A Mother’s Necklace {Giveaway}

*Update with Winner* Thank you all for entering! I knew you would love rhb designs as much as I do! Congratulations to our random winner, JJ.  

Family ties. 
They bind us. 
(Think positive, happy thoughts).
Seriously, though, when it comes down to it, life is about family bonds. 
And that’s why I love today’s giveaway. 
Rosalynn of rhb designs has created a beautiful Mother’s Necklace, named Family Ties. It is fashioned to contain your children’s names, as well as Mom and Dad’s.

Isn’t it unique? And lovely?

Of her creation, Rosalynn says “The center heart is sterling silver and has a hammered finish, it is also domed.  It has different options– it can include two short names on the bottom, two longer names listed one on top of the other, initials, a date, or can be left blank.  The circle is a 1.25″ sterling silver disc and can fit 30 letters/spaces with the lower case fancy font, or 36 letters/spaces with the uppercase typewriter font.  It comes with a 16″ or 18″ dainty ball chain, cable chains are available upon request.”
The value is $40.

If you’d like to be entered to win this beautiful custom necklace for yourself or for a Mom in your life, please leave a comment and tell Rosalynn what else you like in her darling store, rhb designs!
This giveaway will end on Thursday.


  1. 159


    The pearls add such a dressy look to the casual silver. I’m drawn to the Blessed Beyond Measure design, but all of the family choices are lovely, too.

  2. 165


    What an AWESOME Etsy Shop!!!! I can’t say which of her pieces I love more than another because they are all so unique and lovely. All the family pieces are so beautiful and the “Live In The Moment” seems to keep my attention as well. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway and for introducing me to Rosalynn’s work!

  3. 168

    Liz from WI says

    The one you are featuring is so beautiful– I also like the birthstone necklace. There are 7 of us…what a rainbow that would be!

  4. 169

    Theresa says

    Thanks for the giveaway…I love the necklace, it is sweet, simple and a lovely idea. If I were to win I would have a difficult time deciding if I should be a good daughter and give it to my mom or keep it for myself:)

  5. 180


    Blessed Beyond Measure I guess (took me ages to decide!) but honestly, they are all beautiful and having my children’s names next to my heart would be sheer delight.

  6. 185


    I love all the designs. Very hard to choose, but I love the Je T’aime Necklace, sterling silver domed heart, hand stamped with purple pearl charm. The colored pearl is unique.

    Thanks for the entry.

  7. 193


    I love this necklace!! It is just what I have been looking for in that I can include mine & my husband's names as well as my children! I also love the double layer necklace. I love all of your creations!!

  8. 201

    courtney says

    I love all her designs…so my style!! If I had to choose I would say the copper heart with my kids names on it. Thanks!!

  9. 202


    Hey you, just got your message, I forget to check the inbox on the ole’ FB account. It was a true pleasure to see your name in there, by the way!

    This is the sweetest necklace, like ever. I like the sweetheart necklace too…

    I e-mail you later…

    Lots of love- H

  10. 206


    I absolutely LOVE this necklace. I’ve made comments about her other pieces – and I have to say that I love everything that she’s made. I can’t wait to be able to order something.

    Thanks for the entry :)

  11. 208


    I really like the one you featured the best. I would love to see our wedding date and my two boys names. So precious. But I also like the Family Circle birthstone necklace.

  12. 211


    Beautiful shop. I really like all the copper pieces, but the one I like best is the copper mother’s necklace. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. 214

    Healthy Home Maker says

    This necklace is amzing — it is my favorite of her creations, though they are all wonderful. I am so glad that you are doing this giveaway so I’d be led to this website. If I don’t win one, I am putting it on my gift wish list for sure!!!!

  14. 215


    Your Mother’s Necklace is lovely! I also love the family birthstone necklace and the j’taime necklace…so sweet!
    Hope I win!

  15. 216


    Are you kidding? I have to pick just one? Nothing could beat the the family necklace on your page. The ones with kids names are great,but having the whole family represented is even better.

  16. 221


    I love the one you featured in your post, but also the Copper Mother’s Pendant. Those are so cute, I’m thinking about ordering my mom one for Mother’s Day.

  17. 224


    OMG what a cute necklace!! I have been wanting one of these stamped necklaces for a while, but I haven’t been able to splurge and get one yet… I’d love it!

    I also really like the tiny tags necklace… They are both so cuteeee!

  18. 225


    This is my fave- Family Circle Birthstone Necklace, personalized and hand stamped mommy , name necklace, silver with bezel set birthstones, Custom.

  19. 228


    Love the Family Ties necklace – that’s one I would actually wear! (I don’t wear necklaces much – I blame the baby for that!)

  20. 230

    Kara says

    The one you’re giving away is my favorite. The family circle birthstone necklace would be my next choice.

    My boys all have names that are difficult to find, so I would love to get a custom piece like this with all of them on it!

    kjkmom2boys at yahoo dot com

  21. 239


    This one’s my favourite, followed by the mother’s copper one and the family birthstone one.

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  22. 246


    Love the family circle birthstone necklace. Lovely work! Thanks for this great giveaway!

    Lona at shadysidefarm.etsy.com

  23. 253

    Judith says

    Love the giveaway necklace.
    Also love the Family Circle birthstones necklace….. pretty.
    What beautiful work!

  24. 255


    There are so many designs that I like-it is hard to choose. The giveaway necklace would be so pefect for a mother’s day gift for my best friend. I also love the copper mother’s heart, when you wish upon a star and sister’s necklace. Fabulous giveaway!


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