On. Your. Mark.

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that my three kiddos can pile into sleeping bags, race down the stairs over and over and declare it the best day ever, without getting hurt?
But these same children cannot walk into the kitchen without slipping on a drop of water and end up in the Emergency Room in a Cat Scan tube with a concussion?
They take my breath away.

Bed Head

I’ve got beds on the brain.
And unfortunately, it has nothing to do with me getting into one.
(Although I do have an excuse with a killer sinus infection.) Okay, I did type this from bed, so there’s that.
Anyway, here’s the 411. I’ve always wanted to say that:
My toddler is 29 months old. She is fully potty trained (even at night!) and busy. 
And she is still in her crib.
She’s climbed out twice, but I put the fear of God into her, plus she thinks alligators will eat her toes if she does it again.
Her room is the largest room upstairs because it’s a remodeled game room.  We don’t have a guest room and I want to replace the crib with a full size bed. 
Follow me, this is where it gets confusing.
My oldest child has been begging for the larger room with a big bed her entire life (dramatic emphasis, all hers). I promised when her baby sister moved to a big girl bed, I’d switch the rooms.
So, basically, the two year old gets the yellow and pink room with the white twin bed and the 9 year old gets the old toddler nursery.
Got it?
More info: Bedroom furniture is expensive, but I’ve been piecing together some marvelous pieces (we’re going black shabby chic) and my garage is my current workspace.
I’ve just got this piece to paint black, the bed:
The dilemma: I’m unmotivated to finish said bed because I don’t know when to make the switch to a big bed and a new room. And I don’t know how to do it without disturbing my toddler’s sleeping/potty-trained cycle. 
What do y’all think?
I’m afraid.
P.S. I’m linking this to The Inspired Room’s Procrastination Party because I need accountability.
And painters and movers. 
I finished the bed! And I’ve spent the last two days moving furniture around.
But I love the results!
Remember the before (my garage sale find):

And the after:
And tonight, my two year old will be sleeping in her big girl bed (in her sister’s old room).
I’d appreciate you sending happy {sleepy} thoughts her way!
P.S. I’ll be sharing more details of this room makeover in the next couple of weeks in my DIYP series!

WFMW-Favorite Blogging Tools

I’m seriously not the person to answer your blogging questions. 

The few people who’ve asked me technical questions have had low expectations, I’m sure.

They might be beating their heads against the wall right now.

The technical side of blogging has been a slow learning process for me. I think this simple pie chart explains it well:

(That’s also the ratio of women to men who read my blog based on a recent poll I conducted. Hey dudes!)

But there are a few free tools I love using. You’ve probably heard of most of them, but I thought I’d pass the tips along in case your pie chart looks like mine:

Google Alerts   Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.I like to use Google Alerts to see where my blog name and personal name show up. I keep the names of my children private, so I’m alerted if their names are ever published on the Web.

Google Docs   I’m pretty new to Google Docs, but I used their form for my poll and I thought it was very easy and user friendly. 

Pingdom Tools   My favorite feature in Pingdom Tools is a full page test. If my blog is running slow or {panic attack} not loading at all, I can enter my URL and it tells me what widget, picture, etc. is slowing down my blog. Seriously, love this tool!

Website Grader  This is a really cool site that evaluates your blog and grades it accordingly. It details problematic areas. I don’t like tools that compare my blog with others, but I like Website Grader because it offers helpful ideas based on improving your site. (Of course, I don’t know how to make some of the changes it suggests!)

What are some of your favorite tools?

Please make sure you mark calendar for WFMW: Frugal Edition NEXT WEDNESDAY, May 6, the first Wednesday of May. (During these economic times, I thought it would be helpful to share a frugal/money saving tip for any area of your life!)

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Setting the Tone of Your Home

Our home is a busy place.
It’s noisy and bustling, sometimes dirty, always lived-in.
It’s not cold, chaotic or controlled.
It’s warm and welcoming and imperfect.
My hubby and I work very hard to set the tone of our home. We have made conscious choices to create a healthy atmosphere for our family.
The other night before bed, we were reading Moments With You: Daily Connections for Couples together. In it, Donna Otto, founder of Homemakers by Choice, writes, “parents are not called to be the thermometers in the home, but the thermostats…Thermostats don’t just read the temperature, they guide. They determine how warm or cool the home environment will be.”
It’s so true! We’ve found when there is tension in our marriage or when we are grumpy and discontent, so are our children. They are taking their cues from us.
We want our home to have purpose and direction. It has been  six months since we took back control of the time we spent in our home. I was stressed about our hectic after-school schedule and TV and video games ruled our home
I cannot tell you how much the tone has changed! The temperature is just right (disclaimer: we do have a 2 year old, so please take that into account).
How we changed the tone of our home:
  • Minimized TV and video games-We cut off the Cable (in the Family Room. Hubby and I still have basic cable in our bedroom) and we limit ALL screen time (TV, Wii, DS, etc.) to 30 minutes a day during the week. This was tough for my kids at first. But they acclimatized to the temperature after awhile and we have seen a complete turn around in their attitudes and even desire to watch TV.
  • Significantly reduced extracurricular activities-My kids are involved in Boy/Girl Scouts monthly and that’s it! We don’t do any sports or lessons, at all! I’m not opposed to these, but for us, it was just too much. Not only was it very expensive, we were constantly rushing from one activity to another after school. We reserve sports for the summer, where my kids can ‘try out’ a sport for six weeks through the YMCA. Around here, we are definitely in the minority since my kids haven’t found their sport (with private lessons), but they are 9 and nearly 7. The have plenty of time to pursue sports they really love in junior high and high school.
  • Family meals-We eat approximately six nights a week around our table, together. We cook and clean and talk, together. I love this time. A couple of nights a week, we use some conversation starters to make sure we’re communicating with our kids about issues they may be having (Here’s a great Character Building book)
  • Utilize our time-Without the distractions of TV and activities, we have a lot of time on our hands. We spend much of it in our backyard, in our new garden, riding bikes, and taking walks.  Baking and crafting have become family affairs. We love family movie night with popcorn and blankets. Without the expense of extracurricular activities, we set money aside to have special family nights at my kid’s favorite spots, monthly.
  • Using a Family calendar-We have a family calendar displayed in a central location. We keep track of our schedule as a whole and we pencil in family nights. This has really helped to alleviate confusion and prevented cramming too much into our schedules. When I see the calendar begin to fill up, I know when we need to say yes or no. A crazy schedule leads to chaos for our family!
  • Encouraging reading-My kids love to read. I love seeing them read. I secretly love catching them reading after hours under their covers with a flashlight. During this time of limited TV, I have seen an amazing love of books come alive in my kids. I’m going to be sharing more about this one in the next few weeks.
  • Enforcing a bedtime routine-One or both of us pray with our kids at bedtime. We snuggle and talk and whisper. We are also consistent with bedtime on weeknights.
  • Flexibility– All of these guidelines just become rules if we don’t have flexibility. We don’t want our home to be controlled and we don’t want to stifle our children’s energy. Everything we do is coupled with a spirit of flexibility. My kids have brightened at unplanned spontaneity and blossomed when we gave them a chance to voice their opinions.
We are not perfect and sometimes even our best laid plans go array. In those moments of chaos, I take a deep breath, think through how we got to that place and try to adjust the temperature in our home.
Because sometimes it’s too hot, other times it’s too cold. And every once in awhile, it’s just right.