DIYP #41 A Thrifty Window Seat Makeover

My master bedroom is average size and pretty ordinary. The focal point is this window with a seat large enough to sit on. 

For nearly 5 years, we’ve just piled stuff there.
I have felt inspired to makeover the area several times, but felt very uninspired every time I checked into having a custom cushion made. 

After flipping thru a magazine, I realized that the answer was in pillows. Now, throw pillows aren’t always cheap, but if you shop around, use what you have and get creative, it’s amazing what you can create.
Before I tackled the pillow issue, I moved my existing curtain rod to the outside of the window, so the panels would create a small room feeling. You can see in the above picture where the rod was (the little white patch where I need to touch up the paint).
Next, I made several pillows out of napkins. I bought a package of napkins (they usually come 4 or 8 in a package). I love this option because it involves absolutely no sewing!

I matched up the sides and glued them together, leaving a hole small enough for stuffing.
I used this glue:

Make sure you glue a little at a time, not like I’m showing you in the picture below. I learned as I went that it’s hard to match up sides that have already been glued. It’s much easier to match up sides and add glue by lifting the edges.

I let the ‘pillows’ dry overnight. And stuffed them the next day. I couldn’t believe how well the fabric bonded!

I glued up the remaining seam and it’s hard to tell which pillows came off my bed, which ones I bought at WalMart for $5 and which one are napkins glued together for less than $2 each!

The most expensive part of the project was the outdoor lawn cushion I bought ($30). It’s not the exact size of the window seat, but I think it still looks pretty good!

I used some hooks I had on hand from Hobby Lobby ($2.99 each) to hold back the curtains. I spray painted two matching candleholders I’d retired to my garage and shopped my house for a couple of coordinating candleholders.

The entire makeover cost around $50!


The deeper I delve into this blogging community, the more I realize that I belong here. 

But I have also discovered that this online world is a powerful vortex that is enticing and time-consuming.   And as much it enhances my real life, I cannot let it become my life.    
I need to blog. I need to write. I need to use my voice. But I do not want my children to remember being raised from behind my computer.   
This is the work I want to pursue. I decided recently I need “work hours.” I wrote down a schedule for allotted computer time. I posted the hours near my laptop as a constant reminder of my goals. It’s going to take some discipline but I’m giving myself an E for effort. 
In my journey, I’ve learned that many others struggle with finding the same balance. Pampering Beki issued an Unplugged challenge encouraging bloggers and readers to unplug one day a week. I decided to join in and rearranged my blog posting schedule to six days a week instead of seven. I’m encouraging our entire family to unplug all the screens in our house one day a week! 
And on the heels of that decision, I learned that Kimba declared Friday (tomorrow) a day to unplug and catch up on life. I’ll be joining her and turning off my computer for 24 hours starting tonight. Look for my DIY post late Friday night (it’s a fun one!). 
I love the Internet. I think it is a valuable tool and it has taken this stay-at-home Mom on an amazing journey and I look forward to the future. But striking a balance is crucial to truly healthy living. 
How do you strike a balance? Do you ever feel the need to unplug?

Smarty Pants

I live with smart people.
(And I’m not just talking about being outsmarted or smart mouths).
In order to challenge the third grade class, my daughter’s teacher decided to let her students create their own spelling list if they scored a 100% on the new list at the beginning of each week.
The catch? The student-created spelling lists must contain words that are challenging.
In other words, that leaves out words like: bed, dog, bat
But that’s okay with my daughter. Here’s her list:
And the circled words emanations and picador?
Yes, I did that.
In my lofty, English-degreed mind, I circled the ones that I didn’t think were words.
You know, to help my daughter out.
Turns out they are words:
em·a·na·tion  (m-nshn)
1. The act or an instance of emanating.
a. Something that issues from a source; an emission.
b. Chemistry Any of several radioactive gases that are isotopes of radon and are products of radioactive decay.

pic·a·dor  (pk-dôr, pkä-dôr)

n. pl. pic·a·dors or pic·a·do·res 
A horseman in a bullfight who lances the bull’s neck muscles so that it will tend to keep its head low for the later stages of the fight.

And that I’m way out of my league.
I think I’ll just color with my 2 year old.

WFMW: The Second Hand

I have always loved a bargain. When I was a teenager, my Dad would give my sister and I a $10 bill for shopping. My sister would return with an adorable shirt from the mall.

I would return with an entire wardrobe from the thrift store, albeit smelly.
My love for second hand items came alive in college. Everything in my dorm room and closet were gently used. This art became a gift during the first years of my marriage and a necessity when we had babies on one income.
And even though there are some things I can afford now, I will not pay full price until I first exhaust my second hand options.
I don’t mind if you call me the second hand queen (as long as you attach queen to the title).
Tips for shopping second hand:
  • Shop with a plan-know current sizes or estimate off season sizes
  • Familiarize yourself with retail prices so you know a good deal when you see it
  • Check items carefully for holes, stains, broken zippers, etc
  • Forget the stigma especially during these economic times
  • Ask, “Is this the best price you can do?” You might be surprised at the answer
  • Check for coupons, discounts, specials-even thrift and resale shops offer these
Tips for selling your second hand items to a resale store:
  • Make sure your items are clean and in good working condition
  • Check online for product recalls
  • Know the value of new and used for the item(s)
  • Decide before you go how much you will take for your big items
  • If you’re at a resale store, take store credit instead of cash. They often offer 20% more if you shop in their store with your credit.
Places to second hand shop:
  • Garage sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Resale shops
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist
  • Freecycle
  • Classified ads
  • Swap Mamas (created by blogger Mommy Pie)

Children’s resale chain stores (I’ve frequented that offer name brands):

Kid to Kid (this is the one I use most often)
Here’s a few children’s online resale stores:
Want more? Follow this link.
70% of my kid’s items are second hand. The rest are items I find on clearance. Much of my home decor is from thrift stores or garage sales also. I found a great kid’s resale shop in my town and I’m one of their best customers. (I’m not bragging, the owner told me that! I’m not proud). 
The other day I took in this potty chair, a booster seat and a couple of toys my toddler had outgrown. I was given $37.49 in store credit. I used a 20% off frequent shopper coupon and bought some nearly new name brand shoes and this adorable outfit:
Plus this awesome picnic table:

I paid $2.14 cash for the difference.
Can I get an Amen?
Buying second hand works for me!
Don’t forget to enter my fun giveaway going on right now, it’s even better than second hand because it’s free!
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Engraved Euniques {Giveaway}

*UPDATED* Congratulations to BrudCrew! You’re the random winner!
[Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. For the next 7 weeks, I will be featuring Mom-based business’ with fantastic giveaways and unique handmade gift ideas each Tuesday for the Mom in your life]
I became a Mother so I could get gifts on Mother’s Day.
Okay, I’m completely kidding, but companies like Engraved Euniques make me glad there is such a day. (And yes, honey, that is a hint).

Engraved Euniques can create any saying or phrase you want!  Here are some of my favorites in celebration of Mother’s Day:

I love personalized items and I love their amazing custom products! 
And guess what? Engraved Euniques is offering one custom item to one lucky reader! Winner can choose anything from the site (personzlized or not) or design their own! (Value: A lot)
Please visit this fun store and leave a comment here about something you’d like to see engraved!
This giveaway will end on Thursday.