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    Oh! And slingin mud at the northern people again are we? {siiiiigh} I wish we had hope of seeing toes sometime soon.

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    Beth S. says

    Don’t you just love those little piggies? It’s the only time my 2-yr. old will sit still! She tried to do her own the other day…
    let’s just say that her feet were bright pink from toe to ankle, her fingers from tip to wrist and she must’ve thought it would make GREAT lipgloss! ‘Nuff said! Good thing it scraped off her two front teeth easily!!! Oh…the joy a 2-yr old brings!!! HIDE THE POLISH!

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    Is this her very first time? AWW!! So precious! My 5yo is a nail polish addict. Seriously, when she was 2 1/2, I came to pick her up from the church nursery where a line of girls had lined up and she was giving manicures. No exaggeration. She has the small muscle coordination that I can only dream of. :)

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    Cute little toes!

    I thought it was that time here until we had to drag out the snow boots and coats again this morning. Ugggh!

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    Judith says

    What sweet little toes!
    A little one at my church looked at my polished toes and said, “You have party feet!”

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    We did this just last weekend. It’s a spring ritual. We go pick out our colors and come home and paint. And there isn’t much cuter than little toes freshly painted.

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    I love the little pink toes! Painting toes is one of our favorite girl time things to do here. My 2 year old insists that hers are “drying out” and need to be redone every day. (mean mommy makes her wait at least a week) :)

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    Joanne says

    That’s so cute. Isn’t it great to see your girl growing up? I was over the moon when it was time for my girl. I spend way too much time on the internet looking at other mom’s blogs etc. I came across a great site called with loads of information for us parents. I just thought I’d share this with you :)

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