiful jewelry! My favorite is the ‘let your dreams take flight’ necklace with the butterfly. I have always believed that a butterfly corssing your path indicates positive change in your life!

    Thanks for the chance!

  43. 147


    I love the necklace you featured. I have seen many mother’s necklaces, I really like this one b/c it has the mom and dad’s name too. Very symbolic!

    The It’s a Boy/It’s a girl necklace is really cute too!

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