THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 36

Picture of the Week:

last week

last year, 2008

The Week in Review: For the second Spring Break in a row we went to the Live Stock Show/Rodeo. Look how much my kids have grown in a year! Weird that the chicks are still the same size though…..

Introduction to The Society: Mommy Daily Vent! Check out this post she submitted. She is definitely a family member!

1.    Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog): 

My blog is Mommy Daily Vent.  I think it’s pretty self explanatory, but any mom of 4 under the age of 10 has to have her venting moments, doesn’t she.  I blog for release, but also to keep from feeling alone.  That sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?  I have 3 in school and one at home and sometimes I need to feel connected with another adult besides a toddler who wants CHEESE!!!

2.    How long have you blogging? 

A little over a year.  I love following other blogs too.  Tips and recipes are my favorite, but a good belly laugh never hurts either.

3.    How would you define THAT family? 

THAT family rolls with the punches, even if the punches sometimes throw you for a loop.  THAT family is also the one that everyone dreads seeing at the grocery store, because we take up a whole aisle and take 3 hours to get thru the store!!!!

4.    When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?

Maybe after child #3 was born.  Face it, you have to loosen your standards a bit and not be quite so on top of things when you have 3 children under the age of 5.  

5.    Where can we find your blog? 


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    Wow, I thought I was was the only one who went to stockshows on spring break….’cept WE HAVE TO…we spend 9 days at a stockshow in “the city”….I’m glad to see there are people who go BECAUSE THEY WANT TO…rofl. My husband is an Ag. Teacher….so, the whole family goes w/ him…plus our children show livestock. He lucked into getting a job that was his hobby as well….I wish my allergies let it be more fun for me. :) I do love the animals though….

    I don’t know if I’ve posted before…but, I read your blog often….so much fun you are!!!

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